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Wait Just One Cotton Pickin’ Minute!

How can this be?

I have been reliably told by the very best experts, “top men” if you will, that race is a social construct and that what we call “race” is just skin color. Now I see that these blood people are claiming that they need more blood from black people to give to black people?

In the Hoosier state, less than one percent of blood donations come from Black [sic] Americans.

There is an urgency for blood because there are children in Fort Wayne who suffer from blood disorders that need help. Ja’Marrion Young is one of the children living with a blood disorder called sickle-cell disease, his mother says.

3-year-old Young has suffered from the disease since birth. He has needed numerous surgeries and monthly blood transfusions from Riley Hospital for Children.

His mother Ja’Niya shares that her son and other children with blood disorders with life-threatening diseases are in desperate need of blood in order to keep receiving treatment.

I know an Amish family with a child about that age with some weird blood cancer or something that ends up at the Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis for regular treatments and to put it mildly, it sucks.

Something else weird. Indiana’s population is about 9.5% black but less than 1% of Hoosier blood donors are black. It sorta sounds like blacks are underrepresented by a wide margin when it comes to giving blood, and this is especially problematic as some black patients specifically need blood from black donors. Why don’t blacks give blood? Is this another example of blacks lacking the same level of empathy as Whites? You don’t get anything for donating blood other than a free cookie and juice, you just give blood because it is important and helps others. I think I answered my own question.

If I didn’t trust the science as much as I do I might suspect that race is more than a social construct and that different races have significant biological differences. Good thing I trust the science.


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    If it is a “construct” then how is there any racism?
    The Communist News Network also recently declared two genders as an astute observer noted.
    Comrade Lefty is so cute with his/her Play Doh coloring book delusions.
    This beautiful thing called human nature dooms all utopian faculty lounge horseshit for all times.

  2. Mike_C

    How do you know they’re Top MEN? Maybe they identify as women. Or orcas. Or … you get the idea.

    Black people rightfully distrust the medical system because The Tuskegee Experiment. Duh. You racist. It’s an eternal free pass for medical shitbaggery. (But muh slabery still works for the general case. Tuskegee is like bonus coverage for specifically medical stuff.)

  3. Anonymous

    blacks are underrepresented by a wide margin when it comes to giving blood

    They also don’t volunteer at the library. Or clean up their trash after a barbecue in a public park. They don’t tip in restaurants and bars (even to one of their own). They don’t hold the door for anyone else. They never say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. They are loud, rude, immature, inconsiderate, selfish, hypersensitive and forever spoil for a fight. Oh, and they smell real bad.

    Did I forget anything?

  4. TakeAHardLook

    Ja’Marrion? Ja’Niya? Their family is in urgent need for Ja’Blood?

    What’s with the Ja’Whatever? Blacks seem to need to create names that (perhaps to them) properly reflect their royal nature; all those Da’Shawns, La’Michaels, Ja’Shitbirds, etc. are laughable, just plain………silly!

    And the females? All those “Shaniqua/Taniqua/Precious/Bodaceous/Darling names? For gals who smell like the east end of a westbound camel?

    As well, by giving your little niglet one of those appellations you all but guarantee that they’ll end up bleeding out on a sidewalk–or timing out in a prison yard.

    Ja’Know what I’m sayin’ here?

    • Big Ruckus D

      I remember years ago when the hair restoration drug Propecia hit the market (and with the attendant advertising blitz), I quipped that it sounded like a name that would be given to a negress. I stand by that assessment to this day.

  5. Steve

    Fear of needles is a large part of it. Back when I worked as an orderly, the hospital would have periodic employee blood drives, and even threatening them with dismissal would not increase black participation.

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