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Tucker Says The G Word And The R Word In The Same Sentence

A bold move by Tucker to link the Haitian “refugee” crisis on the border with the Great Replacement of heritage Americans, even going so far as to talk about White people as a group being targeted. 

This was met with the predictable faux hysteria from the jealous talking heads of lesser TV shows.
Lots of the precise people who need to hear about the Great Replacement watch Tucker Carlson. Let’s hope this segment leads them to start exploring what it really means for them and their posterity. 


  1. Unknown

    I'm a fan of Tucker and think he is the only one in mainstream media who is generally trying to make the American people see the lies that are being foisted upon them. However, every so often he does something so egregious as to make me question his loyalty to the truth. Tonight was such a case. He had a segment with Dr. Mark Siegal, Fox News' incompetent medical correspondent, who is a complete lackey of big pharma and the AMA. Tucker asked him to comment on the alternative therapies available for people who contract the China virus. Siegel listed aspirin, vitamin d, some new miracle drugs being developed by Merck and Pfizer which won't be available until the end of the year at the earliest, and Remdesavir — the $8,0000 per treatment drug known to cause severe kidney damage. He actually hyped Remdesavir as the best thing available at the moment. He completely ignored the two most effective therapies — Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorquine — which have proven much more effective than Remdesavir and completely safe. Ivermectin is currently being credited with the complete elimination of the China virus from the 250 million population of Uttar Pradesh. A complete course of Ivermectin treatment, even at the prices currently being gouged in the government suppressed market, costs at most $50. Hydroxychloroquine is even cheaper: about $5 for a complete course of treatment. Neither of these medicines have any reports of serious adverse effects even at their maximum recommended dosages. Siegal is a corrupt shill for the pharma industry and the AMA. What makes him even more venal and disgusting is that, by his own admission, HCQ saved his own 90+ year old father from death from Covid. Yet, Tucker invited him on and never questioned the BS he spewed out to the American people. Carlson's complicity in Siegal's deluge of BS is every bit as reprehensible as Siegal's performance.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Tucker is right about 90% of the time but he still works at Fox. I don't expect any honesty from a guy named Siegal anyway. At worst Tucker is a gateway drug to get people to take real red-pills.

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