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Always Consider Them Armed And Especially Dangerous

Yesterday four cops were killed and four more were wounded in North Carolina while they were attempting to serve a warrant on one Terry Clark Hughes Jr..

As you can probably guess….

As you can probably also guess, Clark was a piece of shit multiple time felon wanted for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Again.

Hughes was being sought for multiple felony counts, including a weapons offense, police wrote.

“Mr. Hughes was wanted for Possession of a Firearm by Felon and Felony Flee to Elude (2 counts) out of Lincoln County, North Carolina,” the release says.

Hughes’ Corrections record in North Carolina says he served 2 years and 3 months for possession of a firearm by a felon as well as speeding, eluding arrest, dating to 2012.

He also has convictions for reckless driving, another possession of a firearm by a felon, and a post-release revocation, Corrections records show.

There must be more to his record than that as he had prior convictions for possession by a felon. It seems that being told he was not permitted to possess a firearm on multiple occasions did not in fact dissuade Terry Clark Hughes Jr. from possessing firearms although he clearly didn’t relish the notion of going back to prison as he opened fire on a group of at least 8 LEOs serving the warrant. For a colored guy that was pretty decent shooting, a 50% kill/wound ratio. Of the three cops I saw named as of this morning (Sam Poloche, Alden Elliott and Joshua Eyer), all three are White guys…

While Eyer is a uniformed cop, the other two pictured are part of the “U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force” but are also called “North Carolina Department of Adult Correction veterans”, so I am not sure what training they had but I would hope that as they are part of the fugitive task force that they have some training in dealing with violent felons.

“They were task force officers assigned to the U.S. Marshals Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force,” the statement reads. “Sam Poloche joined our NCDAC Special Operations and Intelligence Unit in 2013 and Alden Elliot followed in 2016, each after serving several years as probation/parole officers.”

Cops are a mixed bag in general, with some good guys and some terrible guys, and I know that these same guys or guys like them would happily shoot me down if sent to serve a warrant on me, but on the other hand someone has to go round up these violent assholes before they kill civilians and since we live in a clown world, guys like Terry Clark Hughes Jr. are not chalked up as hopeless and summarily executed as they ought to be in a decent country.

This story won’t get much traction despite 8 officers being shot, 4 fatally, because it isn’t useful for propaganda. At CNN a story about Stephen King “berating” Kristi Noem for shooting a dog is higher on the page than the deaths of four cops serving a warrant.

Just another day in the jungles of America.


  1. Harbinger

    Was this Hughes dindu a trained sharpshooter or something? And what about body armor on the serving officers? 8 hits on LEOs from a single shooter is extraordinary under any circumstances. What, no flash grenades? Things really don’t add up here. From all that I’ve seen in recent cases, as soon as the perp opens up, it’s off to the races for the boys in blue. If this Hughes character stuck around long enough to cap 8 (eight!) coppers he should have received at least 400 rounds in return. Maybe HE was the one in body armor.

  2. Jen

    I know he has an ‘American’ name, but he looks ‘off.’ Like the Indian call center guy named ‘Steve.’ Unusual face shape, eye shape, hairline, and those eyebrows….!

  3. Charlie E Hargrave

    Well, as you say, those same officers would happily shoot any of us while enforcing whatever gun restrictions the .gov would put in place.

    I am gonna leave this incident in the hamas file. I don’t like or care about either side of the shootout.

  4. saoirse

    Not that I give a shit about cops getting whacked, but they could send only black or shitskin porkers to apprehend nigger felons. There’s plenty of new diversity hires and loads of rambunctious brothas and sistahs to keep them busy.
    Noem is just another over-coiffed cunt on the make. Shoots a puppy to prove that she can make “tough decisions”. Trumpenstein himself says he’s disappointed in her – after the news went viral of course. Should have called the porkers, they would have done it for her.

