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This Is What They Died For

I am still banging on about Davy and Natalie Lloyd. Here is where they decided to spend the last moments of their all too short lives.

Wow, “saving” people that leave their dead in the streets to be eaten by pigs. That was a much better choice than staying home, ministering to your own people and raising a family.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    What I want to know is how a place like Haiti can get this bad, and still not totally collapse; as in the vast majority of the population ends up dead of disease caused by total lack of sanitation.

    For fucks sake, can’t we get a good old school Cholera outbreak or something, that will wipe out damn near everyone there? That would solve the problem in one fell swoop. And if the place was devoid of any population, there’d be no reason for idiot race cucks to go there anymore and delude themselves into thinking they are helping.

    It takes 9 months to birth a breadcrumb. If the rate of death can be brought to exceed the rate of replacement, then some real progress can be made. Cast these damn animals right off the face of the planet, nothing of value will be lost.

    • Arthur Sido

      There was a cholera outbreak when I was down there, brought into Haiti by UN peacekeepers amusingly enough. The problem is that White doctors and aid groups work feverishly to keep these savages alive so they can keep reproducing.

      • Big Ruckus D

        I’m aware of the UN imported Cholera outbreak there. Too bad it wasn’t more effective.

        And yes, the undue influence of western aid is, once again, at the forefront of preventing nature taking its course. If stupidly altruistic Whites would stop propping up these shit holes, the problem would take care of itself in short order.

        White charity is only prolonging the misery and suffering of these subhumans, while also prolonging our own suffering by keeping this shite around to prey on us and cost us unfathomable amounts of money.

        They clearly can’t stand on their own, so let them perish.

          • Big Ruckus D

            Yeah brother, I keep hoping the collapse of the dollar will happen soon enough to take the juice out of all the malignant clown world bullshit that it funds to our everlasting detriment, before it destroys us entirely.

            If Russia and China keep piling up co-signatories to the BRICS alliance at the rate they’ve done so far, it’ll happen. Of course, the dogshit that runs this country could get us nuked, and that’d do it too.

  2. Max Wiley

    If sometime in the future there is an honest history written about the decline of the USA, it will recount how we sacrificed our culture on the altar of ethnic equality and traded our future in the stars not to make the lives of the poor savages better but to simply make more of them.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    We’ll live the Haiti dream during Barry’s fourth term as Big Mike?
    Si se puede!
    Just imagine the “historic” voodoo czar.
    Once had to run through a pig pen after flipping a car following a drunken concert and they were chomping and slurping away with only one looking up.
    I was in good shape with a chipped tooth and shoulder bruise thanks to the Long Island Iced Teas but a bud had his arm hanging off, truckers saved him. (h/t)
    These Jeboo missionaries should throw some pearls to the pigs.
    It would be better off to live with swine than subhuman vermin commies.

    • Big Ruckus D

      I won’t speak for our esteemed host, but I’ll say it offends me because it is not only a waste of time and lives, but it actually makes the problem of third world dysfunction even worse than it would be on it’s own. It creates even more misery and death by propping up the unfit, and creating ever more of them. That in turn inevitably brings their discivic d
      influence directly to our country by importing them as refugees who come here and screw things up.

      Let these places fail under their own inability to form a civilization, and be done with it. Then we can move on to spending all that otherwise wasted effort on solving problems that aren’t hopelessly intractable.

      Even libtard claptrap like Star Trek had their “prime directive” that forbade the smugly superior beings of Starfleet from casting undue influence into other cultures. Well, in theory anyway, because in the show they did plenty of that, despite trying to claim they didn’t.

    • 3g4me

      Steve S6: Speaking for myself only, because they were young, healthy, attractive heterosexual Whites in a world with a shortage of such people. They could have done genuine good for their own people, and they could and should have had successful, productive, and fruitful lives raising normal, attractive, and decent White children. Instead they threw their lives away to the lie of equality, blinded by the propaganda of church and state that alien subhuman lives mattered more than their own. And their family and friends left behind remain wallowing in that same lie, that same fraud, and propagate the lie that what they did was a good and noble thing. They died in pain and horror at the hands of subhuman savages, still utterly bewildered that the big lie they’d been taught all their lives somehow wasn’t true.

      • Squib

        Reminds me of Grizzly Man and his girlfriend. Nature can be cruel. Even crueler if you are naive enough to think living amongst cold blooded killers won’t get you killed.

      • Steve S6

        I would posit not so mentally healthy. My point was it was their free will choice to go there. Not my circus. If we want to talk about US taxpayer dollars being sent there (or any other nation) that’s a different subject. Just was curious why their choice seems to stick on Arthur so much.

    • Steve

      Speaking for myself, it doesn’t much. Maybe they would have mellowed with time, but more often, these types seem to cause problems for the rest of their lives, telling the impressionable youth how great it is to go on these missions. I have an aunt who has the blood of several Peace Corps volunteers on her hands because she won’t shut her yap about her glorious experiences among the more swarthy.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    We should just rent a Cessna and strafe the place with various diseases. One of them has to work. Haiti is not safe for man nor beast. If any crazy “Church” tries to get your young progeny to “serve a mission”-run the hell out of there. It isn’t a Church, it’s a money laundering operation.

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