Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020: The Year Of The Censor

A great video from Black Pigeon Speaks on the top 5 most censored news stories of 2020.

Reminder, you are being lied to from every significant news source.

2020 was just the beginning, with the backing of the Biden administration censorship is going to be far worse in 2021.

The End Or Just The Beginning?

2020 opened with a pretty quiet start. These are the archived headlines from 1/1/2020 from the New York Times....

When was the last time you saw headlines that didn't include something about the Chinese-manufactured coronavirus? 

January 2020 was the month that the "impeachment" trial of Trump was going to take place in the Senate and everyone knew that it wasn't going anywhere. We were ramping up for the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary in February. It was lining up to be a pretty intense election year and I had been predicting Trump would lose. My blog posts in January didn't mention coronavirus as all as far as I can tell.

Then late in the month the first case of the Chinese bioweapon naturally occurring virus was diagnosed in the U.S. and this story from CBS News, CDC confirms first case of coronavirus in the United States, on January 21st ended with these words that seem almost laughable now...

The virus was originally thought to be spreading from animals to people, but CDC officials now say there is evidence that "limited person-to-person spread is happening." Nine deaths from the virus have been confirmed so far, according to The Associated Press. In addition to the U.S., cases have been reported in China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Last month, patients experiencing fever, cough, and difficulty breathing began cropping up in Wuhan, in central China. More than 275 cases have now been confirmed in China, according to the World Health Organization.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases,  told reporters Tuesday that news of the first U.S. case "is concerning."

"We expect additional cases in the US," she said.

The CDC is raising the travel health notice from level 1 to level 2, warning older patients with underlying health conditions that they may be at increased risk for severe disease.

At the beginning of 2020 the coronavirus was "concerning" and by the end of 2020 it was a gobal "pandemic" being leverage to shut down the world's economy. 

We've come a long way baby!

Then May of 2020 rolled around and a drug addled career black criminal named George Floyd was arrested by Minneapolis police for trying to pass a counterfeit bill. He resisted arrest for an extended period but all most of us saw initially and for months afterward was a White police officer kneeling on Floyd's neck. Floyd died, mostly as a result of overdosing on drugs but his death was used by the media to whip up outrage in the black community. Several other black men died, mostly in the course of resisting arrest after committing a crime and were widely covered by the media. "Protests" followed that quickly turned into riots and looting and the most violent year in recent memory began to catch fire. Shootings and murders are skyrocketing and most of it is concentrated in the same black community that complains about the police.

The combination of the coronavirus panic and the rioting led to unprecedented levels of gun buying and a widespread shortage on ammo. Through November of 2020, the number of firearms purchased was off the charts: Americans have bought 21 million guns in 2020, up 73% from 2019. Ammunition is hard to come by and when you can get it, the prices are out of control. Even cheap range ammo is more than quadruple what it was late last year. 

Then of course there was the election and I have said enough about that but suffice it to say that we witnessed the most fraudulent, corrupt election in modern American history and the Left got away with it. Completely. In doing so they exposed the ugly truth that there can be no accountability for malfeasance in Washington D.C. because the people who are supposed to provide oversight are the same people who need to be investigated. Who is going to investigate the FBI and DOJ? Many conservatives held out hope that the Supreme Court would step in but it was clear that they had no intention of doing so. Apparently letting an election be stolen with a peaceful transition of power was better than overturning the fraudulent results and leading to mass civil unrest and violence. 

There is a sense of desperate optimism in the air. A lot of people think that the date changing from 2020 to 2021 will somehow exorcise the evil spirits that have plagued us for the last 12 months. Those people are in for a rude awakening. If anything, the signs point toward 2021 being a worse year than 2020 and that 2020 was the beginning, not the end.

There is a new, more contagious coronavirus. A man with dementia is going to (temporarily) be President. The Left in America is emboldened and impatient. Our foreign enemies are laughing at us and our internal enemies are ascendant. Crime in 2020 was out of control and Biden seems to be signaling that his bigger concern is policing the police. 

Yeah, 2021 is going to be a ton worse.

Even setting aside what a shitshow 2020 has been, think for a moment about the significance of that year. For someone who was a kid in the 1970s and 1980s, the very idea of the year 2020 seemed like a fantastical futuristic era. 2020! Flying cars! Exploring space! As I wrote in my post The Dumbing Down Of America, we traded a glorious future for the doomed crusade for "equality" in a multi-cultural nation.

America is getting dumber because Americans are less intelligent. Both of those are by design. You can quibble about the symptoms all you want but America today is not a nation that could accomplish what we did last century in splitting the atom, landing men on the moon and launching the Information Age. It is only thanks to the structures put in place last century that we haven't been reduced to subsistence level living yet but that is coming.

Practically speaking, other than never going back to the moon, that means that a shrinking pool of above-average intelligent people are going to have to carry the intellectual burden for a rapidly expanding mass of imbeciles. In turn that also means that we will have a functional aristocracy that holds the genetic means to perpetuate their primacy. When we had a hereditary monarchical system, marriages were carefully arranged to benefit both aristocratic families and I can see that happening here as well, as the most intelligent and powerful see reproduction as their legacy. Meanwhile, the Clevon's of the world will continue to spread their seed far and wide.

Far from a utopian, advanced future, 2020 is the epitome of the future dystopian nightmare we are heading for, proving George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were right. 

We are not headed for a brighter, more prosperous and free society and what is more, no one is pretending we are. Today it is all about looting what you can while you can. It is a hard pill to swallow but this is where we are today. 

Maybe that makes me black-pilled or a "Debbie Downer" but better to be realistic about the future than playing the Pollyanna who thinks we can turn this thing around.

The only difference between today and tomorrow is that we are one day closer to Biden taking office and the trust the plan, release the kraken types wondering when Trump will unveil his secret ace in the hole.

So happy new year I guess.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Securing Your Sh!t

Having lots of stuff packed away in case of a disaster is great but if things really get hairy there are going to be lots of less prepared people who are going to shift their "do not cross this line" moral absolutes. If they are starving or worse yet if their kids are starving, a lot of people will do just about anything to feed them. Plus there are just a lot of piece-of-shit people who will loot your stuff because they think they are entitled to it for a variety of "reasons".

That brings us to Big Country Expat with a new post: Securing Your A.O.

Start to think about this stuff now. Start with BCE's post.

You have to sleep, you have to do other stuff and that means you can't spend all of your time watching the perimeter for bad guys and marauders looking for an easy mark. Most of them are not going to roll up in a chainmail speedo with lots of noise and fury.

No, they will come in the dead of the night when you are sleepy and groggy. Maybe they break in or maybe they toss a Molotov cocktail in the house to flush you out. What they aren't going to do is announce their intention and give you time to get your kit together and shoot at them from 500 yards away on a flat, open shooting range.

It probably isn't the right time now to start to really fortify your place but when it is time, you probably won't be able to order what you need from Amazon (you can get concertina wire from Amazon, did you know that?). Have what you need and think about how to deploy it.

