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More From The Curious Case Of The Chiquita Killers

In my last update on the mass shooting in Stockton, Alabama where Chiquita Ewing was murdered (Chiquita Update), we met Tyquan French, a 19 year old with dead eyes. Now along comes Mack Arthur Adams….

Yes, his name really is Mack Arthur. Oh my achin’ bacon.

A third person has been arrested in connection with the deadly mass shooting in Stockton on May 11, according to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

25-year-old Mack Arthur Adams of Bay Minette was arrested on June 7 and charged with two counts of murder. These two charges are for the murders of Michael Anderson and Chiquita Ewing, according to BCSO.

Adams was already on bond for a previous arrest. He is being held without bond until Monday.

Are there any black men between 18-35 that don’t have an outstanding warrant or at a minimum are not on probation?

Look at the eyes on “Mack Arthur”. They look a little offset and perhaps crossed but what they don’t do is scream intelligence. Can this guy even spell his own first name? Some kind police officer must have wiped the drool from his chin before snapping this photo.

The Stockton, Alabama mass shooting is the current 2024 mass shooting bronze medalist with 18 total victims, 3 dead and 15 wounded, but most of the people commenting about mass shootings being a White guy thing will never bother looking back to see who was arrested.


  1. ozark homesteader

    Dead eyes. From Tyquan to Hakeem “obama’s boy” Jeffries To Latitia “lavrentiyy” James. Weird, huh?

  2. Harbinger

    Generations of in-breeding will give that distinctive cognitively checked-out look. A touch of fetal alcohol syndrome and a Medusa ‘do completes the package.

    And look no further than the neck tats to confirm that this Mack Arthur Genius Grant also-ran has rocks in his otherwise empty head. Black ink on black skin. Who ever thought that was a good idea?

  3. Squib

    This past weekend’s activities in Chicago:

    “ Chicago shootings: At least 45 shot, 8 fatally, in weekend gun violence across city, police say”

    It’s like the rest of the black run cities aren’t even trying.

  4. ghostsniper

    Compare the number of negro’s that are killed each year to the number of negro’s that are born each year and you will see that there are always more negro’s each year than the year before.

    The gov’t should assign a task force to investigate ways to accelerate the former and retard the latter. If they stopped arresting people like Tyquan and Mack that would be a good thing.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    I have mild Dane Bramage from TBI and stroke and love abstract thinking.
    Two contradictory thoughts at once is a favorite.
    Multiple songs, pods, videos, going is not a cacophony and actually helps clear the mind.
    Sometimes there is impulsive reckless behavior but no one gets hurt besides me.
    Always helping out animals and stepping out of the way on sidewalks for the little ones happy foot power motoring on Big Wheels and bikes.
    It could be a YT thing.

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