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Holy Freakshow Batman!

Busy day but I had to share this one:

Surveillance camera caught a terrifying moment, an attempted kidnapping at a school. Solomon Galligan is seen approaching students and lunging at a child before falling down.

Families directly impacted by the event watched the video with the superintendent and district officials of Cherry Creek School District.

“They did admit fault. They did apologize. And now [the] next steps are to schedule a secondary meeting, right, because we’ve prescribed a couple of items that we wanted done,” said Dante White, a parent of a child who experienced the event.

Among the requests are safety training, more fencing and new surveillance equipment. The parents are calling for an independent investigation.

“We want the people put on administrative leave, we want people fired,” said White.

I understand the parents being upset but it seems to me that the answer here is not firing people at the school but rather stringing up people like Solomon Galligan. Take a good look at this freak and ask yourself why he isn’t already in an unmarked grave in a potter’s field instead of roaming around chasing children.

He looks like an extra from The Walking Dead. Here is a little bonus fun….

Trans sex offender busted allegedly trying to abduct child playing outside elementary school

Of course….

The suspect, who is identified as male in the arrest affidavit, shared news of his transition on Facebook back in 2011.

“So im starting my hormone shots and i relly cant wait im on my hormone pills ive been on them for almost 4 months i wake up all depressed and crying but in the end its gonna be totally worth it you know what io mean im really excited my measurements are already changing and im super thrilled,” he wrote.

Galligan was put on the sex offender registry and was convicted that same year of non-consent sexual contact, according to his latest arrest affidavit.

Wow, a trannie that is chasing kids! Never could have seen that coming. Looks like his “transition” hit a few speed bumps.

We are going to need a much bigger woodchipper.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Damn, “transitioned”? To what exactly, a zombie extra in a Haitian voodoo horror movie?

    The wisdom of Solomon he lacks,
    Just like so many blacks.
    This wild eyed baboon was crazier than a loon,
    And someone really needs to shred this transfaggot coon.

  2. ghostsniper

    According to this article it is the system itself that is flawed and keeps letting this criminal back out. The same story we keep hearing over and over again.

    A white male with enormous, well laden testicles and a pronounced spinal column, needs to clandestinely remove specimens such as this from society permanently as the pussified authorities refuse to do so.

    • ghostsniper

      And whatever you do, don’t touch the motherfucker. Jesus christ, can you imagine the diseases that thing is carrying? Kill it from a distance, so as to not get any on ya, then burn it with diesel and immediately vacate the area.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yeah, I think it wise to avoided the Morbark with this one. Straight to the incinerator with it. Don’t want any aerosolized cast off from that one.

        • Don W Curton

          My thoughts exactly. You going have a lot of biological hazards there. Better to use an industrial shredder (ala Saddam Hussein) and then have the hopper below transfer the remains into an incinerator. Lower speed on the gears helps prevent splatter.

  3. Exile1981

    Looks like the teachers on supervision were all on their phones and none noticed the incident even when the kids started yelling ‘stranger danger’. Then they let the 3rd graders out after bringing in younger kids. So looks like teachers were not paying attention and failed to tell admin until hours later. So yes likely someone needs to loose their job .

  4. Anonymous

    Enjoy the freakshow now. It won’t be long before non-White perp mugshots will be verboten due to disparate impact. Not just preferentially suppressed by the media, but outlawed outright per laws coddling the guilty. After that will come redaction or whitewashing of names, should those prove to be problematic. I can see it happening that only a first initial will be used, so that Trayvon Martin will be referred to as “alleged suspect, T. Martin” with neither description nor booking photo.

    • Pat H. Bowman

      I’ve been seeing more blaq and brown mug shots with Race: White next to them. Local Five-Ohs are clearly doctoring the numbers (most likely at the behest of the fed bois) to make it look like it’s really the DVEs committing all the violence. The gaslighting is at supernova level.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    CommieradO? You put your weed in it.
    Shouldn’t they use the muh weed money to pay for nice things instead of defunding police/fire for the replacements?
    How about a full West South Africa steaming fourth world turd and Mr. Chester Zombie Pedo for preezy of the steezy.
    Yes we can!

  6. Anon

    New antifreespeech bill going through congress now about “antisemetic” speech becoming illegal. And boomers and other retards still think this is a free country.

    • Squib

      “ And boomers and other retards still think this is a free country.”. This boomer has seen his country go from a free nation to an open air prison. Sucks to have perspective.

      • Anon

        You know the type I speak of still cheering Rah Rah Israel and wanting that heifer sacrificed and the temple built so the antichrist can come before they die of old age.

    • Squib

      Flew into Vermont 10 years ago. Had to fly back out. TSA was a Somali woman in hajib. Didn’t speak English. It is worse now, and the government isn’t finished. Biden has 15 Jewish cabinet members on his A team.

      • Anon

        The courts can’t get the 2nd Anendment right, ever. Purposefully. Who knows how long it might be before the SC addresses it, if ever? There were smaller bills like the anti-BDS ones in states like Texas on the books for years. Nothing done about them. The anti-antisemitism one in Florida that he signed in israel, still on the books.
        Courts aren’t fixing this so far.

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