The New Year rings in about 28 hours from now and then we are all going to be on the clock.

An Ideology Of Misery

Here is a quick thought experiment for you:

Think about prominent socialists and other far-left figures in America.

Now ask yourself a question:

Can you think of single one who is not a miserable, perpetually angry person?

Is there anyone on the far-left who is cheerful and pleasant? Can you name a far-left personality you would want to have coffee with or spend any time with them at all? I would rather be force-fed broken glass than spend 30 seconds in the company of Rachel Maddow.

I got to thinking about this based on a prior post, The Ugliness Of The Left. John Wilder left a comment that reads:

The pathology of the Left is self-hate. They feel pain every day of their existence, and want to burn it all down.

That rings true. My reply:

Yep. It attract unhappy people bent on making everyone else as miserable as they are, just like feminism is how homely women get more attractive women to be as bitter and lonely as they are.

It reminded me of an exchange on Twatter. The UN Women account, the same UN that sends "peacekeepers" from third world nations to other third world nations to spead cholera and apparently wholesale rape the ladies on an industrial scale, posted something typically stupid:

How can women make me a sammich in space?

Anyway, some bimbo who fancies herself a radical feminist or some other bullshit said that this also means that women need "spaces" without men. The whole "spaces" thing is so facile that using it unironically is a sure sign of an intellectual lightweight, in the same way that people talking about "black bodies" instead of "black people" are universally morons. Anyway, being in "spaces" without men seems to be her whole reason for existing.

I suggested that she probably had no problem finding spaces without men. Just trying to be helpful. She replied and blocked me, no idea why, but I still got a screenshot of her response.

Really, I am sure she can find men to hump her. Even heinously ugly women can get men to have sex with them. Most men have at least one girl in their highlight reel that they are not proud of. So being a depository for guys who are hard up isn't really an accomplishment but I would bet everything that I own that "dee dee" here hasn't had a significant relationship a very long time with a man that lasted longer than it took for him to roll over and get dressed. Men will put up with some bullshit and/or crazy long enough to get laid but sticking around afterward with some chick who is undoubtedly as unpleasant in real life as she is online? Oh hell no. I am sure you can spend a long time unpacking her various mental illnesses built up over a lifetime of disappointments when it comes to the opposite sex.

Think about another prominent proto-Marxist group, the various racially aggrieved militant movements mostly under the umbrella of "black lives matter". Is there a one of their leaders who has any sort of positive, uplifting message? Not really, in general their entire movement is defined by their hatred for White people and their demands for free shit paid for by those same White people. At least MLK would occasionally say stuff that was encouraging for the future but "civil rights" leaders today have only resentment and hatred in their rhetoric. Their goal seems to have little to do with achieving "equality" by lifting blacks up but only "equality" by tearing Whites down to their level. That is an equality of sorts I guess.

My point is this, overall what is commonly called "liberalism" in America, an ideology that is just proto-Marxism, is the creation of miserable, angry people who want everyone else to be as miserable and angry as they are in order to feel less miserable about themselves. It attracts miserable, maladjusted people like manure piles attract flies. But surrounding yourself with other miserable people isn't enough. As long as one person is happy and content, it is like a festering boil. There is nothing more hateful to the Left than a person content with their situation. A man working a job and doing it well for fair pay? He must be exploited! A women content to stay home and care for her children? She is brainwashed by the patriarchy! In other words, anyone who is happy with their lot in life must be made to be unhappy. 

What we call "conservatism" is rooted in a general happiness with the status quo, at least at the grassroots level. In order to make people want to overthrow the system, which has been generally great in comparison to living in any other country for the vast majority of people, you must convince them they are unhappy in spite of all of the evidence. Why else would attractive, normal girls go off to college and turn into circus freaks covered with tattoos and body piercing unless you convince them that although they seemed happy, they really weren't. Why would blacks who have it better by every conceivable merit as Americans somehow become convinced that they are oppressed at every turn? Because the Left plays on the natural human tendency toward discontent. 

The proto-Marxist Left are unpleasant, ugly, envious and angry people who don't want to become happy and content. They love to wallow in their anger and misery and their ideology is based in making everyone else miserable. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

The Ugliness Of The Left

The last five years have exposed a shift in American politics. Gone are the days when we have an election, one side wins and the other loses, and we go back to our daily lives with minor grumbling about politics during the evening news. We are now in an endless 24 hour a day news cycle designed to whip up resentment, anger and hatred and the 24 hour news cycle has found fertile ground for their agitation in the average American, most of whom are still incredibly ignorant in spite (because?) of having access to all of mankind's accumulated knowledge and information at their fingertips. Perhaps there is something to be said about the difference between information and knowledge for a different day.....

In the rise of anger and hatred, often risibly attributed exclusively to the right, something new has begun to fester in America. It is something I have noticed before but was reminded of again this weekend and that is just how ugly the Left in America has become.

Not simply physically unattractive, although that is true as you can see from any of Andy Ngo's tweets of Portland antifa mugshots. 

Pretty handsome group of folk all around.

Rather I am talking an ugliness of character and personality.

In 2016 and beyond, the ugliness of the left was exhibited in bitterness and resentment after Hillary lost the election and they collectively refused to accept her loss with any grace and instead dreamed up one crazy conspiracy after another, each one dredged up from their fever swamp imagination more crazy than the last. Ukraine, Trump's taxes and of course Russia, Russia, Russia! They were furious and their fury was reinvigorated daily by the media. Having little in the way of an outlet other than screeching their fury at the uncaring heavens, many on the left turned their impotent fury toward their friends and family members who voted for Trump. People were summarily unfriended and drummed out of the lives of loved ones because they voted for Literally Hitler. Liberals posted their deeds on social media, gathering acclaim from fellow lefties for the Stunning And Brave Act Of Resistance of clicking a button on social media.

People who voted for Trump that apparently misunderstood our political system and guarantee of free speech and political discourse were blindsided. This happened to us, more with my wife than me because I don't really give a shit. Liberals and generic Democrat voters were so enraged by a vicious, murderous harpy losing an election that they lashed out the only way they knew how, by crapping all over family members. 

Four years later and things are if anything even worse.

With the apparently successful massive election fraud leading to a Biden inauguration in just a few weeks, despite the increasingly unhinged calls to "trust the plan", you might think that liberals would be content with their "win" and calm down a little. You would be incorrect. If anything, now that Orange Man Bad is vanquished, liberals seem even uglier. Calls for "truth and reconciliation" commissions are common-place as are the increasingly strident calls for violent retribution. 

My wife and I got a visceral and personal reminder of this over the weekend. Trump was utterly useless as a President apart from some decent judicial nominations but one thing he did manage to do, quite unintentionally, was to reveal how ugly so many people on the political left are and have always been. Politics on the left, at least for my lifetime, has been driven by the basest of human failings: greed, envy, sloth, lust and resentment. The Democrat Party platform seems modeled on the Seven Deadly Sins: murdering babies, sexual degeneracy of the most grotesque kind, stealing from others you resent for their success.

