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The Unintentional White Advocate Of The Year Award!

The award goes to….

Caitlin Clark!

The Women’s National Basketball Association, more commonly known as the WNBA, was formed 28 years ago in 1996. It has mostly been the butt of jokes during that time, at least when anyone was paying attention to it at all or even remembered it still existed. The one time in the last quarter century prior to 2024 that people talked about the WNBA was when that grotesque dyke/trannie named Brittney Griner was arrested and jailed in Russia until the U.S. traded a Russian arms dealer to get her back. That was it. Otherwise no one watched them play, mainly because you could see better quality basketball being played by a mid-sized boys high school team.

So there the WNBA goes, languishing alone playing in front of dozens of people. The players don’t make much money but then again no one watches them play, the league is subsidized by the men’s league and the WNBA regular season is only 40 games or half of an NBA season. If modern women had any sense of shame, they would be ashamed at how pandering the whole thing is or that men all find the WNBA a joke. It also doesn’t help that most players are straight up butt-ugly as well as lesbians that are infamous for bullying non-dyke players.

Then something strange happened. A scrawny White girl that played for the Iowa Hawkeyes broke the women’s NCAA scoring record. She was knocking down 3 pointers from well behind the women’s line. Thanks to the new NCAA rules that I don’t really quite understand she was also making a bunch of money on endorsements while still in college. She became the most talked about female athlete in the country despite looking like a praying mantis. Her name? Caitlin Clark.

People still don’t seem to realize that the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB as well as fringe sports leagues like the WNBA and Major League Soccer are not really about sports at all. They are marketing organizations. They don’t care if the quality of the game is awful as long as it makes money, that is why players in the NBA travel incessantly while the refs don’t blow the whistle. If basketball was played as the rules are actually spelled out, it wouldn’t be as exciting. The WNBA saw Caitlin Clark and recognized a marketable commodity. Clark is White and while she isn’t much to look at she is still far prettier than most WNBA players. She has no visible tattoos, usually is smiling or at least not glowering, she is heterosexual and is a practicing Catholic with a White boyfriend. In short she is someone that White fans can relate to and cheer for.

After being drafted with the first pick by the Indiana Fever, the level of coverage for the WNBA skyrocketed. Tickets sales are way up not just for the Fever but any team they are playing. Some nights the crowds are approaching 20,000 fans and everyone knows they are there to see Caitlin Clark. The Babylon Bee poked fun at this phenomenon.

I figure the novelty will wear off pretty quickly and the WNBA will slip back into well deserved obscurity. The main sports fans in America are men and the WNBA just isn’t all that interesting to watch and as Bill Burr points out, women bitch about no one watching the WNBA but women don’t support the league either.

That is more about the WNBA than I ever wanted to write and that you wanted to read but something interesting has happened in response to the sudden interest in the WNBA.

You would think that the current WNBA players who have been laboring for 40 whole games a season in front of empty arenas would be glad to finally have people watching their games. You would be wrong.

As it turns out, everything that makes Caitlin Clark marketable (White, not ugly, not a tattoo covered lesbian) also inspires envy and hatred from a lot of current WNBA players as well as from black sports commentators. How dare a White girl be better at basketball and get more attention?!

Clark is still adapting to the pro game but she is still averaging almost 17 points a game, good for 14th in the league as of this morning. She is fourth in the league in assists per game and 25th in rebounds. Her most recent game was a win against the D.C. team in front of 20,000 fans where Clark scored 30 points and hit 7 three-pointers. A pretty solid player for sure. The top player in the WNBA is someone I have never heard of, a center named A’ja Wilson who plays for the Las Vegas team. She is listed at 6’4″ and is incredibly ugly so even though she is scoring over 28 points per game, almost 12 rebounds and 3 blocks (leading the WNBA in all three categories), almost no one has heard of her except for hearing about her bitching because Caitlin Clark got a deal with Nike. Gee, Nike didn’t want this face in their marketing?

Damn son, that is hard to look at but she isn’t even close to the ugliest black chick in the WNBA.

There are some other White girls in the WNBA and some are moderately better looking than Clark but aren’t great players. None have that combination of “girl next door” looks with talent that make Clark so marketable.

Look at Michael Jordan. For my money there was never a better player in the NBA and he was a marketing goliath but it wasn’t just because he scored a bunch of points. He came across as personable in TV ads even though by most accounts he was a complete asshole in real life as a person and teammate. You didn’t see that in his TV ads, just Mike smiling and cracking wise. Jordan averaged just over 30 points per game for his career in the regular season, 33 in the playoffs. In contrast Larry Bird averaged fewer points, just over 24 per game but also 10 rebounds and 6 assists because he had a better team around him. Jordan could be considered the more selfish player on a team of role players but he was also more marketable so Jordan was for many years the most recognizable athlete in the world while Larry Bird was far less famous, especially outside of the U.S. basketball world.

The angry reception Clark has gotten from the rest of the WNBA and the black sports commentator world has not gone unnoticed by White people. A fair number of Whites seem startled to realize that the angry, ugly black lesbians that make up the WNBA would rather play for pennies in empty arenas than admit that a White girl is better at the game than they are. It is definitely a red-pilling experience for some normies to see the frothing at the mouth rage directed at Clark because she is White.

Just last week Clark was left off the U.S. women’s Olympic team and it was bigger news than any game that was played in the league. I don’t know if she should have been on the team or not, and I really don’t care as I have never watched her play or even a minute of women’s basketball. It seemed like a snub and that is how a lot of people perceived it, as another example of racially charged catty backstabbing. Unfortunately a lot of Whites view the world through the lens of sports and the reception Clark has received is getting notice. While Clark is always diplomatic in response to questions, it is apparent to even the densest normie Whites that she is guilty in the eyes of the WNBA of being White and good at basketball. With luck many of these Whites will realize that blacks are still judging Whites by the color of our skin instead of the content of our character.