  5. Lineman

    I wonder if it isn’t getting traction in part because they don’t want people to know that they aren’t superman and they bleed and die just as easily as every one of us…


    Right on regarding the “Hamas file”. Anyone assigned to a “task force” spends more time at the gym/tanning salon/DEI seminars than on the beat. Had a bad day, tough shit.

  7. Max Wiley

    You would think that if you were on a fugitive task force, you would be used to serving high risk warrants. You would think that this would mean your team would avoid stacking in a fatal funnel and wearing only 3A soft body armor, mostly ineffective to carbine fire and especially M855.
    Doing stupid stuff in low grade armor because you are used to dealing with ineffective gangster sideways pistol shooters is apparently a bad idea.
    Getting complacent about what your opponent is “likely” to be and do will eventually get you killed.
    There are some people out there with training and skills and they aren’t all on the side of truth and justice. For instance, there is a notoriously lefty former Green Beanie that has been running around training people at the John Brown gun clubs.
    (I don’t have any inside knowledge of the specifics of this event but based on the outcome I think some pretty good guesses can be made. The point stands, though: don’t make assumptions about what your enemy WILL do, plan for what he CAN do.)

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Another case in Louisiana over the weekend with police sniper making a good comrade, several injured with the only KIA being the stand off instigator.
    The Long March to burn it all down started at Columbia U. and just read about the useful idiots taking over a CU building just like comrade commissar Holder or Bathhouse Barry’s wingman did in the Tavistock/Langley 1960s.
    Safety off, head on a swivel as the Fundamental Transformation wraps up.
    Make Zimbabwe great again as they go with gold backed currency.

  9. Jeffrey Zoar

    I get the sense this one will be studied by LE for how not to serve a warrant. It’s almost unfathomable for it to go this wrong when it’s 8 to 1

  10. ghostsniper

    Good fucking riddance to all involved.
    THEY let the rabid savage back out, so THEY get to pay the price.
    I have no use for any faction of gov’t.

  11. Gryphon

    I first heard this on an MSM outlet (Radio) and immediately knew there was something ‘off’ to the Story, when they Failed to play the Race Card (Evil Whyte Raayciss!) and the corresponding Eebil Black Rifle (isn’t that Racist, now?). Another one for the Deep End of the Memory Hole, with the exception of another “Mass Shooting” added to the Statistics.

    The Race of the shooter aside, this IS what the po-Lice Fear, someone who Knows How to Shoot Back, and does so effectively. Granted, this was a Felonious Ape who knew he was headed back to the Cage, but given how it is increasingly Obvious that “There ain’t no Justice”, is it not Logical that more people are going to Default to Shooting First when it looks like the Gestapo is after them?

  12. Don W Curton

    I first noticed that the news stories were incredibly obtuse about the race of the shooter, with no pictures (I had to hunt for those separately). Then I read where the suspect had a rifle, not a pistol. Which goes to show that pistols are mainly good for fighting your way to a rifle. Since they didn’t mention the EVIL black rifle, I’m thinking it could have been anything, including a bolt action 30-06, in which case their armor wouldn’t be worth a shit. Then the line about how the officers didn’t shoot and kill the suspect until he came outside. Seems to me he caught them with their britches down, before the stack-up could kick in the door, and shot more than a few of them from inside the house. Why he came outside is a mystery, unless he thought they were all dead and/or decided to suicide by cop.

    As for the cops being white guys, the Eyer and Poloche cops look a little off.

    Definitely one for the hamas file, as I know each and every one of those cops would shoot me in a heartbeat. Mainly just interested in the weaponry and tactics, for … uhh … well, nevermind.

  13. Squib

    Just one shooter. “ Investigators continue to search the house and process evidence. So far they’ve found a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, a 40-caliber handgun and additional magazines and ammo for both weapons. It’s unclear how Hughes got hold of the weapon used in the incident, as he is a convicted felon who can not purchase a weapon legally.”

    • Pat H. Bowman

      “Concealment isn’t cover.” I thought the guy hiding behind the chain link fence got smoked, but then he got up. And continued hiding behind a chain link fence…

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