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Morning fellow dissidents. A quick note on comments. Part of my routine is to check the pending comments a few times a day, most are just spam messages and lots of those are apparently in Russian, but lately the volume has gotten much higher. I woke to over 300 pending comments this morning so I just marked them all as spam without reviewing them. If your comment does not appear, hit me on the Just The Tip line and I will go fish it out. Apologies in advance but I just didn’t have the time this morning to scroll through 18 pages of pending comments in Russian or touting the benefits on an online pharmacy.


  1. Dr. Hollowpoint

    One benefit of catastrophic economic collapse is the drastic decrease in fraudulent scams. Why bother scamming in a currency with no purchasing power?


    I don’t know how Art does it. It’s intense just trying to keep up reading the select dissident sites I enjoy. Much appreciated the articles.

    • Big Ruckus D

      I’ll echo that sentiment. I could never write a daily blog, it’s simply too much effort to find things to write on and keep it fresh. My hat is off to Art and those like him who do so for years on end. I note that of late, some of the blogs I frequent have noticeably reduced output. Whether this is due to other commitments, personal difficulties, or simply running out of motivation, I don’t know. Big Country Expat in particular hasn’t posted anything in a couple of days now, and with his recent history of compound difficulties and crises, I start to wonder if everything is ok.

      Lately I’ve felt burnout setting in even as a mere commenter. It becomes tough to keep up with intelligent and witty remarks (when the subject matter is often very similar) and still keep it non-repetitive. Nobody wants to read the same rehashed jokes (or bitching and moaning) over and over again. Maybe I need a breather from all of this, too. Focusing on what’s wrong with the world wears on a man, no doubt.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Comments are a construct of the white male patriarchy.
    Mark art not war. (h/t-CJH)
    Pick up some Boris and Natasha at the Ivan pharmacy.
    And the botfarm IP traces back to Arkansas. (wink)

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