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Poor Tom Brokaw

The one-time TV talking head, famous for reading from pre-written news in a serious tone of voice, got himself into a heap of trouble over the weekend by saying something so uncontroversial that it was sure to trigger the Left. What did he say? Did he “Sieg heil!” on national TV? Did he say it is OK to be white? Wear a MAGA hat?!?!?! WAS HE SMIRKING?! Nope, he said this on Meet The Press:

“I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation. That’s one of the things I’ve been saying for a long time,” Brokaw said. “You know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English, and that they feel comfortable in the communities. And that’s going to take outreach on both sides, frankly.”

Oh. Well that is pretty much common sense. I can see why liberals got triggered, nothing sets their meager synapses on fire like common sense.

Hispanics have been moving in massive numbers to the U.S., legally and illegally, since the 1965 immigration “reform”. By 1965 the U.S. had been around for 200 years and was well established as the sort of country people from majority Hispanic populations want to move to because, not to put too fine a point on it, it isn’t majority Hispanic and was around 80% white. It seems to me that common sense and simple logic would inform the assimilation process for Hispanics like it did for my Irish and Polish forefathers: they wanted what America offered so they adapted as quickly as they could to American norms and language. What Brokaw said was what everyone understood that an immigrant community should do, become like the people whose land they were moving into and learn to speak our language. I never spoke Polish at home because I didn’t live in Poland. Before anyone pipes up, Americans didn’t migrate to North America. There was no nation here, just nomadic tribes. Europeans came to America and conquered the inhabitants, tamed the wilderness and settled the continent.

The reaction was swift and predictable, full of wroth and righteous fury. You can get a good sampling at this post from Breitbart, Latino Activists Rip Brokaw for ‘Xenophobic,’ ‘Disrespectful’ Remarks About Assimilation. One I liked especially was from “Latino Rebels” who wrote a full post about it. This line was especially choice:

We as a community are creating the new America right before your very eyes, Mr. Brokaw. Sorry if it doesn’t fit your perceptions of what America should be like. That future is bilingual, bicultural, at times in English, other times in Spanish. Our community is defining this future. Not you.

Actually no, you are not “creating a new America“. The America that was already here was preferable to what Hispanics had built anywhere else. That is why you moved here instead of gringos moving to your nations. No, what you are doing is moving into a prosperous and free society and demanding that it change to suit you. What is missed is that changing America into a “new America” is really just recreating the mess in Latin America. There is no such thing as magic dirt. As demographics shift away from a European/Western Civilizational majority to a Latin American plurality, it follows that the politics and culture will shift as well. They are not creating a new America, they are simply recreating Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico but with snow.

Assimilation is just one of those things you do as a foreigner moving to an established nation. But what poor Tom doesn’t understand is that failure to assimilate is not a bug, it is a feature of mass migration. The people pushing mass migration, from neocon shills like Bill Kristol to billionaire mouthpieces like the Cato Institute to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce/Wall Street Journal, all the way to the various far left advocacy groups and George Soros, are all looking not to enhance or supplement American culture, they are looking to replace it and as heritage Americans have been stubbornly resistant, they are taking the logical step of just replacing us. Convince us to abort our children, put off marriage, especially put off child-bearing by frightening us with ridiculous cost estimates of having children, shaming women into the workforce and appealing to environmental altruism. At the same time telling us that we need new migrants to do the jobs Americans “won’t do”, since we pay those Americans not to work, and trying to convince us that we need these new American workers to pay into our old age programs since we didn’t have kids of our own to do that.

White fertility rates in America and especially in Europe are way below replacement rates, and this is intentional.  Meanwhile Hispanics are at replacement or above in 29 states and blacks are at or above in 12 states. Again, part of the plan. The same is happening in Europe where Europeans have been discouraged from having children for decades and are now told they need massive numbers of new workers from Africa and the Middle East to fill jobs and pay into the social welfare system, but the obvious “flaw” in that plan is that these new arrivals seem disinclined to work and are instead net takers from the welfare system. Rather than funding it, they are draining it more quickly. As I have said before, when the money runs out and the “new America” and her non-white plurality has to choose between old age programs for retired white people and social welfare programs for the new Americans, which do you think they will choose? They will choose in solidarity with their own people, which every group does with one major exception.

Tom Brokaw apparently forgot that he doesn’t live in a rational nation anymore where you can try to express an opinion, he lives in a 24-7 outrage machine where any slip-up, even when that “slip-up” is just common sense, can get you scorched in public and require a demeaning public groveling. He will never recover, he can never apologize enough to placate the outrage mob and especially because he is that most hated creature the old, white man. The only thing they want from him is to just die already, a a humiliated and broken man.

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