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The Cult Of Covid

2020 has reminded us that there are a ton of people who have meaningless lives and find some visceral pleasure in being terrified of the boogeyman. For black people it is the pervasive belief that wypipo are driving around in jacked up pick-up trucks with Confederate flags looking for a black body to lynch. Mestizos living in America are convinced Trump is going to throw their kids into cages and deport grannie. Asians are afraid of getting lumped in with Whites and losing their status as oppressed minority. 
But this year has given these people a new, more exciting thing to be afraid of: a pandemic. 
Like natives who worship the volcano that might kill them, many of the Cult of Covid followers have elevated the entire mythology surrounding the Chinese coronavirus to the status of divinity. The exaggerated lethality of Covid has become an article of faith to them and the mask is their holy symbol used to ward off the evil spirits spread by family members and Trump voters alike, showing their piety and that they “care”. 

They claim to “believe in science” without the slightest understanding of the basic underlying science they claim to believe, rather like medieval peasants who believed what the church told them even as they were not allowed to read the Bible in their own language.
Like fervent believers looking to the coming of a savior, the announcement of a vaccine has sent  the Cult of Covid into paroxysms of joy. Sure it was rushed to market and seems sketchy and the pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability if it accidentally kills you but Joe Biden says it is safe. The breathless adoration as the cases of vaccine were shipped around the country brought people to tears as they would now be a little safer from a virus that posed almost no threat to most of them.
Then I saw this:

This isn’t a joke, apparently the Fort Wayne History Center is going to place a used syringe and empty vial that were once used to anoint, er vaccinate, local health care workers.
It reminds me of the veneration of relics in the days of Martin Luther, as the devout would make pilgrimages to gawk at a piece of bone from a saint or a sliver of wood allegedly from the cross. Will Covid Cult zealots make a pilgrimage to Fort Wayne to gaze in wonder and adoration as the Most Holy Syringe Of Salvation? Will they weep in ecstasy at the glimmering needle that delivered unto us the righteous dose of Our Blessed Pfizer?
These people are crazy and they are in charge of our nation.
I guess my refusal to drink the Covid Cult Kool-Aid has made me an apostate in yet another religion. If it makes them feel better, the Covid Cult is in pretty good company.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    Ah, yes, the Sacramental Jab.

    For now, I'm pretty safe, given that I'm White and male and most assuredly not an Essential Worker. There is that "over 65" thing, but I figure I can duck it. Between my Whiteness and my cis/hetero/whatever name they're giving to old-school normality these days, I'm so privileged as to definitely be in the back row on the bus, or next-to-last row at worst. If necessary, I'm not too proud to simply lie about it. I'll claim I got an early-stage undocumented jab, or pair of jabs. One thing I'm sure of: I won't be "vaccinated" (if it was a real vaccine in the traditional sense, I'd be OK with it, but it's not) unless there's literally a gun to my melon. Let the "of colors" and the men-in-dresses and whatnot have my place. It's the least I can do to atone for my privilege.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Definitely not getting it either, still in my 40s so I am in virtually no danger from the 'vid. I think a lot of Biden voters are going to be in for a rude awakening when they realize that even Whites who voted for Joe are going to be contributors, not beneficiaries, of the new more just and equitable order.

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