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Securing Your Sh!t

Having lots of stuff packed away in case of a disaster is great but if things really get hairy there are going to be lots of less prepared people who are going to shift their “do not cross this line” moral absolutes. If they are starving or worse yet if their kids are starving, a lot of people will do just about anything to feed them. Plus there are just a lot of piece-of-shit people who will loot your stuff because they think they are entitled to it for a variety of “reasons”.

That brings us to Big Country Expat with a new post: Securing Your A.O.
Start to think about this stuff now. Start with BCE’s post.
You have to sleep, you have to do other stuff and that means you can’t spend all of your time watching the perimeter for bad guys and marauders looking for an easy mark. Most of them are not going to roll up in a chainmail speedo with lots of noise and fury.

No, they will come in the dead of the night when you are sleepy and groggy. Maybe they break in or maybe they toss a Molotov cocktail in the house to flush you out. What they aren’t going to do is announce their intention and give you time to get your kit together and shoot at them from 500 yards away on a flat, open shooting range.
It probably isn’t the right time now to start to really fortify your place but when it is time, you probably won’t be able to order what you need from Amazon (you can get concertina wire from Amazon, did you know that?). Have what you need and think about how to deploy it.
The New Year rings in about 28 hours from now and then we are all going to be on the clock.

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