Wednesday, January 27, 2021

It's Starting To Rain

I don't know why but this picture just makes me laugh and laugh every time I see it.

Naughty Words


Back in Facebook jail, for the second time in a week. First for 24 hours, this time for 3 days. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen....

My first offense was to comment on an obvious fake account that tried to friend me with a simple comment of "whore". Since it was obvious the account was fake and the only friends were guys from India seeking bobs and vagana, I felt I could safely assume the account owner was indeed some form of whore I didn't think my comment was out of line but the Facebook algorithm disagreed. Off to jail for a day.

My latest thought crime was referring to transvestites that former Vice-President "Pedo" Joe Biden wants to let in locker rooms with young girls and into the military as trannies, a very common term used to refer to...trannies....for many years. For that I got three more days for "hate speech and insults", although I see plenty of hate speech directed at normal people on social media and receive many a petty, juvenile insult on social media all the time. It is kind of the point of social media.

Trannies is one of those words we aren't allowed to use anymore, like in the last five years or so. Same with faggot and many years ago wop, mick, nigger, spic, etc. They are just words of course and can hurt feelings but that is just the breaks.

What it is more indicative of is the way we are forced to pander to people who at the same time claim to be oppressed. A man wearing a Little Bo Peep outfit should be mocked until he stops dressing like a trannie. He probably should have had his ass kicked a long time ago and perhaps he would have reconsidered his life choices. 

Transvestites shouldn't be coddled, they should be mocked. They are mentally ill in some cases but in others are just freaks and weirdos. Their proper place in society is on the extreme fringes in the shadows where decent people don't have to see them. Instead we are told we must venerate them, treat them as not only not as freaks but instead as exemplars of humanity.

It is the latest reminder of how upside-down our society has become.

Men wearing panties and thinking it makes them women demand recognition from normal people who understand that isn't how it works. Racial minorities who are the beneficiaries of the society we created expect that we will pretend that America and the West is their creation, particularly blacks who claim that they are the people who built America when in fact blacks have been an enormous anchor holding America back since the end of the Civil War. They can call us "transphobes", a brand new form of "hate" that no one talked about ten years ago, or "racists" or "Nazis" or "White supremacists" and there are no repercussions. It isn't as though I really care, I don't consider any of those words to be insults or slurs but it is a reminder of an important principle we still haven't learned:

When you control the language of the people, you control the people.

"Conservatives" spend so much time defending themselves against spurious charges of "racism" that if often seems like that is all they do and it is a huge distraction, and intentionally so (see: Quit Chasing The Stick).

The Left has always understood this. We apparently still, by and large, haven't figured it out. 

This is why simple stuff like the Orange Man Bad NPC memes and "It's OK to be White" just drives them nuts. When you say it's OK to be White, it puts them on the defensive and they have to explain why no, in fact it is not OK to be White.

Don't let people who hate you dictate the terms of discourse to you. When you stop caring about people calling you "racist", it is remarkably freeing and it makes you dangerous. Your role in the kabuki theater is to be cowed by the threat of having people say you are a Bad Person, when you stop playing that role they don't know what to do with you. Sure you will get in trouble on social media but really social media is fake and gay anyway.


Since I started this post, I got some fun news just this morning for posting a link to Patriot Front's Gab site (see: HATE Comes To Fort Wayne! to learn the backstory):

I am not sure if that is served concurrently with my current 3 day suspension or if that was tacked on the end. What is really amusing is that:

a) You can share all sorts of links to antifa or bLM sites even though those groups have engaged in a year long orgy of actual violence, mayhem and murder costing lives and billions in property damage while Patriot Front has not, to the best of my knowledge, actually committed any crimes unless you consider putting a sticker on a window to be a mild form of vandalism.

b) As I showed in my original post, the pictures shared by WANE 15 have the website for Patriot Front prominently displayed. 

Given that a couple of people were screeching about Patriot Front being "White supremacists", it seemed reasonable to share a link for people to learn for themselves. Again, that apparently is HATE SPEECH and that makes you a "dangerous individual and organization", even if you haven't actually shown yourself to be dangerous. 

Apparently being suspended while already being suspended is sort of social media double secret probation?

What a farce. I am staring down the barrel of a permanent ban from Faceberg soon at this rate.

