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Maybe The Crud, Maybe Bubonic Plague. Who Knows?

In my little corner of the world, Covid-19 was mostly a non-event unless you went to town and had to put on one of those stupid, useless paper masks. There weren’t a lot people that were noticeably sick, although some elderly Amish with comorbidities died *with* Covid.

Now? There is something nasty going through the area. More Amish kids have been out sick from school in the last two weeks than I can ever remember. Lots of adults are in rough shape as well. Once you get it, it seems to hang on for weeks. I am getting something and trying to fight it off but I have a mildly sore throat and a little drainage. Nothing impacting my blogging or my work but it is still unpleasant. I know far more people who are knocked down by this than I did in 2020 or 2021.

It just seems weird that there isn’t any attention to this in the media. Maybe it is just localized to around here but I doubt it. I guess normal illness, no matter how widespread, just isn’t interesting to the media. Hopefully by taking Vitamin C and zinc and trying to take it easy I can minimize the illness because it is no fun for those that have a bad case of it.


  1. ozark homesteader

    When we lived in the high desert, I am sure that our little hub there was a disease repository/testbed. There was stuff going around there all the time. I am sure there are many of these nodes around the US and the western world.

  2. Anon

    Ephedra tea (other names like Mormon tea, etc), clears the sinuses and is good when feeling poorly. The asian variant is slightly different from the american plant but either can be used to make a tea.
    Just be sure to stay hydrated while drinking a cup of it and still take plenty of vit c and zinc and it’s better to get them through food, like many nutrients.

  3. anon2

    Until Pfizer develops a Pfauxine for whatevers going around in your area, then pays the MSM to prropagandize it, it doesn’t exist.
    Oh, and Trump will brag about how soon it was developed even though he’s not in the Big Chair.

  4. Harbinger

    DIL #2 is our family’s disease vector, having contracting covid at least three times so far, despite being dart-boarded regularly by order of her employer. Just yesterday she informed my Mrs. that she was heading home early from work with yet another upper respiratory “thing” (they are all nurses in my fam and use such exotic medical terminology all the time) and therefore has to cancel on their Girl’s Day at the range this Saturday.

    The chick is a tough, pre-Wall hiker, biker, swimmer and amateur bodybuilder, yet every time some new strain of coolie flu comes barging through it draws a bead on her. She says this newest one doesn’t “feel” like covid, and who would know better than one who’s been there three times already? If nothing else, she is our canary in the coal mine. When she keels over, it’s time to head for the hills.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Just yesterday morning I felt the fever and sore throat hit me. Nothing too dramatic yet, but it kind of puts a crimp in my workout routine

  6. Greg

    Add the Ivermectin to your supplements Arthur. It can’t hurt; it’s nearly impossible to OD on it, and it may help. I had a lingering bronchitis last fall that got bad enough that I was starting to worry about pneumonia, so I finally saw a doctor. Chest x-rays said no pneumonia, but he also called it sinusitis as well and put me on doxycycline and prescribed a nasal rinse. I’ve been doing the rinse daily in the evening, and my sinuses are in better shape than they have been for many years. Everything cleared up and I’ve been fine since. I have little or no exposure other than grocery shopping and Sunday services, but my wife does on-call subbing at the schools, and is always exposed to the little germ buckets there.
    Pay attention too, to the research starting to leak out around Big Pharma to the Ivermectin-Fenbendazole synergy. It possibly could be a harmless, dirt cheap alternative for all kinds of things, including a lot of cancers.

      • Greg

        I get both IVM and FenBen from the ‘zon. Either the horse paste (I bought some empty gelatin capsules to package it in) or the veterinary injectable form. The injectable is taken orally for us hoomans, see Ann Barnhardt for dosing info. FenBen I just stashed away in the event it is made unobtainable by the evil PTB.

  7. Don W Curton

    Sick Amish? You haven’t noticed the Army giving the Amish any government blankets, have you? At this point everything is suspect.

