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We Wuz Just Bein’ Stoopid

One of the men charged with murder in connection to the deadly shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory celebration last week told police that he was “just being stupid” when he “advanced” on a group of strangers during a verbal dispute and opened fire in a crowd of people with kids, according to court documents.

Lyndell Mays, 22, of Raytown, Missouri, was captured on surveillance video outside Kansas City’s historic Union Station aggressively approaching members of another group, according to police affidavits obtained by Fox News Digital. The documents state that the argument between the two groups began over the belief that people in the other group were staring at them.

The video showed Mays was the first to begin shooting at a person who was running away from him despite being surrounded by crowds of people, including children, according to the affidavit.

During an interview with detectives from a hospital, where Mays was being treated after being struck by gunfire during the altercation, Mays said he “hesitated shooting because he knew there were kids there,” according to the affidavit.

Just being stupid? Well it was just youthful shenanigans, so what if a woman was murdered and more than 20 people were wounded. He was just being stupid! Here is Lyndell Mays:

Mays shot the other adult, Dominic Miller, in the back but Miller is suspected of firing the shot that killed Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the lone fatality in this mass shooting.

No surprise, the whole thing started over….two groups of strangers staring at each other, giving each other the famous breadcrumb imma badass scowl and glower. When I was a yoof there were some “altercations” that involved guys eyeballing each other but usually they amounted to some yelling back and forth, maybe shoving and on very rare occasions a punch thrown. Shooting into a crowd wouldn’t have even crossed our minds.

Yet because blacks are absolutely incapable of acting like civil human beings in public and likewise are incapable of being responsible with firearms, I am supposed to have my rights to own whatever firearm I want stripped from me despite being no threat to anyone that is not first a threat to me or my family.

Just being stupid or just being black? It’s the same thing.

Fun addendum, I tried doing the same request at Google’s new Gemini AI image generator and was told…

No violence involving real animals but two White guys in a heated confrontation that is getting physical? Sure, that is fine. Despite spelling staring as starting, Bing managed to come through for me.


  1. Old Cranky Guy

    And the other one was an illegal immigrant, I understand. Neither one fits the narrative, so we have heard nothing more about it. Nor will we.

    Old Cranky Buy

  2. Danny

    If I was in charge he would be ordered up the thirteen steps to the gallows. Then he would be hung and would remain until the sun set. There would likely be many hanging until sundown. Actually, the list would be long.

  3. ozark homesteader

    Leftists “of color” and mediamorons are now suggesting that as criminality is part of black culture that all criminal behavior should no longer be illegal (presumably for POC’s only). Just like how gang rape and violence are ok in Europe now for mooslims, since it is their culture to behave like that.

  4. Anon

    The fact that he thinks that’s an appropriate excuse should say it all.
    He and others like him have gotten away with crimes up to and including murder and back out on bail with a couple of words and a small hat handling the legal details.

    Just like what was mentioned in another post about a nog let loose after having an autosear where if he was white they’d still go through with it, technicalities be damned. White males have already been shot during “red flag” “arrests” at 3 am.
    That should be legal for everyone but only some demographics get away with it.
    Try searching “glock switch” on youtube shorts (specifically it seems curated differently) if you want to see tons of underage nogs as well as “adults”, for what that word is worth since none of them seem to mature mentally, waving around handguns with switches and extended mags in all sorts of cities.

  5. WDS

    “We Wuz Jus Bein’ Stoopid”

    The title of his autobiography written during the probation he’ll probably have to endure after it’s been pled down to nothing. Netflix will pick it up to & make a movie.

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