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Whatchoo Gonna Do When Hookahbar Mania Is Running Wild On You!

Two things the breadcrumbs love: hookah bars and shootin’ each other. A reader submission….

An exchange of gunfire in a bar in suburban Pittsburgh over the weekend has left two people dead and seven others injured, police in western Pennsylvania said.

Allegheny County police said the early morning Sunday shooting occurred at the Ballers Hookah Lounge and Cigar Bar in Penn Hills…..

…..Preliminary information indicates that “an altercation took place inside the bar and multiple individuals opened fire,” county police said.

Ballers Hookah Lounge? Come on man, with a name like that a mass shooting is pretty much inevitable. I am not sure what it is about hookah bars that makes the guns come out, you would think they would be a chill place but then again when you introduce blacks into a setting….well, the inevitable happens.

Meanwhile back to Akron and the Dirty Two Dozen shot, now police are saying it was the ol’ drive-by into a crowd…

Officers recovered a total of 35 shell casings and two guns. Most of the rounds were from pistols, but detectives suspect a rifle was also used.

The evidence, he said, points to a vehicle driving up to the party with an unknown number of occupants opening fire on the crowd. Harding believes some partygoers returned fire.

“We don’t know if the shooter or vehicle was hit,” Harding said.

At least they shot back but I doubt they hit anything, a moving vehicle is a tough target when you are startled and shooting in a panic. The police in Akron are now worried about a retaliatory shooting, that means they pretty much know who did the shooting and who was targeted and they are the sort of people who will take things into their own hands. In other words, black folk.

Oh, the short fella in the picture is the mayor of Akron. His name? Shammas Iqbal Qammar Malik. You might be wondering why a guy named Shammas Iqbal Qammar Malik is the mayor of an American city. That is a great question, ol’ Shammas here graduated from Harvard Law in 2016 and worked for a couple of years before leaping into politics. He was elected mayor last November, after winning the Democrat primary he ran unopposed for mayor. Akron is the fifth most populous city in Ohio with almost 200,000 residents and he ran unopposed. You can expect to see a lot more “gun violence” in Akron this year.

Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games.


  1. ozark homesteader

    We live in a rural community an hour or so from a smallish city (30+k pop). Yesterday we were in town to grab some hardware and whatnot and I have to say that most all of the POC’s we were near had a definite edge of hostility. Glares and stares and flat expressions with a few, but very few, exceptions. Makes one feel like things are fixing to blow. YT better wake up, because most of these folks “are not your friend”…not that we here are not already fully aware of that. People that don’t purpose to be evil can never understand and then never anticipate the actions of those that do purpose to be evil.

    • Arthur Sido

      There is definitely a deeper hostility now. It has always been there but there is a new edge to their attitude, partly from being fed a steady diet of anti-White hate and partly because they have figured out there are few consequences to their actions.

      • ozark homesteader

        It is a new edge as far as I can tell. I lived down in Katy back in the late ’90’s and the most of the racism I ever saw in south Texas was blacks hating Whites, but the open hostility which was always easy to spot, was rare, isolated and generally most prevalent in locations adjacent to mostly black areas. Its not that way where we live now. Much more prevalent.

  2. Squib

    Add to all of this the Glock Switch. Accuracy by volume. Every brother carrying a full-auto compact Glock with a 31/33 round magazine. Wait till they discover the Glock Shoulder Socks or Glock Pistol Braces.


    It’s time for another Summer of Love. What’s the over and under date when the chimp riots and rent a mobs commence?

  4. pyrrhus

    Boy am I glad that we live in a city with only 5% blacks, the rest being Hispanic and white….And cops and a Sheriff who won’t put up with any nonsense….

  5. Steve

    Friend of mine lives in a 50k small city, 1.1% nogs. About a dozen jumped him, stole his iPhone, and put him in a coma for 3 weeks.

    “Fortunately”, they are dumb as a box of hammers, and instead of ditching the phone, they kept it. Were caught with it, when the phone ratted out where they were, and had recorded some of their conversations.

    Word is because of priors, most are looking at at least 2 decades before eligible for parole, and DA is going for attempted murder, with possibility of life without parole for 2 of them.

    There is no acceptable lower limit.

    • Arthur Sido

      What needs to happen is for the family and friends of your friend to retaliate against those thugs, but the full force of the law enforcement community would come after them.

      • Steve

        Yep. Sadly there is no correct answer but to live where the DA and lawn forcement aren’t your sworn enemies. Time was they would take care of the problem, but now about the best you can hope for is they just look the other way, and that national media doesn’t start harping on the story.

        Or pick a small enough rural community and keep the diversity out, even if it costs you all your kids’ inheritance to prevent places from going Section 8.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    That is like the religion of peace that can’t even get along with Buddhists.
    Be of good cheer when this steaming drooling mongoloid fourth world turd sodomite sewerpipe is a charcoal glow in the dark bird bath for 3000 miles.
    Thought of a great flag for Amerikwa the Kwanstain, a shit stained butt plug, a bundle of bananas, a face panty or COV-LARP mask and rainbow bars with pink turd sprinkles.
    Burn this MOFO down.


      Hell to the yeah. Colorful, descriptive and spot on.

      It’s kinda fun to watch the normies dart back to the middle of the lane when getting too close to the guardrails when their RINO heroes tell them they to voat harder.

      There’s gonna be some butt hurt Republicucks come November. It will be the extremist white nationalists’ fault.

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