While basketball was invented by James Naismith, a White guy, blacks feel that the game belongs to them as blacks dominate the NBA and NCAA basketball and have for decades, due in large measure to the game slowly being changed to accommodate black playing style. Whenever a White player gets noticed, resentment and mockery always follows (ex White Men Can’t Jump). Besides the endless slandering of Clark’s game by other players and sports “journalists”, there has also been the Olympic team and a recent very hard and flagrant foul by an ape on Clark.

I have never seen an ounce of racial awareness from Clark but that actually is great for us. Normies aren’t reading my blog but they are watching Caitlin Clark, and what they see is a plain White girl wit mad skillz being bullied and abused by black chicks because she is better at basketball than they are and they just can’t stand it. It isn’t about Clark’s game, it is about her being White and they quite openly hate her for being White and better than them in the game they have claimed as their own.

The WNBA is a joke but if Clark helps to red-pill more normie Whites? That is all good even if she doesn’t ever say a word about race. I suspect that in private conversations her family might be more race-awake than you see in public but either way Caitlin Clark has brought out the rage and envy that drives black hatred of Whites and put it on display. For that I award her the prestigious first annual Unintentional White Advocate Of The Year Award*!

Hopefully that will be the last time you ever see the WNBA mentioned at Dissident Thoughts.

*Suitable for framing


  1. 3g4me

    Hope Caitlin Clark takes her millions, gets out of nogger sportsball, marries her White boyfriend and has numerous White children. That would be a successful life, not playing a game amongst subhuman degenerates. Let them hate, as long as she takes the money and runs.

    • Arthur Sido

      She seems like a smart cookie, and has parents and a boyfriend watching out for her so hopefully she will get bored and retire to crank out smart, athletic White kids.

  2. Max Wiley

    To paraphrase Jeff Cooper, basketball lacks the three essential components of a satisfactory sport: loud noises, supersonic projectiles, and recoil. I don’t take the elites bread and I have no time for their circuses.
    It is nice to hear that there is a general increase in cognitive dissonance amongst the normies. Hopefully some good will come of it.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Au contraire. Basketball has niggas, and niggas have guns. Therewith are your loud noises, supersonic projectiles, and recoil. While admittedly not directly part of the gameplay in basketball, niggas are known to be bad sports, so a shooting is bound to break out at a basketball game eventually. The sheer randomness of it just adds to the excitement.

  3. Anonymous

    Modern professional team sports are dead to me, and have been since the advent of the Era of Kneeling Kneegrows. The NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. really did not need to tack on the LGBTQ rainbow crap, for I had already checked out and won’t be coming back. It disgusts me to see grown men wearing jerseys with another man’s name emblazoned across the shoulder blades. Especially fat, balding, middle-aged White men who live vicariously through those of another species entirely. Let your homoerotic virtue beacon shine in the comfort of your own home. Don’t display that gay shit out in public.

    • ozark homesteader

      Amen and well said. I haven’t watched ANY sportsball since the televised communist struggle sessions erupted in the NFL. And likewise, all the woke homo crap did not assuage my ire.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Now I’m never going to be able to unsee Caitlin Clark looking like a praying mantis

    the Bill Burr video is gold, he started off somewhere over on the right and he keeps moving farther that way

  5. Arete

    I believe she didn’t break just the women’s NCAA record; I think she broke the men’s, as well, which was held by Pete Maravich.

    Unlike the majority of her hulking black fellow league members, she seems bright and personable. I’m sure she wants to “tough it out” and not let them drive her away, but if she thinks she’s ever going to win them over, she’s mistaken. They will always hate her.

    I predict she’ll stay, pressure will be put on the league hood rats to stop the most obvious abuses, but she’ll only play for a few years. Too bad, because she probably loves basketball.

  6. ozark homesteader

    The whole CC thing is more of exactly what TPTshould notB desire. They want the blaques to hate her, curse her, foul her, fight her, whatever it takes to raise the temp of the average-but-not-quite-aware White person. The snub for the satanic cult/mass orgy/olympics is just one more slight, insult, slap, denigration against Whites, a very slight microcosm of the slights that take place in the political and social arenas constantly with ever increasing consequence to the White victims. Whites are mostly like honeybees. We work around the occasional difficulties mostly and do our best to focus on the task at hand. But even bees have a limit. Mistake a yellowjacket nest for a beehive, though, and it might change the complexion of your next several minutes considerably.

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    Being hated by normies and useful idiots is always a feature.
    Hatred only makes you stronger as they wonder why you don’t cry over words.
    The jogger girls know that the NBA funds the entire league.
    Haven’t watched that since French Lick’s finest Larry Bird hung them up.
    Even down there in Orange County it is fundamentally transformed with replacements.
    May she make the big shekels relative to that league and maybe win a title or two.

  8. Greg

    I have, of course, seen headlines and pictures, but since I don’t follow sportsball AT ALL, I really didn’t know what the fuss was about with Ms. Clark. Thanks Arthur for the one and only article I’ve read clear through. Now I can return to my ignorant bliss regarding so-called “sports”.
    My wife articulated our fundamental principle many years ago: “If it involves a ball, we’re not interested.” We are participant sports types, not spectator sports fans, so unless it involves younger relatives in their school sports, we will pursue our outdoor recreation on our own.

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