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With Friends Like These

The most prominent Republicans in Congress yesterday were full of righteous indignation and fury, calling down the wrath of Heaven upon those demonic DEMONcrats!

Were they mad about the disaster on the border? Nope.
The massive national debt and reckless spending? Nah.
Still talking about Afghanistan? Not yesterday.
No, what really got the GOP in an uproar was….well you can see for yourself….
If you didn’t know better you might think that the Iron Dome was a system that protected American citizens instead of the citizens of a foreign nation with one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world (see: Why Are We Sending Foreign Aid To Other Nations? Especially Wealthy Nations? )

Of course my idiot Congressman Jim Banks parroted the same line.

To which I responded. 

Don’t you worry though, the money for Israel ended back in the bill. No way they were letting THAT stand.

What a relief! 

Just imagine if the Republican Party was this animated and unified when they held both chambers of Congress and Trump was President. Why, they might have built a wall on the southern border that would greatly reduce illegal immigration and then perhaps there wouldn’t be 10,000 Haitians squatting under a bridge in Texas. 
Just in case you have forgotten that voting is fake and gay and our elected officials are worse than useless. 


  1. Anonymous

    After being registered to vote for 49 years, I've decided to hang it up & prepare for more important things like the day the SHTF. By the way, becoming an active participant of the coming shit show was never part of my retirement plans.

  2. Anonymous

    Be still, my beating heart. For a moment there, I was worried that the overdrawn goobermint was about to let OUR GREATEST ALLY fend for its tiny self. Imagine the horror!

    "Oy, Sophie, it's anuddah shoah!"

  3. Anonymous

    Jim Banks.

    ::hawks phlegm and spits::

    I'm glad you're giving him flack because I can't handle talking to his office any more. I expected more out of a "shipmate" (I was Navy, too) and told him so about two years ago. Needless to say, I don't receive any mailers from him or get a Christmas card.

    Blue Tile Spook

  4. Troy Lee Messer

    I despise the left. Many of them are criminally insane psychopaths. But I admire them because they do get out there and fight for what they believe in even if it is insane.

    But these these pretend conservatives: …whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. They are just sellouts. Traitors. They believe in but their own brand of virtue signaling. They having nothing to admire other than a spreadsheet. Thier fake faith in a genuine Savior is as cheap, shitty, and unreliable as the shitty chinese chattels they acquire. Maybe a nice ADE wave will take out these cowards.

    Does Israel send these Senators complimentary knee pads to felate Senators' masters?

  5. Anonymous

    my guess is someone threated to cut back on their funds. we can't have that now can we ?
    if those fuckers are doing anything, it because they getting a payback or some other "perk"
    they never do anything for the good of the people ! it always about them.
    got rid of my tv back in the early 2000's and never missed it.

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