Obviously there are some awful people on the Right, although far fewer than you might be led to believe from the media and entertainment world. People on the right politically, using that term in the broadest sense, are mostly driven by wanting to be left alone. Conversely people on the left seem obsessed with what everyone else is doing. They are busybodies, the nosy neighbor who is always trying to catch the people across the street doing something wrong. Anyone making a nickel more than they make is clearly cheating the system somehow. 

The contemporary left is a haven and a magnet for the ugliest people in our society. The most engaged on the left are the worst. These aren't people with political differences, they are the living embodiment of the depths of human depravity. There is no room for compromise or unity or reconciliation with them. They have made it clear that is impossible. They will accept only complete submission and perhaps not even that will placate them.

We didn't want this, we never asked for this but if people will crap all over their own family because of political disagreements it is clear what we are left with. We can no longer co-exist and it is time we stop pretending we can and trying to be the adults in the room. 

They have closed off every path but one and they are going to find out that where that path leads is not what they expected.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Cult Of Covid

2020 has reminded us that there are a ton of people who have meaningless lives and find some visceral pleasure in being terrified of the boogeyman. For black people it is the pervasive belief that wypipo are driving around in jacked up pick-up trucks with Confederate flags looking for a black body to lynch. Mestizos living in America are convinced Trump is going to throw their kids into cages and deport grannie. Asians are afraid of getting lumped in with Whites and losing their status as oppressed minority. 

But this year has given these people a new, more exciting thing to be afraid of: a pandemic. 

Like natives who worship the volcano that might kill them, many of the Cult of Covid followers have elevated the entire mythology surrounding the Chinese coronavirus to the status of divinity. The exaggerated lethality of Covid has become an article of faith to them and the mask is their holy symbol used to ward off the evil spirits spread by family members and Trump voters alike, showing their piety and that they "care". 

They claim to "believe in science" without the slightest understanding of the basic underlying science they claim to believe, rather like medieval peasants who believed what the church told them even as they were not allowed to read the Bible in their own language.

Like fervent believers looking to the coming of a savior, the announcement of a vaccine has sent  the Cult of Covid into paroxysms of joy. Sure it was rushed to market and seems sketchy and the pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability if it accidentally kills you but Joe Biden says it is safe. The breathless adoration as the cases of vaccine were shipped around the country brought people to tears as they would now be a little safer from a virus that posed almost no threat to most of them.

Then I saw this:

This isn't a joke, apparently the Fort Wayne History Center is going to place a used syringe and empty vial that were once used to anoint, er vaccinate, local health care workers.

It reminds me of the veneration of relics in the days of Martin Luther, as the devout would make pilgrimages to gawk at a piece of bone from a saint or a sliver of wood allegedly from the cross. Will Covid Cult zealots make a pilgrimage to Fort Wayne to gaze in wonder and adoration as the Most Holy Syringe Of Salvation? Will they weep in ecstasy at the glimmering needle that delivered unto us the righteous dose of Our Blessed Pfizer?

These people are crazy and they are in charge of our nation.

I guess my refusal to drink the Covid Cult Kool-Aid has made me an apostate in yet another religion. If it makes them feel better, the Covid Cult is in pretty good company.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Brief Respite On Pistol Braces

Some good news for a change, the ATF has withdrawn their plan to turn AR pistols into NFA short-barreled rifles, meaning a massive registry or becoming a felon overnight simply by owning the same firearm you owned legally the prior day. From Mrgunsngear:

A number of Congressmen, including my normally useless Representative Jim Banks, wrote a letter to the ATF squawking about it and that probably helped a lot.

Still, this is nice but everything changes in a month when Biden takes office.

They ATF quit on this awfully easily. That makes me suspect the whole thing was a trial run and that once Biden is in office, he will issue an executive order of some sort and armed with that order the ATF will go back and try this same scheme over but for real this time.

Pistol braces are low hanging fruit and will absolutely be on the chopping block, especially if the Democrats repeat their success in stealing the 2020 general election via widespread fraud and taking the Georgia Senate seats. Enjoy the win while you can but don't think for a second this is anything other than a temporary reprieve. 

Back To Braces

A quick link regarding the ATF's attempt to reinterpret the definition of certain pistols that feature stabilizing braces. Mrgunsandgear has a predictably excellent review of the proposed rule changes, and if you are concerned about the 2nd Amendment I would encourage you to watch the video and comment on the linked website to express your concern over this rule change.

The proposed ruling is intentionally designed to be vague, leaving gun owners, dealers and manufacturers confused about what is or is not permitted. I think the primary motivation is to get gun owners to pay an extra fee and register their AR/AK pistols. Having a registry of firearms is an important step toward confiscation.

Watch and share the video, make your voice heard to the ATF. 

Shall not be infringed means what it says. 

Don't surrender a single inch.

America First! Amirite!

Yippee, we are going to be "given" $600 per person as relief payments for a man-made virus that led to an authoritarian man-made crisis that has tanked large segments of the economy! Of course the "money" is coming out of thin air and the debt will be tacked on to the impossible to repay number but still it is free "money"!

A lot of people are complaining about the amount. In our family where we have had one of the best years financially in almost 28 years of marriage, with three kids under 17 still at home, we are looking at getting a deposit of $3000. That will wipe out the small balances on a card and still leave lots of money left over for more ammo. For many others, that money is going to pay the rent and heating bill at least for a month.

On the other hand, if you are a suspicious person like me, you might be tempted to do a little math here. There are around 330 million people in America. Assuming all of them are eligible for the $600, that comes out to a pretty big number:

330,000,000 x $600 = $198,000,000,000

198 billion seems like a lot but the bill that was passed was for around $900,000,000,000. A little more math:

$198 billion is about 22% of $900 billion

Less than a quarter of the coronavirus relief bill goes to direct payments to Americans.

Where is the rest going?

A big chunk goes to boosting unemployment, because it is smart to pay people extra to be unemployed rather than opening the country back up and rolling the dice on a disease with a tiny mortality rate for the vast majority of people. I talked to a guy who is a supervisor in a local factory and they are already having trouble getting workers to show up and they fear the extra unemployment funds will just encourage workers to stay home.

More money for small business "loans", a scheme that ended up being wildly abused the first time around. 

A couple billion for the "Space Force"

Rental aid, airline industry aid, a bunch of money to the tune of $82 billion for schools. $54 billion for K-12 and another $22.7 billion for colleges and universities.

This is a nice chart from the Wall Street journal:

Why is there $82,000,000,000 in spending for schools in a coronavirus relief bill? Don't know. Why is there $7,000,000,000 in funding for broadband in a coronavirus relief bill? Don't know.

