Monday, December 6, 2021


Just an average weekend in Chicago, some random mayhem and chaos accompanied by hooting and screeching.

This was just part of a general pattern of chaos in Chicago involving yoofs.

A 15-year-old boy was shot, a CTA bus driver was beaten and two cops were injured as police responded to a large group of youths in downtown Chicago Saturday night.

Police said they arrested at least 22 juveniles and recovered two “replica firearms.”


It didn't have to be this way, we used to have cities where you could enjoy yourself. They have been destroyed and turned into somewhere decent people stay clear of because of the stubborn and suicidal refusal of our "leaders" to address the issue of black criminality and social maladaptation. 

It didn't just happen, it was done to us.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Tail Is Getting Ready To Wag

According to "conservative" pundits, the Democrats are in real trouble heading into the 2022 midterm elections. The party of the President usually loses seats in Congress in the midterms under ideal circumstances. These are not ideal circumstances. The current "President" is wildly unpopular, so unpopular that only his even less popular "Vice-President" makes him look good in comparison. Rampant violent crime in the cities, out of control inflation, shortages in stores, much higher gas prices at the pump and simmering racial tensions. It all bodes pretty ill for the Dems, assuming you still believe that elections are a reflection of actual votes cast by actual people. 

It is a tactic that has rarely failed: when a President is facing massive unpopularity, there is nothing like a nice war to distract the sheep. Voting against the incumbent during a war seems like bad strategy and with that in mind....

U.S. officials believe Russia is planning a multi-front military invasion of Ukraine, involving as many as 175,000 troops, as soon as early 2022, Fox News has confirmed.

The U.S. is taking recent signaling from the Kremlin very seriously, and does not consider the matter a bluff, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News.

Russia already has about 100,000 troops stationed along its border with Ukraine, the defense official said.

When asked about the report Friday, President Biden vowed the U.S. would make it "very, very difficult" for Russian President Vladimir Putin to carry out the plan.

Early 2022 is just a few months away, although I assume that they won't do anything until spring because they know what the Germans didn't: you don't want to fight in that region when it is snowing.

CNN has a less prominent story but it is still on the site.

It isn't just Fox News and CNN, I was looking at the local news in Toledo saw this....

And one of our local Fort Wayne news outlets has not one but two front page stories....

Breitbart of course is banging the war drums....

Putin doesn't give a shit what Biden has to say so that should be amusing. What would not be amusing is seeing the U.S. get embroiled in a war with Russia. I am not a military expert but even I know that going toe to toe with 175,000 Russian troops right next to their country isn't remotely the same thing as rolling over the Iraqis. A real honest-to-goodness war with Russia would quickly turn into a meatgrinder with casualty numbers we haven't seen since the middle of the last century. 

Don't think for a second that the psychopaths in the Biden regime will hesitate to sacrifice any number of American lives in order to help secure a win in November 2022. 

Congrats Chicago!

The Windy City has broken the 800 homicide mark in 2021 with 26 days left in the year!

The last time we saw those kinds of numbers? 1995....

The slaughter continues across our urban areas and the media is eerily quiet about it for some reason. I can't figure out why....

Will The Mom Be Charged?

The sordid case out of Michigan involving school shooter Ethan Crumbley and his parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, who were arrested as accessories to the killings (see: More Lawfare) has raised a whole bunch of questions, including this very perceptive comment from reader Chris Mallory:

Good question. Can someone be simultaneously a minor making the parents culpable and also an adult who faces adult sentencing and prison time? 

Meanwhile another comment pointed me toward this story that is getting very little attention:

The details are a bit vague but this 13 year old was somehow making guns, maybe using 80% lowers, and then selling them as complete firearms. One of his customers, Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur El, decided he wanted a gun but didn't want to pay so he grabbed the gun and took off running. The 13 year old of course started blazing away but instead of shooting Yusef, he shot and killed his 14 year old sister Kyra Scott. Oops.

Kyra Scott and Yusef El

The media is trying to play up the fact that he was making these "ghost guns", again presumably using incomplete or "80% lowers" that don't require a background check or FFL to purchase. What no one seems to be asking:

How was a 13 year old getting the lowers? Did his mom not notice that he was drilling out these lowers and that random people were coming to his house to purchase firearms? Was he using a credit card to order them online and if so was it her credit card and did she not notice packages coming to the house? 

These details are missing from every story I saw. Also missing, word of an indictment for the mother for manslaughter in the shooting death of her daughter. If she was letting her 13 year old son operate an illegal firearms manufacturing facility and illicit gun store out of her house, isn't she at least as culpable as the parents of a boy who used a legally purchased firearm to carry out a school shooting?

The story is tragic, not least because it was happening right in their home, but that doesn't change the fact that the story also seems a little odd because of the questions not being asked. We can ask why the parents of Ethan Crumbley purchased a handgun and left it unsecured within reach of their clearly mentally ill 15 year old son but apparently no one wants to ask why the mother of Kyra Scott can permit her 13 year old son to manufacture and sell handguns to random thugs but somehow isn't being charged with any sort of crime. If parents are liable for what happens in their home, shouldn't that apply across the board evenly and if so it seems that the mother of Kyra Scott is more culpable than Jennifer and James Crumbley, their son at least used a firearm that was purchased legally unlike the "ghost gun" that Krya's brother shot her with. 

