Sunday, June 20, 2021

More From The "Why We Can't Have Nice Things" Files


From the article

Residential complaints about Lake Merritt’s protest parties have prompted Oakland city officials to enact new rules limiting crowd sizes and increasing the police presence. For Black (sic) and brown residents who grew up celebrating by the lake, the restrictions underscore a long-running battle over who has access to public spaces.

“Are these (regulations) based on things that are reasonable or are they based on fear?” challenged Nicole Lee, a lifelong Oaklander and community activist who attended events at the lake in her youth and now helps organize them. “In particular, fear of young Black (sic) folks.”

White folk be always calling the po-leece on blaque bodies and shee-it! Places on Lake Merritt are not cheap so you can understand people who own homes there not enjoying loud music and raucous parties by non-residents.

But I am sure their concerns are unfounded and just racism. After all, also from the article:

As the news outlet Oaklandside has reported, many nearby residents have been complaining of noise, traffic and litter associated with events at the lake. Oakland City Hall responded last month with new restrictions and more police.

“We can police ourselves,” said Robinson, who plans to bring BBQ’n While Black back to the lake in 2022. “We can be in those spaces, have a good time and do something that helps the whole community in Oakland.”

We can po-leece us selves! Indeed? Less than a month later...


OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- One person is dead and five others are injured after gunshots were fired at Lake Merritt near the Juneteenth Festival in Oakland Saturday, police said.

Happy Juneteenth y'all!

Loud parties, loud music, litter and the inevitable mass shooting. All part and parcel of living in proximity to Our Greatest Strength. No wonder people with million dollar condos are complaining. 

What Do You Get When You Have Juneteenth and Fathers Day The Same Weekend?

A perfect storm of hilarity from Facebook ads.

Five or ten years ago I would have found that sad and heartbreaking. Now? Fuck 'em, they made their own cultural bed and now they can wallow in it.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

A Primer On Fuses

Big Country Expat has a short introduction to the world of fuses, strictly for fun and frivolity of course.

Good information, stuff I didn't realize. As he repeats multiple times, this stuff can be dangerous, don't be dumb, you have been warned, etc.

Happy Juneteenth!

Yes indeed we have us a brand spankin' new national holiday! Juneteenth!

The actual event is a goofy, muddled and irrelevant side-note in American history that was only celebrated or heard of in one region. As recently as a few years ago, the vast majority of American had never heard of it but it gained traction and all of a sudden we find ourselves with a new day for government employees to get a paid day off under the pretense of celebrating the end of slavery.

The end of slavery, whatever day you choose, is laudable enough although the name of the holiday is dumb and sounds like something an illiterate person would say. My issue with this new holiday has to do with the reason for making a national holiday, now in 2021. This holiday isn't really about celebrating the end of slavery, it is actually just another way to remind Americans for the umpteenth time that Africans used to be slaves, America's "original sin", as if America was unique in having slaves. Mention Arab slavery or slavery in South America or even the simple fact that Africans enslaved other Africans, and you get a blank stare. Nope, there was slavery in America and that is all that matters. In fact, all of Western history boils down to two things:



That is it, nothing else has happened for the last 500 years.

Makes you wonder what new holiday will be mandated next. George Floyd's birthday? The day Michael "Gentle Giant" Brown died after robbing a store owner and then attacking a cop? Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

What is really ironic is that Juneteenth is supposed to be a day for blacks to celebrate but while humanity has always had (and still does in many places) slavery, only White Americans fought a bloody civil war to (in part) end the practice.

Yes, I know there is a lot more to the Civil War, no need for "well ackshuly" in the comments.

Really "Juneteenth" is a day that we should recognize the sacrifice of White Americans to free the African slaves in the United States. I think that a hearty "thank you!" and perhaps some act of service in gratitude would be appropriate for all Africans living in America on this day. Not only did Whites free you, we have been subsidizing you for the last 150 years and providing a far better life for you than you would have had if your ancestors had not been enslaved by your fellow Africans and sold to slave traders.

So to all my many, many African readers: go thank a White person today!

Friday, June 18, 2021

People Are Starting To Notice

In a couple of posts I have mentioned that ammo prices are dropping and firearm availability is going way up. Other people are starting to notice. This is a great post from Zerohedge: Visualizing The Rise And Fall Of Ammo Prices 

The post includes a couple of charts that show the ammo spike in line charts for those who, like me, love charts and graphs from chainwaxologist on reddit.

Great charts. Watching dat 5.56/.223 cuz it is getting closer to the point I can start stocking back up again.

They Couldn't Predict How Fast It Would Happen

Saw a meme today that made me chuckle and then think.

What made me go "huh" was the location of Idiocracy on this chart. The year 2505? Are you kidding? Best case scenario, we are 100% "Idiocracy as a documentary" no later than 2030. 

Idiocracy was released in 2006, a scant 15 years ago. Even that recently it seemed preposterous that things would get that bad in only 25-30 years so they set the film 500 years in the future. On the other hand, 15 years ago they could still say "faggy" in a movie as an insult and get away with it. 

Being marinated in the general stupidity and/or wanton ignorance of humanity in 2021, it is easy to forget how rapidly things have gone sideways in America since the turn of the century. I am not saying people were all geniuses in 2000 but it is plausible that someone like Mike Judge would think it would take hundreds of years for America to collapse to Idiocracy levels. 

It has been 15 years and things are accelerating. Just imagine 15 years from now, what will it be like?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Scandal Of The Century That Few People Know About

You know the drill. The L├╝genpresse is lying to you. This time it is a pretty big deal and only one major media figure is talking about it and as usual it is Tucker Carlson. 

Here is the media narrative, repeatedly endlessly on the "news", by political figures and celebrities. 

On January 6th, 2021 Donald Trump incited a horde of his followers to attack the U.S. Capitol in an attempted insurrection. They were armed and violent and bunch of people died. The heroic actions of the Capitol Police were all that prevented our nation from falling to fascism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nearly died on 17 different occasions. It was entirely organized by members of the vast right wing conspiracy. We must stamp out the White superracist menace that is the greatest threat to our democracy. 

That is the story. From the word go it was obviously bullshit. There was no insurrection. No one was trying to overthrow the government. The only person who died violently that day was Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force veteran shot for climbing through a window by a black Capitol Police officer, an officer who has yet to be named and has never been the subject of an inquiry. As I have described it in the past, it was a slightly more violent version of a college panty raid by frat boys. 

Nevertheless, most Americans believe this narrative because they are too fucking stupid to think beyond their next meal or the next item on their social media feed.

Tucker walks us through the basics. Basically the FBI has had their grubby little sausage-like fingers all over most of the "domestic terrorism" plots we are warned about over and over again....

Zerohedge has a good piece on this with more linked video segments: FBI Operatives Likely 'Unindicted Co-Conspirators', Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report

The January 6th riot is being used as a pretext for the government to come after "White supremacist domestic terrorists", fancy language meaning "you", if you are not onboard with anything and everything they tell you to do. Those events, orchestrated and instigated by the FBI, are going to be referenced in every move to restrict your First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights.

Darren Beattie is quoted in the article as asking the question we must all ask:

"After seeing all of this you have to ask yourself: Does the national security apparatus do anything but conspire against the American people?"

The answer seems to be more and more likely "no". It also makes you wonder what other major events were either orchestrated or carried out with the foreknowledge, approval or even aid of the Federal government. 

The Las Vegas shooting?
The World Trade Center bombing?
Pearl Harbor?

Is there anything the government does that is not directly aimed at stamping out dissent?

The answer to that is also a resounding no.

Just imagine if we had a functioning free press in America. More on the war being waged on the American people coming up in another post.