Monday, January 28, 2019

Subsidizing Our Killers

Last year a scandal broke, largely ignored by the media, that exposed that a massive scam was going on in the state of Minnesota. From City Journal, Mogadishu, Minnesota.

When it was noted that the carry-on bags of multiple airline passengers traveling from Minneapolis to Somalia contained millions of dollars in cash, on a regular basis, law enforcement was naturally curious to know where the money came from and where it was going. It soon emerged that millions of taxpayer dollars, and possibly much more, had been stolen through a massive scam of Minnesota’s social-services sector, specifically through fraudulent daycare claims. To make matters worse, the money appears to have wound up in areas of Somalia controlled by al-Shabab, the Islamic jihadist group responsible for numerous terrorist outrages.

The story is infuriating. Somalis living in Minnesota are scamming the daycare funding system and taking their ill-gotten loot back to Somalia. Recall if you will that over 100,000 Somalis have been given shelter in our country and this is the thanks we get. When the report came out, Democrats in Minnesota responded the only way Democrats know how: accusing the person asking inconvenient questions of racism.

Public discussion of the resulting contradictions has been limited, to say the least.  Minnesota governor Mark Dayton has sought to stifle public discussion with tired imputations of bigotry and intolerance. Indeed, he advised native Minnesotans with qualms about immigrant resettlement to move out. “If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state,” he said. “Find a state where the minority population is 1 percent or whatever. It’s not that in Minnesota.” Dayton also made an economic argument that did not exactly fit the case of Third World immigrants who are themselves heavy consumers of welfare benefits. “Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough,” he said. A trust-fund baby himself, Dayton was engaging in a classic case of projection. It was certainly not an invitation to debate.

If you don't like refugees stealing from you to fund terrorists, go find another state! How can we build our economy on white citizens, we don't have enough so we need to import Somalis who will no doubt become productive tax-paying citizens, assuming they can find time between shuttling bags of cash to terrorists to get an actual job. You know, magic dirt and all that.

The reality is that the mass influx of Somalians into Minnesota is not turning the Somalis into Minnesotans, it is turning part of Minnesota into Somalia. In spite of efforts to mute stuff them, stories still make it into the news like this: Minneapolis’ ‘Little Mogadishu’ Sees 56 Percent Increase in Violent Crimes Caused by Somali Gangs. From the article:

Violent crimes increased by more than 50 percent in 2018 in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, nicknamed “little Mogadishu,” which authorities attribute to Somali gang activity in the area.

Buried in a recent Star Tribune article was the fact that violent crimes jumped from 54 in 2010 to 84 in 2018, an increase in roughly 56 percent. Authorities attribute the violence to rivalries between Somali gangs, such as the Somali Mafia, the Somali Outlaws, the Hot Boyz, and Madhibaan with Attitude, Alpha News reports.

According to a 2014 Southside Pride article, the Outlaws and Madhibaan with Attitude have a rivalry that stretches back years, and likely resulted in the murder of two Somali men in April 2014. That article notes that the summer of 2013 was a particularly bloody season for gang warfare, which produced at least 4 killings.

This is not isolated. Maine has similar issues with Somali "refugees" committing crimes, for example: See video: Somali gang storms Maine park, beats victims. As the prior report describes, many of the gang crimes are carryovers from tribal rivalries that stretch back to Somalia and the criminal behavior of the Somali "refugees" includes sex trafficking.

Back to the original story. What brought this to mind was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, hidden behind their paywall but you can sometimes get around it by opening the link in a private browser window: America’s Other Endless War: Battling al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Staff Sergeant Alex Conrad, 26, was killed by Al-Shabaab militants back in June. Sergeant Conrad was in the Special Forces and died while defending an outpost hundreds of miles from Mogdishu. The WSJ article points out that the conflict in Somalia is just one of many we are fighting on the African continent, mostly by Special Forces.

America’s war against al-Shabaab is one of the longest-running conflicts in U.S. history, simmering quietly for a dozen years in the desert landscape of the Horn of Africa. It has proven a frustrating mission with wins but no victory, setbacks but no defeat.

Its limitations were apparent just this week, when al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for an 18-hour siege that left at least 21 victims—including one American—and five attackers dead at a hotel-and-office complex in Nairobi, Kenya.

Somalia is one in a series of American wars unleashed by the Sept. 11 attacks, from Afghanistan and Syria to Niger and Yemen. On any given day, across a swath of Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, hundreds of U.S. troops might find themselves dropping bombs on or exchanging gunfire with any number of armed Islamist organizations—al-Shabaab, Islamic State, the Taliban, the Haqqani network and al Qaeda’s branches in the Maghreb or the Arabian Peninsula.

They are sprawling, Whac-A-Mole conflicts, often fought by elite commando units, and often hidden from public view by successive administrations wary of testing the public’s tolerance for unending war and surprising casualties in far-off lands.

Your tax dollars at work. Thanks Minnesota! 
Very few people realize this is going on. But what is infuriating is that we have al-Shabaab militants killing Americans and likely using the cash looted from Somali "refugees" in America scamming the daycare system, profiting from sex trafficking and who knows what else, to pay for the weapons they use to kill our own people. We have allowed a massive number of Somalis, from 100,000 to 150,000 or more, into this country over the last two decades and it appears they are assimilating poorly, if at all; show no signs of ever planning on going home and they seem to resent and hate the very people that gave them shelter from their violent fellow Somalis, like hateful and ungrateful Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who has spent her brief time in Congress making a buffoon of herself.

When faced with evidence of Somalis looting the daycare system, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton says if you don't like it, move to another state. Meanwhile militants in Somalia are using the tax dollars of Minnesotans to buy weapons to kill American soldiers that are only there to liberate Somalia from Somalians. It is absolutely insane to the point of being suicidal.

A nation that bankrupts itself to fund her own enemies is not one that will survive.

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