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That’s Not Right? No, It Certainly Isn’t.

Yet another example of the potentially lethal consequences of interfering with a black acting like a black.

A 64-year-old man was out celebrating his daughter’s engagement when his life reached the beginning of its tragic end. According to deputies, Donald Storie saw a man battering a woman.

“That’s not right,” Storie said on hearing the woman screaming for help, according to court documents viewed by Law&Crime.

But when he stepped in, the attacker fatally punched him. The 64-year-old died 23 days later from complications of his injuries. Deputies in Orange County, Florida, blame Jordan De’Ante Talley, 27, who was formally charged Friday with manslaughter for allegedly killing Storie, and for domestic battery in which he allegedly attacked his girlfriend.

I couldn’t find any information about the 64 year old man that died, Donald Storie, and while his name sounds White it doesn’t really matter. Older men and even Gen X men like me were raised to not beat up women. It is just cowardly. My first impulse if I saw a man beating a woman would also be to intervene, even though I know better.

Donald Storie apparently saw a woman in distress and went to intervene, forgetting that in 2024 interfering with an angry and violent black man (redundant I know) can get you killed. The woman that was being beaten was apparently drunk and shacked up with Talley, and I would imagine that was not the first time he hit her. She was screaming for help and Storie tried to help her with fatal consequences. His last words to his family were “That’s not right”.

On the bright side, as you might expect from someone that looks like that guy and with a name like Jordan De’Ante Talley, he is a fucking imbecile.

“Jordan admitted to punching Donald and putting him to sleep, then walking off to find their car,” authorities said. “Jordan stated he was not in fear for his life or safety, even stating he is not afraid of anything.”

Nice of him to come right out and eliminate “self-defense” from his upcoming court case. I ain’t afeerd of nuttin!

Thus the conundrum of life with blacks in America. Given their horrific behavior in public, many people will be faced with the choice of just ignoring them and hoping they go away or intervening. However if you intervene, you better be prepared to defend yourself with lethal force but then the odds are good in many jurisdictions that you would be put on trial. That is why you see so many videos of blacks chimping out while Whites stand passively aside and watch. There is just no sense in interfering. If you get involved, lots of things can happen and most of them are bad.

Donald Storie was correct when we said “That’s not right” but as his family is finding out, you can end up dead for trying to set right the wrongs of the world. I don’t know a thing about Talley’s “girlfriend” other than she has a child from some other dude and is shacked up with an abusive black guy, and she drinks to excess when in public, so I am pretty sure that she wasn’t worth getting killed over.

Being in an American city in 2024 is like walking around in a crowd of ticking timebombs. You don’t know if one will go off or what will set one off, but the odds are getting better with each passing day that you can get caught in the blast zone. Just stay away from cities and avoid blacks, but if you can’t avoid them then certainly never relax around them.


  1. saoirse

    Too many White Knights going into battle with no arms or armor – or common sense. If you’re going to engage a shitskin for whatever reason you better at least know how to fight well but preferably should be armed. Floriduh has ‘stand your ground’ laws that may help someone in this situation depending on how it’s handled.
    Me? A nigger pounding on his hoe – of whatever color – probably wouldn’t elicit a glance, much less a physical intervention. Whenever I’m around shitskins (not much anymore, by design) I have a loop going on in my head that repeats “hate crime prosecution” to keep my hatred in check.

  2. Harbinger

    There was no possible good outcome from such intervention. Even if he managed to de-escalate the situation and stop the savage from beating his ho’ this time, he has to realize that abuse among that demographic is endemic, and he won’t be around to save her next time. Women being the illogical and self-destructive creatures that they are, she would just stick around, ensuring that there is a next time.

    Unless it is you or your family or close friends, just dial 9-1-1 and live to see another day. It is not (yet) illegal to call the police on a blaqq acting true to form. So-called ‘Good Samaritan’ laws do NOT shield you from liability in blue states, and they certainly don’t protect you from becoming the next victim of unchecked savagery.

    A White knight is a dead knight walking. Leave mudsharks to their fate.