At least those are American schools. The coronavirus relief bill is full of extra goodies for every nation on Earth. Zero Hedge has a good list of this garbage here: Pork City: Here Are The Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package

Read the whole thing if you have a strong stomach and are not prone to doing something violent but here are some "highlights"

Let's start off with Our Greatest Ally:

$3.3 billion in grants to Israel. 

As I have pointed out on many occasions, Israel is an advanced nation with a robust economy. With a population of 9.2 million, that $3.3 billion in "aid", which I assume is on top of the money we already lavish on them annually, works out to....

$3,300,000,000 / 9,200,000 = $358 for every Israeli

Remember, our niggardly overlords could only pony up $600 for each American but we can find enough in the couch cushions to send more than half that amount per person to Israel. I get that the payments to Israel are not direct checks to Israeli citizens but still, the idea of sending that much to citizens of a foreign nation that is quite prosperous is obscene, especially since we already send the equivalent of around $23,000 in "aid" for Israeli family over the course of a decade (see: Why Are We Sending Foreign Aid To Other Nations? Especially Wealthy Nations?).

I am well aware that questioning why a nation so deeply in debt and in the middle of an existential crisis thanks to a "pandemic" is sending money to Israel, or even noticing that we are doing so, is "anti-Semitic" but it turns out I just don't give a shit.

How about almost half a billion to Ukraine, a nation you might remember for it's role in Trump's "impeachment" and also well known for employing the cocaine-and-hooker addicted sons of prominent American politicians. I am sure none of that half billion will be channeled right back to politically connected Americans and will instead all go to helping the poor in Ukraine.

$10 million for "gender programs" in Pakistan, whatever the hell that means.

$1.3 billion for Egypt

$700 million for shithole Sudan.

$130 million to Nepal

$1.4 billion for an "Asia Reassurance Initiative Act"

On and on. Money for the Kennedy Center, money for HIV/AIDS workers, whatever those are, to buy cars. How about telling people to stop being degenerates and they will stop getting the HIV? That is pretty cheap.

Bottom line, while I understand and sympathize with the argument that we shouldn't be spending money we don't have on relief, I also note that the reason we need relief is a direct result of the American government warring against American businesses. So if we are going to have relief in the form of make-believe "money", doesn't it stand to reason it should be directed to, oh I don't know, Americans? Not a nickel should go to foreign nations, especially not prosperous nations like Israel.

Last night Trump threatened to veto the whole thing and demanded payments to Americans be raised to $2000 and the pork be eliminated. 

"The bill also allows stimulus checks for the family members of illegal aliens, allowing them to get up $1,800 each," the president says. "This is far more than the Americans are given.

"Despite all of this wasteful spending, and much more, the $900 billion package provides hard-working taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments and not enough money is given to small businesses -- and in particular restaurants, whose owners have suffered so grievously."

Rightly so although he didn't mention the money for Israel. Weird.

His call for larger payments was applauded by some of his harshest critics like wizened old bat Nancy Pelosi, retired tavern wench Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three house owning commie Bernie Sanders, as well as Republican Senator Josh Hawley.
If we are going to have another bill, it should include zero dollars in payments to government agencies and zero dollars to foreign nations. Better yet it should suspend all foreign aid payments indefinitely until the "pandemic" is over. America shouldn't be sending money to other countries in the first place and definitely not when so many Americans are on the brink of financial ruin.

We will see what happens but there is growing anger over this bill and perhaps for once Congress will listen.

Monday, December 21, 2020

The Censorship Noose Tightens

It is my practice after posting something on my blog to then share that post on social media. With the advent of new outlets, I normally post my material on Twitter and Facebook, Gab of course as well as on Parler and MeWe. The primary reason I have social media accounts in the first place is to read what other like-minded people are posting and to post my own stuff.

Today I posted something and hopped over to Facebook and discovered a notice saying that some of my posts were removed, four of them from Sunday. I looked at my feed and it turns out all of my posts linking back to this blog were removed. There is no recourse, they are just gone.

So I tried to post my most recent entry and it turns out that my website has been completely banned from being linked on Facebook because it is "spam". This is what I see when I try to post anything from this domain. 

I know for certain that there are tons of obviously fake accounts that I report and invariably Facebook doesn't do anything about them, including pages that pretend to be from gun manufacturers and are phishing for personal data. No action from Facebook on those. But my personal blog, written only by me and with no ads or affiliate links of any sort, is somehow spam and is blacklisted from being linked to on Facebook. Apparently some leftie, likely a lispy little soyboy or a grotesquely obese lesbian with multicolored hair reported every link on my Facebook profile and then a lispy little soyboy or a grotesquely obese lesbian with multicolored hair who works as a censor for Facebook pushed a button and banned my domain. 

That blacklisting puts me in exalted company like VDare and American Renaissance so I wear it with pride. I also was just off of my latest suspension from Youtube, re-uploaded a video from American Renaissance and that was nuked and I got a new, 2nd community strike in less than an hour after I posted it. Apparently I am upsetting the right sort of people but it also means that alternate social media is critical going forward. 

Four years of his supporters and voters being censored and Trump has yet to do anything about it. When he is gone in a few weeks, no one in D.C. will even pretend to care about us. Fortunately Trump is doing important stuff in his last few weeks. No, not reining in the out of control ATF. Nope, he is issuing executive orders that 

Wow, an executive order mandating that the type of architecture for future Federal buildings be "classical"! Stunning and brave, based and red-pilled! That will show them lib'rals! I am sure that the people running the Federal government won't just ignore this and laugh it off like they have been doing with everything Trump tried to do the last four years.

We can't rely on someone coming to save us. We can't just "trust the plan". We can't keep pretending that there is a political solution if only we tweak our message. We can't rely on enemy controlled social media to get our message out.

No one is coming. We are on our own.


Once upon a time in America, the medical community was probably the most respected and trusted profession. We trust doctors with our most intimate issues, stuff we would be embarrassed to talk about even with our spouses. We go them believing they will have the answers we need because we also believe they are the result of the most rigorous screening process, years of schooling and the often brutal crucible of being an intern.

In response to their level of training and the trust we place in them, being a doctor is one of the most lucrative fields out of any profession. Even family practice and OB/GYN doctors for the most part make a six figure salary and the specialists? Pay scales in the mid to upper six figures is common-place, something I have observed frequently in my work as a banker and in the retirement plan industry. As I have mentioned before, my father is a retired family doctor and was considered a pillar of the small community that I grew up in.

However, the medical profession today is not what it used to be. That things have changed and not for the better is a common refrain from people over 40 and especially people 60 and up. Younger people mock the older for pining for the "good old days" but there is a reason that we have shifted away from looking forward to better days to come and now look backward with nostalgia and regret at what we have lost. We were promised that "progress" would bring us an endless progression towards something better but mostly progress seems to be making things worse.

