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A quick link regarding the ATF’s attempt to reinterpret the definition of certain pistols that feature stabilizing braces. Mrgunsandgear has a predictably excellent review of the proposed rule changes, and if you are concerned about the 2nd Amendment I would encourage you to watch the video and comment on the linked website to express your concern over this rule change.

The proposed ruling is intentionally designed to be vague, leaving gun owners, dealers and manufacturers confused about what is or is not permitted. I think the primary motivation is to get gun owners to pay an extra fee and register their AR/AK pistols. Having a registry of firearms is an important step toward confiscation.
Watch and share the video, make your voice heard to the ATF. 
Shall not be infringed means what it says. 
Don’t surrender a single inch.


  1. Anonymous

    Good friend is an agent with them, not a grunt but not a SAC or anything huge. He is on the enforcement side and all this, according to him, is from their regulatory division. That said, he says for those who have them to in no way submit to the registry as his belief is that yes, it will be a list for later knocking on doors. Companies like PSA seem to have switched over to selling bracelets pistols now on their website. Who knows.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Looks like they backed down already, making me suspect that this whole thing was a trial run while Trump is still in office and they will come back to it in January with the force of an executive order backing them up.

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