  3. Don W Curton

    There’s that funny little thing in the law about how, if you start something (like interfering with a black acting like a black), you can’t use the self-defense argument. I suppose the intent was to not let you punch someone, then claim self-defense when that other person tried to punch back. Makes sense, in a civil society.

    Never mind that a sternly worded warning like “stop beating your ho in public” can lead to a deadly assault, any Soros supported prosecutor will nail your ass to a wall if you pull a gun once the fight gets going. The commies have infested the schools, the universities, the justice system, and the bureaucracy. There will be no friends in court if you survive, and only family at your funeral.

    • Arthur Sido

      In Indiana at least you can theoretically use force to defend someone else, but I wouldn’t like to put that to the test in a court. Especially not in some jurisdictions like Indianapolis or Gary.

      • Big Ruckus D

        *snort* Gary? Who the hell would go anywhere near there in the first place? It ranks up with East Saint Louis, IL among the utter hellholes of Weimerica.

  4. ghostsniper

    I can’t imagine being in such a place where an incident like that could occur. A negro beating a hoe. Seriously?

    That’s shit you see on TV. You don’t go around places like that IRL. The people that don’t know this (I’ve known it for 50 years at least) will continue to be victims.

      • ghostsniper

        Maybe it’s me, but I have long known negro’s are to be avoided at all costs. As I’ve mentioned before here, I have not seen a negro in a very long time and hope to never see one again.

        As a rule we don’t go to places where negro’s may be. That means we don’t enjoy “nice dinners” in Bloomington, or go to the mall in Greenwood, or to the zoo in Indianapolis. See, I know my limitations, and if I was around an out of control negro, in todays environment, I will be killed or jailed.

        I can see several steps ahead and chart my life accordingly. This, so far, has worked very well for my wife and I over the past 18 years since we moved here to Brown County, IN.

        There’s a decent mexican joint in the county and that is the only place we go for a “nice dinner” because I have never seen a negro there. If I do ever see a negro there we will stop patronizing it.

        Most people, it seems, are not willing to change their behavior in accordance with observed conditions around them and sometimes pay a heavy penalty.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    It may be instinctive for a good man to want to help a woman being beaten by her husband/boyfriend/baby daddy/pimp, but in clown world, unless the woman being attacked is family to you, one is best to stay hands off. This incident is a perfect example of why.

    Domestic violence between strangers is not something you want to touch as an outsider. The “third wheel” effect applies here, too. Remember, if they are living together (or even if not, but are in a relationship) you are the odd man out. She may be in distress in the moment, but far too often she will end up right back with her abuser, and may even defend him (and turn on you) in the process if you attack him to defend her. It has happened that way so many times, that it really has to be the expected outcome. The victim actually being grateful and leaving her abuser, rather than screwing you over as the interloper, is the all too rare exception. Yes, it’s stupid and illogical. Accept it for what it is, and move on.

    It may well be disgusting for a man to have to choose to avoid helping a woman being beat on in a decent society, but in case you haven’t noticed, we aren’t in one. What would be SOP has to be reconsidered as “if she could die, or I could die, and she won’t even care that I attempted to protect her”, then suddenly letting the chips fall where they may and keeping your own ass out of the fire is probably the better call. No, it isn’t right. But it is prudent.

    Now if the victim is a daughter or niece, that changes the situation, IMHO. But for a complete stranger, and knowing the statistically likely outcome? No, I’m probably not stepping up to white knight. Not my circus, not my monkeys (in this case, literally).

    • Arthur Sido

      Cops hate domestic calls for that very reason, I have seen too many videos where a woman calls the cop and then the negro apologizes and tells her he loves her and by the time the cops show she doesn’t want help, or even worse gets hostile with them.

    • Lineman

      Like I said above how do you know it’s not a woman that has no association with him and is just being attacked because he wants to rape or do her harm…Then we wonder why women are getting raped in broad daylight and no men stand up they just standby and watch it happen…

        • Lineman

          Do what he did and then defend myself when attacked and probably end up going to jail which is why I don’t frequent places with niggers…

          • Big Ruckus D

            Avoidance to the greatest extent necessary is my approach. I don’t go to clubs, bars, hookah joints, restaurants that draw a lot of breadcrumbs, carnivals, sporting events, malls, etc etc etc. Avoid the groid is the order of the day, every day. Yes, I still see them and interact to an extent with them as employees of businesses I may need to deal with, or as an occasional customer I’m contracted to work for, but I don’t put myself in places where large numbers of them, especially young angry ones, tend to congregate.

