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Can You Smell The Enrichment?

Just a few weeks and we are already seeing Afghans acting like Afghans even though they are on our magic dirt.

These guys come from a culture that is radically different when it comes to things like “Don’t fuck girls under a certain age” so it isn’t a surprise that they think they are kids in a candy store with all of these young White women running around. The same is true for our new Haitian refugees, rape was widespread in the camps after the earthquake and they also don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with it. After a lifetime around butt ugly Haitian women, American girls are going to make everyday Christmas. This has been going on for decades in the UK as their “Asian” population has been raping White British girls and no one is allowed to talk about it cuz “racism”. 
Meanwhile idiot Gary DeMar of American Vision is all excited about this mass wave of refugees because it provides a whole new population of people they can tell about Jesus who aren’t interested, saving them the trouble of going to foreign countries to tell people about Jesus who aren’t interested. 

Welcome to our country, here is some free shit and lots of young girls to rape! 
Our new browner and blacker country is gonna be lit.


  1. Anonymous

    "God is bringing them to us."

    Uh, no, Gary. It's the 'other guy' sending these devils our way. But by all means, waste your useless life trying to convert voodoo tarbabies into God-fearing Christians. Maybe they will present you with a 'necklace' for your troubles.

  2. Anonymous

    All I can say is support your local vigilante society. By the way, if any of these savages pulled this kind of shit in one of the Slavic countries, they'd have their balls & dick cut off. It's happened in Russia on several occasions. I remember Ex Pat mentioned that Ukrainian soldiers in Afghanistan after killing the enemy, decapitated them & brought the heads back as trophies.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Christian mission groups have spent untold millions trying to convert the heathen Haitians and at best ended up with some weird combination of voodoo, Bob Marley worship and pentecostalism.

  4. Anonymous

    Arthur: That's the only thing they understand & respect. When the savagery is turned loose on them, they back off or fight to the death. However, they view kindness & generosity as a sign of weakness to be exploited & brutalized.

  5. Anonymous

    might sound harsh, but has anyone thought of setting these worthless fucks on fire ?
    seems to me if we used a bottle of charcoal lighter on each one, really soaking them and then drop
    a match on them might work. as long as you let the bottle burn with the clown, no prints.
    maybe a bit of cell phone vid to show how and why it was done might help.
    other than that type of payback, I o not see this slowing or even stopping any time soon.
    never should have brought them here in the first place.
    funny how none of the other towel head countries wants these fuckers ?

  6. Annie Oakley

    A church in my area had some relief music concert thingy for some darkies in Africa. I live in a very poor county where many people are barely rubbing two nickles together.

    So I asked the one elder (I don't attend that church but I saw him in Walmart). It went like this.

    Me: Tell me about the African concert thingy? Who does the money go to?

    Cuck Preacher: Oh this is going to Africans overseas who are hungry and need help.

    Me: Aren't there people in this town who need help and who are poor? I see and talk to them daily.

    Cuck Preacher: Well, we try to help those who are already going to our church.

    Me: Those folks fly to this town and attend church every Sunday?
    Cuck Preacher: uh no, they're part of the christian group in their town.

    Me: How do you know? Did you go there?

    Cuck Preacher: I don't like where this is going.

    Me: What do you mean? Maybe if you helped people HERE, they might come to your church.

    Cuck Preacher: I gotta go now. God bless you. I'll pray for you.

    Me: You wanna virtue signal with black people across the ocean, while white folks here are languishing on the vine.

    Cuck Preacher: That's very racist.

    Me: You're a phony F***.

    He walked away. I don't think he liked my conversation.

  7. Arthur Sido

    Professional clergy love "foreign missions" because it is a way to signal that they are all about spreading the Gospel while not actually doing anything other than having some missionaries do a presentation once in a while with pics of them next to black or brown people. There are hundreds of millions of people in America that are not Christian in any real sense so the mission field is already right here but they don't want to leave their office and talk to real people.

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