  8. pyrrhus

    Ivermectin seems to stop viruses very effectively, and has other beneficial effects….I haven’t had a cold in years…There are studies that say it’s effective against cancer, even more so with fenbendazole…

      • Hickocks Ghost

        Quercertin (a supplement available anywhere) is a zinc ionophore that allows zinc into your cells where it stops virus replication. I took some with Zicam at the first sniffle, the next day it was gone. (wife was coughing for 5 weeks).
        Do stock up on the Ivermectin and Fenbendazole as well.

      • Gryphon

        Couple of Weeks ago, I was beginning to feel “Sick” in the manner of a Sinus Infection (that I usually use Azithromycin for, like my Horse does) and instead of letting it get to the point where I was sure it was that, I took some Ivermectin at the Standard Dose (the syringes with it in Paste Form are marked in 200-pound Bodyweight increments) and 2 Doses of that cleared whatever it was right up.

        I’m steadily Stocking Up on all of the ‘banned’ Drugs that actually Work; Don’t worry about ‘expiration dates’, the Army did studies many Years ago that showed Drugs that were Stored in Nitrogen-Purged Containers, kept at 65 F. or below were good for At Least 10 Years.

  9. Bad Dancer

    Had the same plague come through here and on the tail end of it after a week. Elderberry juice is my go to for any respiratory ills seemed to helped or at least made me think it did. Watery congestion, burning eyes, dry throat and cough.

    Folks here seem to malinger for about two weeks of griping and congestion with it. Felt like the start of a sinus infection for me and did the usual elderberry juice and (medicinal) gin when it happened cut down my misery compared to the coworkers.

    Hope you bounce back quick fella.

  10. MN Steel

    That shit went through my office starting over a month ago. Massive rod knock like your head was in a vice while standing for everyone, sore throats if you had drainage, but knock your dick right in the dirt.

    Lasted in me over a week and a half, one receptionist had it sink into an ear infection after two weeks.

    Still better than the fresh hot strain I caught at the U back in January 2020, that shit was brutal and I had to self-medicate for a month while hacking all over at the office after a 2-day sick call. That one came on when on an 18-mile snowmobile ride in while -20°F in the middle of nowhere. Froze my nose cuz the visor kept fogging and frosting up so had to crack it quite a bit.

  11. oldcrankyguy

    This is going around here where I work. I haven’t had it yet. I work with a bunch of bleeding hearts that have had every Covid shot and booster (and several have had Covid several times) so I wonder if it’s a side effect of the clot shots.


  12. Otis D.

    Been afflicted with asthma for almost 4 decades of my life. Was worried about being able to afford or obtain rescue inhalers in SHTF situation, and those inhaled corticosteroids ? Unaffordable.

    Did some research and now take 2 1000mg NAC capsules and 2 cc of ivermectin (the injectable 1% horse/cattle dewormer) daily. I used to use my rescue inhaler (albuterol) at least 5-6x a day, mostly in the morning. Now I rarely touch it. I ccasionally take fenbendazole

    Also haven’t had a cold or any respiratory issue and I’ve been taking this for over a year. also have lessened problems with IBS. I also cut out sugar and eat low carb, high protein, high fiber. Sugar is cancer fuel.

    i raise livestock. Nutrition is the basis of good health. Farmacy not Pharmacy (Harm-acy)

  13. Pat H. Bowman

    One of the items on my This Concerns Me list is the various diseases and plagues the 30 Million invaders have been bringing with them. All kinds of nasty stuff is showing up all along the border, and it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing things like Dengue Fever, Malaria, sand fleas and other “South of the border” diseases all over the country.

    Having Ivermectin on hand along with NAC and plenty of Vitamin C & D is pretty much SOP now.

  14. Steve

    Near as I can tell, we live around 70 mi west of you. My wife picked up something when she met with her chorus group in Warsaw, and it’s been kicking her butt for coming up on 2 weeks. So far daughter and I not having trouble, but we did kick up the Sambucol and Vit C&D.

  15. dirtroads

    I have noticed over the last 2 years a change in season viral illnesses. In the past I would tell patients you have a virus, suck it up, will be done in 5-7 days.
    Now? 10-14 days with a post viral cough lasting 2-10 weeks, with regularity. I cannot recall this presentation and duration at any time in the past.
    Within my own family, had a member with nearly 3 months cough after after viral presentation. Happening in jabbed and non jabbed.
    Something has changed.

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