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The Scouring Of The Shire

I’m back from another quick trip to Ontario. I always come back with mixed emotions. The rural parts of Ontario west and northwest of Toronto are quite nice. I’ve mentioned before, thanks to the goofy Canadian rules about farming and property there are still a ton of smaller farms in Ontario, unlike the U.S. where you get big or you get out when it comes to traditional farming. Almost all of the farms are very neat and tidy with well kept yards and barns that match the house. The people I have met are all pretty affable, although Ontario has some of the worst drivers in the Americas and I am not exaggerating. They get to the States and think they can go whatever speed they want.

It reminds me of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings universe. Mostly simple people who just want to work in their yards and farm and be left alone to drink Molson’s and watch hockey.

Unfortunately Canadians are learning the same lessons as Americans:

They will never leave you alone.

Not when a single White person is happy anywhere. That simply cannot be allowed to happen and Their lust to destroy our people is insatiable.

It is happening in Canada even faster than the United States. There are only 40 million people in Canada, around 1/10th the number in the U.S. (counting the illegals squatting here) and the displacement of the actual Canadian people is going forward at a staggering pace….

If anything, I think the bottom chart is too optimistic about the pace of displacement. I have mentioned after prior trips how prevalent non-Whites are even in smaller towns in Ontario. I stopped to get a coffee at Tim Hortons, because that is what you do in Canada, and the guy taking orders was some Paki or Indian or something, and this was in a very small little town. I ordered a pizza to my hotel and the delivery guy was the same thing. Went to Subway, both the chicks behind the counter were some brown-types who barely spoke English and seemed annoyed that I couldn’t understand their mush-mouthed massacre of the English language.

While rural Ontario looks a lot like the Shire, the orcs are already moving in and the scouring of the Shire can’t be far behind. Things are OK for middle-aged or older Canadians who already have their property bought, like in the U.S., but also like the U.S. the outlook is bleak for younger Canadians: Canadians Are F**ked: Secret RCMP Report

As the Post further notes, the RCMP’s warnings are in-line with available statistics when it comes to declining living standards and inaccessible home ownership.

Canadian productivity — measured in terms of GDP per capita — has been trending downwards since at least the 1980s. But this has accelerated dramatically in recent years — even as per-worker productivity rises in many of our peer countries.

An analysis last year by University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe found that if Canada had merely kept pace with U.S. productivity growth for the last five years, Canadian per-capita earnings would be $5,500 higher than they are now.

Meanwhile, housing affordability has reached “worst-ever” levels in most of Canada’s major markets, according to a December analysis by RBC. On average, even condos are now so unaffordable that only 44.5 per cent of Canadian households had sufficient income to buy one at current prices. As for single-family homes, only the richest 25 per cent of Canadian households had any hope of obtaining one. -National Post

“Economic forecasts for the next five years and beyond are bleak,” reads the RCMP assessment of the rest of the decade, adding a quote from France’s Macron which reads “the end of abundance” is nigh.

Think about that. Only one quarter of Canadian households can ever hope to buy a single family home. This report from the RCMP also warns to expect “civil unrest”, as if they are the problem. Well no shit. When younger people start to realize that they are are getting shafted while old people and members of the elite class horde the wealth of Canada (and the U.S.)? They are going to be pissed, especially the ungrateful “visible minorities” who have come to expect free shit paid for by Whites in Canada and America. Those are the orcs and they are going to start rampaging when they figure out that they might have to be contributors instead of just takers if all that sweet “free” health care and stuff is to continue.

The big difference is that Canadians allowed themselves to be disarmed. Still, most of the rural Ontario types I met probably have plenty of deer rifles, shotguns and handguns squirreled away and a .30-06 can take your head off at distance even better than an AR-15.

Canada is the canary in the coal mine as things degenerate up north and the whole country is like the hard times, strong men meme. I made my own Canadian version, all that is left is to see what the hard times that are coming will look like. Fighting Indian tribes is going to seem like a walk in the park in comparison.


  1. Exile1981

    We are screwed, our dollar has dropped to 0.70 US dollars, our freedoms are gone, our country was sold out and we have a massive hostile force getting ready to kill us.

    Just the other day in our small town a group of 8 native men in their 20’s saw and older native fellow with a bottle of liquor and stabbed him because he refused to share. Our town has had now (including this newest 1) 4 murders in 20 years and everyone was non-whites killing non-whites.

  2. Bobsuruncle

    I am a fan of loonies. Ever see what a girl at a canadian strip club used to be able to do with a loonie coin? We throw dollar bills here….😂

  3. 3g4me

    Who is ultimately more destructive to White civilization – blacks, with their low IQ, high impulsivity, high violence? Or subcons – Indians and Pakis, with their clannishness, cunning, cheating, and innate filth? Both groups harbor immense envy of and hatred for Whites. But a White woman mating with either a sportsballer or a desi dentist still produces a non-White child. Short term, the black violence seems worse. Longer term, the subcons are more clever and have more tightly-knit social organizations. Both groups are equally physically unattractive; both breed prodigiously and there are enough to easily swamp all White lands without making a dent in the native population.

    Apparently the ‘new’ local dentist at the local health place – here, in a town of 1200 in the middle of the Ozarks – is a subcon. I advised my neighbor not to utilize his services. Undoubtedly got a visa by agreeing to spend 2 years in an ‘under served’ area, after which he will go join all of his compatriots in Bentonville, Arkansas, where Walmart headquarters and training is bringing them in as fast as possible. One of the first places to level someday when dreams come true.

    • Mike_C

      Subcons (South Asians) have all the resentment, arrogance, greed, nepotism, neuroticism, and hatred for whites that Jews have, without the virtues.

      But allowing in East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) en masse is not a good thing either. And I’m saying that as a person of Chinese ancestry. Canada should remain overwhelmingly white. Those who facilitated and abetted the flooding of Canada with “visible minorities” are not only fools, but wicked fools.

      Over the last two years I started visiting Canada (mainly Toronto and Vancouver) regularly again, after a long hiatus of over 10 years. I was shocked and horrified by how those cities have changed. Seemingly, entire cities are now yellow (not great) or brown (bad). “Brown” in this context refers to South Asians. (They themselves use that terminology, BTW.)

    • Arthur Sido

      Long term probably the subcons for the same reason as Jews, they lack the violently criminality but there are rotting the country from within. With blacks what you see is what you get and they can be avoided.

  4. Lineman

    You would think the boomers would be doing everything in their power to make sure the young White Men were on their side and ready to defend them but instead they are doing everything 180°s opposite of that and instead shitting on them and telling them to get a third job because they are just lazy that’s why they can’t afford anything…

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    There is still some good farms left on the way to your lair on I-69 but they are working on the Fundamental Transformation, especially around CPUSA (D) Indianoplace.
    Those white wymyns who love sportsballer joggers have been indoctrinated in the Cultural Marxist EDU shitstem (system) but they will get the Nicole B Simpson wifey mcbeatersen syndrome eventually or the full killing gloves treatment as worst case scenario.
    Deluded, demoralized, depressed, despondent, is no way to be.
    Get mean and get ready for every man for himself Law of the Jungle back to the primitive as there is no Magic Soil or egalitarian equity.
    Burn it all down by any means necessary is what the Long March comrades are all about.

    • Arthur Sido

      If you stay clear of Amish settlements farm ground is still somewhat affordable but around here you can’t touch anything for less than $20 grand an acre.

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