Monday, January 25, 2021

How To Guarantee I Won't Buy A Product

This must be a new thing at Amazon, I was looking at an item for an Amish lady and noticed this part of the way down the page:

How long until they start adding a reparations surcharge to items? What exactly makes it "minority-owned" anyway? I am a White male and since White people are about 60% of the population and men are less than 50% of the population, I am a minority as we are only about 30% of the population as a whole. I demand to be recognized as a minority-owned business!

This is going to be life in former Vice-President* Joe Biden's America, at least until the whole thing collapses.

(Since the election was stolen and Biden is not a legitimately elected President, I will refer to him henceforth only as former Vice-President Biden, or Joe, or Creepy Joe, or Pedo-Joe, or Beijing-Biden but never as "President")

Sunday, January 24, 2021

HATE Comes To Fort Wayne!

Political flyers and stickers have always been a common sight on college campuses. Telephone poles, the back of street signs, anywhere there was a flat surface would contain flyers inviting people to come to group meetings or pushing some political agenda, all competing for space with flyers advertising deals on pizza or announcing a gig for some crappy campus band. It is just part of the campus environment. 

Not in 2021.

Our local Democrat propaganda organ news station WANE 15 published a breathless story about a HATE CRIME that occurred on the campus of Purdue-Fort Wayne (PFW). The "hate crime" in question? A couple of stickers from Patriot Front.

Purdue University Fort Wayne released a statement condemning the hate flyers and stickers found on its property Saturday morning.

The university says the flyers and stickers posted were “clearly meant to threaten and intimidate members of our very diverse community.” PFW says it has no tolerance for this behavior, which it called “unacceptable.”
PFW says “maintaining a civil, welcoming, and inclusive campus environment is central to Purdue University Fort Wayne’s mission. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values of our institution.”

The university says it fully endorses and supports anyone on campus who chooses to speak out against any form of hate.

According to its statement, PFW is in the process of removing the remaining materials and investigating where they originated from.

So you can speak out against "hate" but you can't speak out in favor of any political viewpoint to the right of Mao. Gotcha. 

What were these "hate flyers and stickers". Did they use the Unholy Word Of Power "nigger"? Well let's take a look:

One sticker says "Not stolen, conquered" which is completely true. Once the colonies were established as a sort of beachhead for the English colonists, the White settlers began a 250 year process of moving westward, defeating Indian tribe after tribe until the continent was mostly pacified and unified under the banner of the United States. The Indians were conquered militarily and forced onto reservations. It is hard to argue with the fact that what happened was a conquest. Sure, "stolen" is a popular buzzword with the Left but what we call the United States has come to be in the same way virtually every other nation on earth has come into being, via conquest and warfare. The borders of the European continent are based on the aftermath of the wars of the 20th century. The same is true with most of Asia. African national boundaries are the result of the former colonial powers who conquered Africa, just the same as with South America. Mestizos in South America didn't form nation-states, they live in nation-states ordered by European conquerors. So at worst the first sticker is a reminder of what is to some people an uncomfortable truth.

The second sticker? It reads "To ourselves and our posterity". Those words are unfamiliar to most people, including the people commenting on WANE's Facebook page, but they are quite familiar to those of us who have more than a cursory familiarity with American history.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Those words form the preamble to the United States Constitution. A sticker that contains words that are found at the beginning of our governing document are now "hate stickers". That someone considers that to be "hate" speaks far more about them than it does about the people who put up the stickers.

Sure if you are somewhat observant you might notice that their logo contains something noteworthy:

The symbol in white over the head of the eagle is a fasces, which is literally a bundle of sticks, but also is the root of the term fascism. The point being that sticks bundled together are much stronger than individual sticks, a pretty common and accurate statement. The idea of unity, whether nationalistic like Italian fascism or nationalism combined with ethnocentrism in German National Socialism, is a powerful foundation for that political movement. I am 100% sure that almost no one who sees those stickers would recognize the fasces or what it represents. 

No, simply the word "patriot" is sufficient along with the average social media user being told "this is hateful" to create an image in their mind of the typical low information citizen that this is Bad Talk.

The stickers will be removed, people will recover on their fainting couches and all will move on but what is hilarious is that these stickers would have only been seen by a couple of people but now thanks to WANE they have been seen by many of the 189,840 people who follow their page. I wonder how many people will go to their website just out of curiosity? If you are interested in learning more for yourself, you can check out their website directly or go to their Gab page or their Bitchute channel.