For decades the liberal arts have been infected with neo-Marxism, moving from useless to outright dangerous. What students are being force fed in virtually every liberal arts department is directly contributing to the undermining of our society and paving the way for totalitarianism. If I were a more radicalized person I might suggest that the university system as a whole is an enemy of the people. Good thing I am not a radical person.

That has been the case since long before I was in school but for the most part the "hard sciences" were mostly insulated from this, other than a few humanities courses that the nerds were required to take. It was generally understood that there are some constants that are true regardless of your political view. 2 plus 2 is always going to equal 4. The laws of physics and chemistry are constant.

This is changing. More and more we are seeing the neo-Marxist thought police trying to remake the hard sciences into their twisted, woke image. It no longer matters what is objectively true or false, only that "science" be viewed through the lens of racial, gender or sexual preference grievances. In 2020 it has even entered the field of medicine. A couple of examples. First the American Medical Association, which represents a small but still significant percentage of American physicians, decreed in November 2020 that race is a "social construct":

What the hell does that mean? It means this:

That race is just a "social construct" will come as a surprise to blacks who suffer from Sickle-Cell Anemia that is found almost exclusively in people of sub-Saharan African ancestry, "about one out of 365 African-American children" in the U.S. or Ashkenazi Jews who have the Tay–Sachs disease genetic disorder that effects "1 in 3,600 Ashkenazi Jews". It was not controversial in the least to identify people by race for all of modern medical history, the trait that after sex is the most distinguishing for a human. More on that in a moment but for now just know that anyone who says that race is a "social construct" and the difference in races is just "skin color" or the amount of melanin present in skin has outed themselves as a fool regardless of how many academic honorifics they have behind their name.

Telling people that their racial risk factors don't exist isn't good medicine, it is malpractice and a violation of the oath every doctor swears. 

It is also interesting that we find ourselves in a place where simply not being racist isn't good enough. We have to be actively "anti-racist", a term that mostly means "White people who didn't do anything giving money to non-White people who haven't suffered anything". In a year when we were told there was a pandemic so severe and dangerous that large swaths of our economy and society were put on hold, when people were told they couldn't go to church or gather with their families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seems odd that the American Medical Association is taking the time to undermine a basic human characteristic in a vain attempt to placate the strident screeching of people outside of the medical community. 

The AMA is not alone. This little gem came from the New England Journal Of Medicine....

You don't "designate" sex on a birth certificate, you observe and record sex on a birth certificate. With the exception of people with extraordinarily rare genetic disorders, when a child is delivered it either has a vagina and the accompanying internal reproductive system that are found in girls or it has a penis and testicles and is a boy. Those are the two options. When our four boys were born, we didn't designate them boys on a whim, we recognized that they were boys and when our four girls were born, we didn't designate them girls, we simply acknowledged what was already apparent, that they were girls and therefore were not and never would be boys. 

Sex and gender are the same thing and they are not "assigned" or "designated" at birth, they are an observed, immutable fact. Even if you lop off a dude's junk and make an artificial opening simulating a vagina, he is still a he. A mutilated, mentally ill he but a he nevertheless. Having a crewcut doesn't make you a boy and wearing panties doesn't make you a girl. 

I assume virtually all doctors find this sort of thing to be nonsense but I am also quite certain that younger doctors have been force-fed this nonsense to the point that they are starting to believe it or at least those who are ambitious will say they believe it in order to land the most coveted spots in research and academia. 

Even the process for selecting medical school students is turning into a farce and we have first hand knowledge of this. Most medical schools are desperate for black and mestizo students to break up the overwhelmingly White/Jewish/Asian demographics. The recruiting videos for medical schools always feature as many black students as the school can round up, and a black or Middle Eastern girl wearing a hijab is even better. Pretty much every medical school has a "diversity officer" from the faculty. A high achieving White applicant with top tier MCAT scores, a great GPA and years of actual clinical experience is going to get ignored in favor of racial or sexual minorities, even with drastically lower scores because producing great doctors isn't good enough, medical schools need to have a student body that "looks like America" even though America is full of idiots.

As the world gets more globally connected, we are going to see diseases like the (now apparently mutating) Chinese manufactured coronavirus and ebola spreading faster than ever. Add in an aging population in advanced nations and we are looking at a huge uptick in the need for quality medical care. What we are getting instead are doctors who pretend that race and sex are just social constructs and medical school students who are chosen for their ability to break up the monochrome student body on the school's social media pages.

Mark it down. The medical profession in school now is the least prepared to deal with actual serious medical issues than any who have come before it in the last half century. Medicine is a science, not social work. We are going to rue the day that the woke loons got their claws into the medical profession.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Deuce Boogaloo

Deuce Boogaloo, now that is a movie I might break my solemn oath to never pay to see a movie ever again.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

More Details On The Proposed Pistol Brace Ban

Here are a couple of good, fact based videos on the proposed ban or perhaps more accurately re-classification of pistol braces from a commonly sold firearm component and into a NFA item requiring special, additional, after-the-fact permission to continue owning a product you already legally purchased.

Something that came up in both videos and elsewhere is that Trump is completely oblivious here. He could stamp this out but he is too busy doing....well, I don't know what the hell he is doing but he certainly isn't using the last month of his presidency anymore efficiently and effectively than the prior 47 months. He might be on our side but generally other than rhetoric hasn't done shit for his most loyal voters.

This is a coordinated effort being driven by the impending Biden administration and is just the beginning. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Here It Comes

The word is on the street that the ATF is about to reclassify all AR pistols with stabilizing braces as short-barreled rifles, within the next few days potentially. This will apparently leave gun owners with the following choices:

- register your AR pistol as an NFA short barreled rifle

- destroy the pistol or replace the upper with a 16" barrel

- tell the ATF to go fuck themselves

I am guessing a lot of people are going to take option 3.

Still more than a month until Beijing Biden takes office.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

My Days On ScrewTube Are Numbered

A video I uploaded earlier today to Youtube was deleted in less than an hour and I got another community strike, so it is just a matter of time before I am gone completely. 

Right now Youtube still has the greatest reach but obviously you won't be allowed on YT much longer unless you toe the line on the "pandemic" or race or the election results or gun control or...

You get the picture.

I would encourage you to get accounts on other video sharing platforms, I am already on Bitchute and have been for a long time. Check out my channel here.

Also this evening I joined Rumble, check out my channel here.

I don't have original content on those channels yet, I just reupload other material but maybe someday I will do more than that. Anyway, get off of Youtube or at least start building connections on other platforms while you still can.

Whatever The Question, Separation Is The Answer

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance weighs in on what I have been calling for since February of 2017: the need to separate ourselves. I have embedded my re-upload to Youtube and the original from Bitchute in case my Youtube version gets nuked. ** Update: less than an hour after I uploaded the Youtube version it was removed for "hate speech". **

I agree with every word Jared says but I also know this: blacks leaders, for all of the pseudo-intellectual yammering about "White supremacy" and "systemic racism" and "black bodies", will never agree to a peaceful separation because they want to punish all White people for wrongs that happened a century or more ago to different black people and also because deep down they know they need us and that they are infinitely better off in a White run society than a black run society. For more see Why Isn't Black Nationalism More Widespread?