            Yes, one needs to consider the possibility that the woman being attacked is truly an innocent victim unrelated to the attacker, and maybe that is (or isn’t) obvious from the interaction between them. I’d like to think I could tell a shit tier couple fighting with each other from a random attack with intent to rape on a stranger. The latter scenario is a tough call, and I might well step in if I think I can take the perp. The former, not so much.

            I’m no longer a young man, being in my early 50’s. This guy at 64 certainly shouldn’t have been frail, but that’s old enough you are taking a big risk going head to head with a pissed off young buck, unless you are top tier in health and fitness for your age. You better be armed, and have damn good instincts and reaction time, or you can very easily get wasted.

            I’m under no illusion that I’m some Chuck Norris style badass, and know I’m physically at risk from a well placed sucker punch, as is anybody really. I’m pretty damn strong for a man of my age and build, but I’m not landing Mike Tyson grade equalizers on anyone, nor is it likely I can single handedly hold back a guy 20-30 years my junior unless he is a dough boy.

            Point being, I need to choose my battles carefully, or likely become just another victim who got dropped trying to do the right thing.

  6. 3g4me

    “Being in an American city in 2024 is like walking around in a crowd of ticking timebombs.” This. We just got back from a necessary work-related trip to DFW. I only stayed two days; my husband was stuck the whole week. Ironic that our power was out here in the Ozarks when we left (but our generator was running so it didn’t impact us) and then DFW was hit by a storm the night/morning after we arrived and we again dealt with no power – but without our preparations and generator. No internet or a/c in the hotel. All the traffic lights were out. A grocery store I stopped at had no power and lost who knows how much food in the heat.

    It bears repeating that society is 9 meals away from anarchy. None of my husband’s coworkers had made any plans to deal with a decaying civilization, and lost all the food in their fridges and freezers. The main office had no power so everyone who wasn’t working from home had to go to the warehouse location. It was a big mess, and we didn’t see a convoy of many dozens of repair trucks that we saw when leaving our home.

    Needless to say the traffic was gridlock and the demographics were noticeably worse than when we left. And the few Whites I spoke with actually had begun to ‘notice’ – and they were not happy. That unhappiness will not lead to action, though – that’s what most don’t seem to realize. People may notice and even complain, but they will not take actual concrete steps to change their lives and protect their kids. At best, some might move from one suburb to another further from the city. But they won’t actually teach their kids to avoid non-Whites. They won’t stop sending them to public schools. They won’t keep them off social media.

    Most people are stupid and lazy – yes, even Whites, unfortunately. Don’t count on others coming to help you when most cannot even help themselves.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    If you dont have a plan to use force immediately if you decide to intervene in a situation like this, youre a fucking idiot. Debate all day, shoot em, slice his hamstring, whatever at 64 you arent pulling any ju jitzu bs out your ass against a young feral. Point being is if you think going in and getting between a nasgool and his meal as a fucking peacemaker is gonna turn out well, see my first statement. Either go in heavy and ready or dont go in, full stop.

      • Big Ruckus D

        This is a very salient point that probably doesn’t get due consideration in the heat of the moment. As Art pointed out upthread, cops hate DV calls because often the woman (most likely to be the reporting victim) will suddenly turn on her “rescuer” in favor of the piece of shit who was just giving her an ass beating moments before. Don’t try to make sense out of it, it’s the female mind at work, and as a man, and you can’t square that circle. Fortunately, there is a certain predictability in how they behave, even if it seems completely irrational. Use that knowledge to your advantage in planning a response to a volatile situation.

        • Skeptic

          I’ll be honest. If a woman is getting the shit beaten out of her by her boyfriend, it’s really not my problem. She has chosen that. And I don’t give the slightest of fucks what all of the ‘domestic violence advocates’ say. She chose a bad boy, so she can live with bad boy results.

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