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Literally Over My Dead Body

This story didn’t happen in California. Nor did it happen in New York City. It didn’t happen in England or Canada. This is a story out of my home state of Indiana, a state considered ultra-conservative and deep red politically.

If it can happen in Indiana, it can happen anywhere. This is going on in Anderson, Indiana, a city of around 54,000 people northeast of Indianapolis and home of the headquarters of the Church of God of Anderson, a Holiness Tradition denomination with over 800,000 members. Trump won Madison County where Anderson is the county seat by a margin of 60.3% to 37.7%. Not as overwhelming as my county (Trump 72.5% to Biden’s 25.3%) but still a solid win. So not exactly a hotbed of leftist ideology.

According to the story, parents Jeremy and Mary Cox are a devout Catholic couple and after their son claimed to be a girl, they refused to use his “preferred pronouns”. In other words they continued to call their son a boy as he is and always will be and continued to call him by his actual name. The Indiana Department of Child Services removed their son from his home and placed him with some degenerates in a “gender affirming” foster home where, to the surprise of no one, his mental illness got worse.

In 2019, Mary and Jeremy’s son told them that he identified as a girl, but in line with their Catholic religious beliefs that God created human beings with an immutable sex, male or female, they did not believe in referring to him using pronouns and a name inconsistent with his biology. 

In addition, the Coxes believed their son was struggling with underlying mental health conditions, including an eating disorder, so they sought therapeutic care for both.

But, in 2021, Indiana officials began investigating the Coxes after a report found they were not referring to their child by his preferred gender identity, removing the teen from their custody and placing him in a “gender-affirming” home. Despite the unsubstantiated claims of abuse, they claimed the Coxes made the child’s eating disorder worse even though it worsened after he was removed and placed in a transition-affirming home.

I don’t know the Cox family but I know this. Any attempt to remove one of my children from my home in order to send them to a foster family that would encourage that child to embrace a mental illness and likely do permanent harm to their body would be met with an appropriate response. Certainly there are unfit parents but parents that rightly don’t play along with a mentally disturbed male child that wants to be called by a girl’s name and pronouns is not a sign of being an unfit parent.

Despite their protests to the contrary from most of the Left, they absolutely are coming for your children. Whether they are trying to convince a child they are homosexual or that they are “transgender”, these are degenerate freaks who are attempting to drive our children into aberrant behavior and mental illness. A significant percentage of them are just straight groomers, homosexual pedophiles looking for victims. As an example, look at Adam Westbrook, a member of the degenerate trannie group that calls themselves Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences, made up of trannies, faggots and pedophiles who dress like nuns. Adam Westbrook was arrested for child porn and sexual exploitation of a child: Wisconsin police arrest “Sister of Perpetual Indulgence” on charges of … well, you already know


Wow, who couldn’t see that coming? You go feet first Adam.

There are not any non-degenerates who are pushing this. No one that isn’t a pervert is trying to take children from their homes so they can “transition” from one sex to another. Adults are hard to convert but children are vulnerable and social media has made this a lot easier, and that explains why suddenly young people have reported an enormous increase in the percentage of kids that are “homosexual”, “bisexual” and various forms of transvestitism going under the umbrella of “transgenderism”.

They are willing to mutilate children, drive them into mental illness that often results in suicide, take children from parents and even jail parents that don’t comply. What are you going to do if they come for your children or grandchildren? If you won’t fight for them, what will you fight for?


  1. Xzebek

    Perhaps this would be less prevalent if people adopted a more Muslim like response to these tyrants. If a few heads were cut off, I believe there would be fewer state employees willing to interfere with normal families. I don’t think it would take too many heads before employees of state alphabet agencies decided to keep their heads down, and thereby keep them on their shoulders.
    It is the fact that they have been able to act with impunity that allows them to act with impunity.

  2. NP

    Looking at the story above, I wonder what the parents did when the CPS showed up at their door. I wonder how much they ran their mouths and cooperated. The following was written by a now deceased dissident lawyer some years ago.

    ” Stay out of the legal system as much as possible. Once you are in the legal system, play by the rules and head for the nearest exit. Fight the system and you will regret it.

    For example, if CPS (Child Protective Services) employees show up at your front door, demanding to be let in and to speak with your child, refuse to let them in without a search warrant. Have them stand on the porch and then bring your child to the front window to show that he or she is well and healthy, then ask them to leave. That night, gather everything you can into your car(s), especially your children, and leave the state forever. Move far away. Get a new job and a new house. Have a real estate agent sell your house for you. Have a moving company go in and pack up everything you left behind and ship it to you. Quit your job by phone the next morning from far, far away. That’s how you protect your children from the organized child theft/molestation racket that CPS in America has become. That is how you stay out of the Family Court legal system, simply because no court filings yet have been made prior to their first invasion of your home and you are not going to give them anything about which to file. That is attaining smallness by distance.

    If you didn’t follow my advice in the paragraph directly above and now are dealing with a lawyer or with court personnel in attempting to stave off CPS’ attempts to take your children, then you have no choice but to cooperate and do whatever it takes to legally exit the system at the next opportunity. Do not attempt this without the aid of a lawyer, good or bad.”

  3. Pig Walrus

    There is going to be so much blood.

    PS. There’s a story from ft wayne of charges dropped against a guy who converted an AK into full auto.

  4. LGC

    If they came for my kids it’s gonna be like that scene in Die Hard “they’re gonna need more CPS people”. People going to have to start standing up and making that BIG STEP. Because the law is dead. Either you value things or you don’t.

    That famous quote by Solzhenitsyn. about how nobody fought back and they just went calmly to the camps rings truer every day.

    • Lineman

      That famous quote by Solzhenitsyn. about how nobody fought back and they just went calmly to the camps rings truer every day.

      Yea sad thing is no one really understands that quote even on our side or they would be living a lot differently…

  5. Heath J

    This is absolutely egregious, as any fool know. But there’s hope. Every June, all of these sick fucks force society into a sick humiliation ritual affirming their bullshit.

    Lists work both ways. If you’re enemies are willing to literally parade down the street, in your face, best take notes. This material will be on the final exam.

  6. Matthew Whitticar

    It doesn’t matter the population – those in government are 99% leftist. Those jobs draw those people and they will do everything possible to keep it that way.

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