The calls for a separation are growing louder, from White advocates like Jared Taylor to more traditional conservatives like Allen West and Rush Limbaugh. Oddly, calls for separation are almost entirely absent from the Left, even as they screech about how irredeemable we are and how much they hate us. Angry lesbian (redundant, I know) Amy Siskind "joked" about burning down the suburbs, cuz the suburbs are full of regular White people....

The tweet has been deleted but screenshots are forever. This is the face of the party calling for unity and accepting the election results. Meanwhile a deranged and incredibly dumb black Democrat state Representative in Michigan, one Cynthia Johnson, made a video threatening Trump supporters and was removed from her committee posts for her threats of violence.

The examples are plentiful. They hate us and want to see us dead by any means necessary. Before we are pushed too far and are forced to respond, let's do the adult thing and go our separate ways. Something ugly is coming, and a peaceful dissolution of the Union is the best of a bunch of bad outcomes.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Fully Automatic .22 Caliber Waxed Cheese Wheels

New podcast is up from John Wilder, check it out!

It Is Already Starting

There was a significant event in the fight for gun rights last week. You know it was significant because actual gun rights groups like the Gun Owners Of America were talking about it and the NRA was predictably MIA. Ammoland broke the story...

On Thursday, federal agents raided the headquarters of Polymer80, one of the largest manufacturers of homemade firearm accessories.

Polymer80 sells, as the name would suggest, polymer frames that are incomplete and require additional steps to become a functional firearm. Because the frame is typically what bears the serial number, this means you can buy one of their "80% frames" and finish it yourself, creating the foundation for a firearm that will never have a registered serial number. 

The way most guns work is that they are serialized by the manufacturer and that number forms a chain of custody that law enforcement can track. For example, if a Glock is recovered at the scene of a crime, the cops can go to Glock with the serial number and Glock can tell them who they sold the gun to. If that is a distributor, they will have an entry for that serial number in the acquisitions and distributions log (A&D) showing it coming in and then recording which FFL they sent it to. The receiving FFL logs the Glock into their A&D records when they get it and then again when it goes out to their customer. From that chain of custody, law enforcement can trace who the buyer of that Glock was. 

With an "80%" receiver, for a handgun or an AR-15, there is no chain of custody. Polymer 80 can sell direct to a consumer without needing to go through an FFL and then the new owner can mill out the required areas, creating a complete firearm, and then buy the components to finish the gun. For a handgun it usually includes buying a barrel, a trigger and a slide plus slide completion kit. What is getting Polymer 80 in trouble is their "Buy Build Shoot" kit that has everything you need in one box with the weblink to a video showing how to complete the frame and assemble the firearm. I assume that Polymer80 has sold a ton of these and that makes the ATF SO MAD!

The same report linked above states that the ATF is hitting other manufacturers of 80% receivers:

The ATF did raid or show up at other companies that sell other kits that include 80% part kits, barrels, and slides that are not Polymer80. AmmoLand News sources inside the ATF say that the agency is now considering 80% kits with all the parts needed to finish a pistol as a firearm. None of the companies had any warning on the change to ATF’s regulations before actual agents showed up making attempts to retrieve customer information.

Clearly they intend to stamp out this part of the firearms industry. The only real reason to buy an 80% receiver is to avoid the paperwork, something I understand and support where legal. The Polymer 80 Build Buy Shoot kits are almost $600 and you have to assemble the gun, while you can buy a decent and reliable ready to go complete 9mm for under $400. It is a niche business that might be on the way out.

The ATF is already on record as trying to make AR pistols with stabilizing braces into NFA items, short-barreled rifles, that require a bunch of extra steps and cost for a product already legally owned by millions of gun owners. See Alphabet Bois At It Again for details

So-called "ghost guns" which are simply incomplete firearms and AR pistols with stabilizing braces are low hanging fruit as a lot of gun owners don't know anything about them or understand the issues. Your average Joe Gun Owner with a home defense shotgun and maybe a deer rifle or revolver doesn't get caught up in the interpretative rules governing firearms at the fringe of what is allowed. Going after commonly owned handguns, which when stolen or sold illegally make up the vast majority of gun crimes in this country, would rile up people who own them but "ghost guns" sound scary.

Of  course they are also easily messed with by re-interpreting the rules without having to pass new legislation. It was legal, now it isn't. Like magic! The rules are incredibly dumb, swapping the interchangeable parts of two legal firearms can make you a felon but that is the government for you, and especially our alphabet boi frens. People in government and people in law enforcement specifically seem to view regular citizens with a great deal of suspicion and Federal law enforcement especially so. The idea of people having an AR with a barrel 4" shorter than another AR is obviously cause for concern and a handgun that doesn't have a serial number is clearly more deadly than one with a serial number that was stolen and sold on the street.

The top brass at the ATF has been on a leash to an extent for the last four years. While Trump seemed too concerned with other issues to pay attention to gun rights, he could be bestirred on occasion. With a Harris-Biden administration, not only will they be unleashed, they will be encouraged to go after gun rights like never before. 

These preliminary probing attacks and meetings with the new administration before Biden is even sworn in are sending a clear message that guns are going to be in the cross-hairs for the new administration. 

Don't say you weren't warned and make use of the next five weeks judiciously. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

What's Up Doc?

Ah the identity politics drama is starting already. The wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, who goes by Jill, has herself a doctorate in educational leadership from the powerhouse University of Delaware and yes that is absolutely as unimpressive as it sounds. Her dissertation was apparently titled Student Retention at the Community College: Meeting Students' Needs and doesn't that sound like an impressive work of academic achievement. Anyway, Jill apparently bristles when people don't call her "Dr. Biden" and that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. 

By way of comparison, my father is a doctor. Like an actual, went to medical school, doctor. A medical doctor. I have known him for four dozen years. In all of that time, I never recall him even once introducing himself as "Dr. Sido", rather he always simply introduced himself by his first and last name. I also have heard a ton of people who didn't know he was a doctor addressing him as "Mr. Sido" and never once did he correct them. I was reminded of this scene from Game of Thrones when Tywin Lannister tells Joffrey:  "Any man who must say, I am the king, is no true king."

Someone who is so insecure that they need to remind everyone they meet that they are a "doctor" based on some bullshit credential mill granting them a doctorate degree in 2007, from the University of Delaware when her husband was the senior Senator from Delaware, is lacking any sort of academic standing. 

Joseph Epstein writing in the Wall Street Journal scorches Jill for her pretentious insistence on being called "Dr. Biden", Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an M.D. 