Different states to be sure but while the Left is cheering the prosecution of Jennifer and James Crumbley in Michigan, it seems oddly quiet when it comes to the mother of Kyra Scott in Georgia. 

I wonder if the races involved have something to do with that?

Speaking Of Klown Kourtz

My wife stumbled across this one.

Back in 2014, a Judge-Of-Colour, one Tracie Hunter, found herself on the wrong side of the courtroom. She had been accused of providing confidential documents to her brother who was in danger of losing his job because of a super professional act:

The other charges filed against Hunter on Friday involve allegations that she used her office to help her brother, Stephen Hunter, a Hamilton County Juvenile Court worker who was fired for punching a teen inmate, and using a county-owned credit card to pay for legal filings involving lawsuits against her.

She is also accused of improperly using her power as judge to get access to her brother's personnel file after he was fired. She received some documents that normally aren't given to attorneys representing fired workers and is accused of trying to give them to her brother's attorney. She also is accused of improperly arranging for her brother to work at the court that would allow him earn overtime payments, prohibited for relatives.

How delightful! 

Anyway, she was convicted of a felony and as usual the blacks in the courtroom reacted with dignity. Just kidding!

Alexa, what is "impulse control"? At one stage in the court when she was found guilty, an angry blaque in the crowd shouted that the city of Cincinnati would burn. 

A grown ass woman who was formerly a judge goes limp and has to be bodily dragged from a courtroom. 

It just so happens not only is she a disgraced former judge and a convicted felon, she is also....

Basketball-Americans love them some disgraced people as pastors. 

She got caught but how many other imbeciles are elected as judges by their fellow imbeciles that are just as corrupt? More broadly speaking, when judges like this are elected by dimwits because they yammer about "justice" and crap it makes the entire legal system corrupted. Where once we elected people who were at least intelligent and familiar with the law, more and more we have dipshits like Tracie Hunter who rot the system from within. 

Again, our system only worked when the people entrusted to run the system actually had the character and basic intelligence to keep it running. As the competent retire or are forced out, replaced by people like Tracie Hunter, the system begins to break down. The replacement has been going on for decades but we are just starting to see the strain on the system as mayors, Congressman, judges, chiefs of police and other public servants are held by the dregs of society. 

A corrupt, incompetent judge here and there isn't deadly to the system but when the number of morons hits critical mass, the strain becomes lethal. We are at that stage right now.

Find people around you that you can rely on because the people in charge are dangerous and incompetent. 

Sometimes Things Are OK

It doesn't do the scene justice but the sunrise this morning was magnificent in a upper Midwestern way. Lots of things are bad but a lot of stuff is still good like enjoying a beautiful sunrise with my wife while sipping my coffee.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Court In Clown World

Not only is our judicial system slanted against heritage Americans, it is also full of silliness.

Case in point: the trial of Jussie Smollett, a black homosexual actor, for filing a false report claiming to have been attacked, during the dead of night, in the middle of winter, in Chicago, by two White man wearing MAGA hats.

I can't even type the words without busting out laughing. 

Anyway, this fiasco is playing out in what is supposed to be a legitimate court of law where serious business takes place. That is not what is going on of course. Last week, the prosecution's star witnesses, a pair of Nigerian brothers who allegedly were paid by Juicy to pretend-beat-him-up were testifying to this effect. One of the defense attorneys, Tamara Walker, was trying to make a big deal out of the brothers using "homophobic" slurs like, and I quote, "fruity ass". The judge stopped the line of questioning, because it was dumb, and Juicy's lawyer asked for a sidebar, meaning the jury was removed from the courtroom. That is where it gets weird.

....Walker asked the judge for a sidebar and Linn granted it.

According to Walker, during the conference, Linn ‘physically lunged’ at her after members of the jury had left the room, spurring the lawyer to motion for a mistrial – which Linn promptly denied.

‘When you said the word mistrial on these grounds, frankly I was stunned you’d even consider a mistrial based on this,’ Linn reportedly responded.

‘I marched right back behind my bench,’ Linn told The New York Post Thursday following the alleged incident, adding that he didn’t lunge at the lawyer.

After seeing her motion rejected, Walker appeared to be close to tears as she argued with Linn that her questions were warranted. She left the courtroom with her mother as the rest of Smollett’s team continued to clamor for a mistrial....

She left the courtroom in tears with her mommy? One of the most high profile legal cases in America this year and one of the defendant's attorney pulls what clearly is a stunt? Of course his corpulent black wahman attorney is a top notch legal scholar, based on her areas of practice:

I would call her an ambulance chaser but I doubt she could chase much of anything for very far, at least no farther than the distance from the buffet to her table. 

Our legal system was once the model for the rest of the world, based on centuries old legal principles. Now it is a circus with crying lawyers and "if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit" legal reasoning. 

You can't trust your life and freedom to such a system. We live in clown world and the legal system is leading the way.