Whether you agree with their positions, in whole or in part, it is a sad commentary on America that these stickers have the authorities in a tizzy but similar flyers and stickers from black Lives Matter or antifa, overtly Marxist groups, are not only permitted but praised.

No dissenting views are going to allowed going forward, just the globo-homo approved corporate talking points. So much for diversity being our greatest strength.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Then They Came For The Libertarians

On multiple occasions I have admitted in public my brief dalliance with libertarianism. Of course I have since repented in sackcloth and ashes but like many of us on the dissident right, libertarianism was a way station on our path out of normie "conservatism" and into something quite different. But some people land in libertarianism and never leave, partly because it is a harmless past time. No one takes libertarianism seriously so you can be a libertarian and not get called a Nazi cuz you are in favor of legal pot and gay "marriage".

That has suddenly changed.

Now libertarians find themselves lumped in with Literal Nazis in the ranks of "political extremists", at least according to former director of the CIA John Brennan who claims a that there is some sort of political movement that is similar to an "insurgency". According to Brennan, this "movement" includes: 

“religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”

Oops welcome to the far right domestic terrorist club libertarians! Brennan is a deeply embedded operative, he wasn't saying this sort of thing without the green light from way up the food chain.

It is hilarious to see libertarians spluttering in outrage. They didn't care much when the "alt-right" was being targeted but now that they are on the list? They are all channeling Greta Thunberg.

This guy, and I use that term loosely, was especially precoious.

Who is this guy? He has a checkmark so I decided to look and based on his picture I was suspecting he was smoking some poles. Sure enough.

A bisexual street pastor? What is he preaching, the good news of taking it up the butt?

His outrage is awesome but it also says a lot. Libertarians better figure out that one side, the "far right", is willing to let them hold their silly libertarian views. The other side, the "left", will put them in camps without a second thought. 

Things are getting pretty serious. The political purges won't spare you just because you voted for the clown car ticket of JoJo and Spike. They are coming after everyone and libertarians don't get a free pass. They can choose to join with people like me - or - they can swear allegiance to Marxism - or - they can get on the cattle cars and head for the gulag. There isn't another option. The NAP has already been violated and it is only going to increase. 

We no longer have a place for any sort of free thinkers, political principled occupation, any of that crap. We are in the end stages now and there isn't a participation ribbon for second place, just a shallow mass grave.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Commie Thought Control Is Already Here

Busy, busy day but this is a solid video from Black Pigeon Speaks on the escalation of the Chinese social credit system being rolled out in America. Spoiler, if you aren't disengaging from the system, you will either be forced to comply or get stomped. There is no Option C.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Resistance Is Racist

For the last 4 years, we have been forced to endure simpletons with "#resist" and "Not My President" and other stupid shit in their social media profiles. It is hard to imagine what they thought they were resisting as every significant institution and center of power, including the executive branch other than Trump himself, was uniformly on their side. It is hard to be the plucky band of rebels when everything you say is exactly what the powerful and wealthy are also saying. 

But Big Country Expat at The Intrepid Reporter had an interesting thought today in his post: Well THAT Escalated Quickly....

So now, the New Roolz
"Resistance" = Bad.  If you resist the current bullshit and the upcoming bullshit, first, they'll label you a 'Racist' when the Ho takes over from Slo.  It that doesn't work, they'll up the ante to 'Insurrectionist'.  And then, 'Seditionist' and 'Terrorist', along with ALL the unpleasantness, to include droning your house with a Hellfire.

Remember kids, for the last four years "resisting" the occupant of the White House was noble, stunning, dare I say brave. 

But now, if you disagree with anything The Usurper Joe and The Ho have to say? 

At least the rules are clear.

When "literally worse than Hitler" dictator Trump was in office, you could call him the most vile things imaginable and even say awful shit about his wife and kids, and you not only faced no repercussions, you were applauded for your bravery. 

If you say anything at all about the new administration other than fawning praise, you are a racist and quite likely a "domestic terrorist" and you should be hounded at your home, lose your job and probably just shot.

These are the new rules. Crying about it won't change anything. Telling them to shove their rules up their collective corpulent asses and saying whatever you want? Incredibly freeing.

Oh, and congrats to Big Country Expat for gaining a spot in the coveted "My Top Five Favorite Blogs". BCE may not be the gentlest soul around but his voice and tone are just what we need these days.