Madame First Lady—Mrs. Biden—Jill—kiddo: a bit of advice on what may seem like a small but I think is a not unimportant matter. Any chance you might drop the “Dr.” before your name? “Dr. Jill Biden ” sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic. Your degree is, I believe, an Ed.D., a doctor of education, earned at the University of Delaware through a dissertation with the unpromising title “Student Retention at the Community College Level: Meeting Students’ Needs.” A wise man once said that no one should call himself “Dr.” unless he has delivered a child. Think about it, Dr. Jill, and forthwith drop the doc. 

That has the left all in a fury. Bitter old harpy Hillary Clinton weighed in....

When that hag is standing up for you, you are probably on the wrong side of the issue.

This is pretty typical of life in 2020. I have remarked before on the curious phenomenon of mostly women and minorities putting academic credentials in their social media user names and handles. I even saw a woman on Facebook add "RN" to her username to apparently seem more impressive when screeching about people wearing masks. If you think you need to add an academic honorific to your social media identity to give your statements more credence, it is pretty sure sign that you are an intellectual lightweight who is understandably insecure about your authority. Rightly so, as Steve Sailer pointed out:

In general, the Bidens seem like people of run-of-the-mill IQs (e.g., Beau, the late Good Son, failed the admittedly tough Delaware bar exam three times) who are insecure about their merely normal brainpower, and overreact embarrassingly. 

Joe Biden is at best of average intelligence, even when he was not in the throes of dementia, and nothing I have seen of Jill indicates she is more intelligent. Thus the bragging and insistence at being called by titles, however meaningless they might be. A doctorate in education , again quoting Sailer, "which 95% of the time is just a way to pad your pay from the public school district" isn't something to brag about. It is an employment credential and in the case of Jill was awarded after her husband had been the Senator from Delaware for decades. Does anyone think there was a chance in hell that she wasn't going to be awarded that doctorate? 

If you thought things were going to get better once Orange Man Bad was out of office, you are insane. Imagine every shitty thing about 2020 and then imagine those shitty things being given the full support of the President of the United States. 

Welcome to hell. 

Someone Needed To Say It

Trump is soon going to be gone. SCOTUS isn't going to save us and there is no kraken. Instead of putting him on trial, the Deep State is going to do something far worse: ignore him and pretend he never existed. As soon as he is a private citizen, Twitter and Facebook will find some reason to shut down his accounts and poof, he will disappear. His four years in office will be barely a blip on the radar, a forgotten incident in the gloablist march to undo all that Western civilization has accomplished. It isn't hard to imagine that his presidency will be erased from history books, leaving a blank where 2017-2020 should be, perhaps with some ominous warnings about a past era of White supremacy.

It has been clear for some time that there isn't a political solution to what is happening. We aren't going to be able to tinker with the GOP's messaging and get that long promised and never delivered black and mestizo "natural conservative" vote. Way back in the first month after Trump's inauguration, I was saying that it was time to dissolve the union and go our separate ways. In the last few months, this idea is gaining a lot of traction. Before the election, some leftist run states were talking about secession if Trump won re-election and now that it appears that the Left is going to succeed in stealing the 2020 election, more right-leaning states are talking about going their own way.

One of the things I have been saying is necessary is for a more mainstream leader with some gravitas to start talking about this issue. While most "conservatives" are jockeying for position to be the next GOP candidate to lose a presidential election and Trump is a spent force, one significant name has said what needed to be said....

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution.” 

Allen West is a very popular figure in the right. He was on the board of the NRA, is a retired Army lieutenant colonel with a Bronze Star and other commendations and was a one term congressman. West is 59 which makes him relatively young by political standards. 

As the article notes, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has also started to talk about secession. 

“I actually think — and I’ve referenced this, I’ve alluded to this a couple of times because I’ve seen others allude to this — I actually think that we’re trending toward secession,” Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday, according to

“It can’t go on this way," he continued. "There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs. We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way.”

Hopefully this will pick up speed because peacefully dissolving the political binds that "unite" us is the only way forward that I see that would not involve bloodshed. What has been missing are leaders with some national standing to get this conversation rolling. A lone crank like me on the interwebs isn't going to get it done. Rush and Allen West talking about it? That might gain some steam.

Very little remains to unify the people who live under the political bounds of the United States of America. It is time to break up before we come apart.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

We Are All Clark Griswold Now

Driving around this time of year kinda sucks. It gets dark so early that even right after normal work hours it is pitch black. It is really depressing, not as bad as when we lived in northern Michigan and you spent most of the day in darkness, but still not awesome. 

This year is a little different. Yeah, that is perhaps the understatement of the year, but still I have noticed something odd. This year more and more people seem to have Christmas lights out and a lot of the displays are way over the top. Like Clark Griswold level lighting.

Several different groups of Amish who were with me have also noticed this. Amish kids love Christmas lights, I mean LOVE Christmas lights. They love Christmas displays like Hunter Biden enjoys hookers and cocaine paid for with Chinese cash.

Why are people doing this in 2020, the worst year in modern history?

Some of it may have to do with people being stuck at home and having more time to decorate, dig out old displays, untangle strings of lights, etc. That certainly could be a factor but a lot of these displays look like they are brand new. No, I don't think extra time explains it all.

I think people are lighting up their houses to the max this year because they are desperate for something positive, something to remind them of times when things weren't insane. After a year with a "pandemic" that has unraveled the fabric of our society, race riots and mass looting that were blamed on people who didn't even live in those cities, a clearly stolen election that announced to heritage Americans that we have no voice in governing the nation our people built and now the prospect of an overtly anti-White, anti-American administration that will double down on all of the bad stuff that happened in 2021 and you can understand why people want something, however small, to give them a sense of normalcy. 

Christmas will be here soon and then a month later Kamala Harris and her dementia-addled puppet will be sworn in. At that point things are likely to really go sideways. Enjoy the lights while you can.

In 2020 we are all Clark Griswold, just wanting a decent Christmas in a world that would deny us even the companionship of family.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I Called It

In October I suggested in a post, Tinfoil Hat Time, that the whole Hunter Biden scandal with his laptop had been orchestrated by Democrats, not Republicans, to provide a pretext to remove Joe Biden from office....

The obvious plan is that Joe Biden is a safe, harmless old man, a placeholder, and his real purpose is to come across as an OK candidate for working class Whites. The intent is never for Biden to serve a full term. This talk about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump? I think it is mostly aimed at setting the stage for removing Biden next year as his mental state continues to diminish. But this incident could be the pretext for a forced resignation or even impeachment in 2020.

What if someone on the Left obtained the Biden laptop and set it up so a Republican would be the one who released it, giving them plausible deniability? What if this is all a back-up plan to build the framework to remove Biden in 2020 and give the Democrats a far more reliably Leftist President? Millions have already voted and most of those who are remaining to vote are pretty set on their candidate.

Other people started to make the same observation. 

Now, with the election pretty much secured, we get this news:

Of course. From the story, emphasis in red mine:

A well-placed government source told Fox News that Hunter Biden is a subject/target of the grand jury investigation. According to the source, a "target" means that there is a "high probability that person committed a crime," while a "subject" is someone you "don't know for sure" has committed a crime. 

The source said President-elect Biden is not a subject of any grand jury investigation at this time.

The source also tells Fox News that this investigation was predicated, in part, by Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) regarding suspicious foreign transactions. 

Another source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News that the SARs were regarding funds from "China and other foreign nations."

At this time they say.

Kinda feeling vindicated but also this is going to suck because that whore Kamala is going to take over when Biden is forced to resign ir even impeached.

It is tough being right all the time.

Dissenting Views Will Not Be Tolerated

Youtube just announced that you aren't allowed to discuss voting irregularities on their platform starting today:

In case you were wondering, you won't find a similar announcement from Youtube at any time declaring that videos pushing the Russian collusion hoax would be banned. Nope, you just aren't allowed to even allege that there was something fishy going on in the last election. 

This is going to be a major theme in 2021: Big Tech being subcontracted into doing the censorship that the government can't do. You can be sure that pretty soon they will ban, as will Facebook and Twitter, anyone who doubts the coronavirus narrative or suggests that the "vaccine" is more dangerous than the disease. Crime statistics that mention race? Gone as well. Noticing that Biden has lost his marbles and is drooling on his tie during press conferences? Banned.

With a patsy in the White House, Big Tech is going to shut down all dissent. You can bank on that. Real life contacts and community are going to be critical. We have all been talking about this but it is time to stop talking and start doing.

The kraken is gone and you will get banned from even talking about it. The fraudulent 2020 election is going down the memory hole.

America First Dies Without So Much As A Whimper

Trump is technically still in office for more than a month but the tattered remains of "From now on it's going to be America first" is already dead and forgotten. The rest of the Republican party that has been tepidly supporting Trump's America First rhetoric openly but doing zilch to advance the actual agenda is on record as going right back to business as usual, which means the actual American people and workers come last, multinational globalist corporations and the banksters come first, oh and time for more wars on behalf of Our Greatest Ally.

Exhibit A (scare quotes mine): 

As good rule of thumb: Any bill that talks about "fairness" is anything but fair, just like "patriot" in a bill is always the opposite of actual patriotism.

VDare and others pointed out what a scam this is, basically it allows corporations in America to import a huge number of low wage tech workers to replace American workers and removes the nationality restrictions. From VDare Senate Passes Indian Green Card Giveaway—Will Trump Veto?

The deceptively-named Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act scraps country caps on migration and allows India to dominate our immigration system. It’s estimated that over 90 percent of professional employment-based visas would go to Indians for the next 10 years under the bill. The Act is heavily touted by the Indian lobby and Big Tech.

Trump probably won't veto it unfortunately and this bill will be the final insult to the American people who voted for him. As Vdare pointed out, this bill passed the Senate by voice consent, meaning not a single Senator opposed it, but voice consent prevents any Senator from having their name attached as voting yes for this monstrosity or having any actual debate on the floor of the Senate.

We are told by our rulers that we need to import STEM workers to "be competitive" but as the Center for Immigration Studies points out, we already have too many STEM grads in America: America Has More Trained STEM Graduates than STEM Job Openings

It has become quite clear that America has more high-tech college graduates than needed to fill high-tech jobs now and, importantly, the nation will keep producing many more such graduates than job openings in the future — so why the shrill calls from the industry that there is a shortage?

The debate revolves around two sets of initials: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates and workers and the H-1B temporary worker program that floods our labor markets with low-cost, docile, high-tech nonimmigrant graduates, mostly working in computer-related industries.

Why the demands, as supported by the Senate's Gang of Eight, from industry for huge increases in the number of H-1B workers? Is it a genuine shortage of talent, as the industry claims, or is it because, as the Wall Street Journal1 of all publications, put it, the firms want to continue to staff their operations "with Indian expatriates who earn significantly less than their American counterparts"? I think the Journal has it right.

We all know the answer. Mass immigration of low wage and docile workers that will do substandard work but they will do it cheap. We don't need more tech workers to fill jobs, but Big Business wants more foreign tech workers to keep wages low and profits high. From the linked article:

In the middle of a pandemic, with millions of people unemployed, in a nation where we have been talking about "re-skilling" workers for high tech jobs, the Congress decided that one of their highest priorities should be importing more Panjeets and Sahibs to fill American jobs.

Before the unanimous voice consent approval in the Senate, the bill originally passed the House on a vote of 365 to 65. Republicans voted 140 to 57 in favor of this massive gift to Big Business, including my idiot Congressman Jim Banks who is set to get another nasty email from this constituent. Jim Banks is the ultimate empty suit, back-stabbing Republican. He is in a very safe, deep red district. He doesn't seem very bright and certainly isn't reliable but he will keep on winning until he stops running for re-election or gets caught banging a staffer, and maybe not even then.

Why would the GOP support that kind of a bill while Trump is still in office and fighting the result of the corrupt election and with two Senate seats in Georgia on the line, knowing that people are paying attention and it would get noticed?

Quite simply it was a middle finger to middle America. A declaration of sorts, saying that it is time for our betters to bring us to heel. We got a little out of hand and uppity the last four years but that is all over now. Back to the good old days where middle and working class Whites were expected to keep our mouths shut while our country was destroyed from within but still show up to vote for Republicans every couple of years. The ugly truth of "conservatism" is that there are very few recognizable conservatives in the Republican Party and most Republican "leaders" despise and fear heritage Americans almost as much as their Democrat counterparts. 

Another good rule of thumb: if something is awful enough to get such overwhelming bipartisan support you can be sure it is awful for just about every American. Something has to be really bad for it to get the support of both liberals and conservatives. 

Mass immigration is the perfect example of why bipartisan legislation is universally awful. Democrats get huge numbers of fecund and easily manipulated new residents who will breed large numbers of future Democrat voters simply by giving birth to them on American soil. Republicans will get the cheap labor demanded by the Big Business lobby and Chamber of Commerce. 

I don't blame people from India wanting to come here, getting away from their sweaty armpit of a nation. Even working for crap wages and living in a tiny apartment in California is better than living in India. I do blame those who are voting to bring them here.

For a short time, until Biden gets Epsteined or dies of some mysterious illness, things are going to go right back to business as usual in D.C. In a couple of months Trump will be forgotten. The jockeying for position for 2024 has already started in the GOP ranks, with Li'l Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley and sodomite Richard Grenell seeking to claim the mantle of conservative standard-bearer and the honor of losing gracefully to Kamala Harris in her re-election bid.

2016-2020 was a blip, a mere bump in the road in the path to inexorably replacing the people who made America into what she once was and transforming the greatest nation on earth into a festering swamp of diverse serfs and consumers ruled by an alien ruling class that hates every one of them.

There is no kraken. No one is going to coming to save us. We aren't voting or "unifying" our way out of this.

The time is coming my friends.