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Mental Illness Or Just Being Black? You Decide

Another of these stories of loony black chicks….

A 3-year-old boy has died in Ohio after a woman allegedly stabbed him and his mother outside a Cleveland-area Giant Eagle supermarket in what is being described by officials as a “random act of violence.” 

Bionca Ellis, 32, is now facing an aggravated murder charge following the incident Monday afternoon in the parking lot of the Giant Eagle at 27264 Lorain Road in North Olmsted, the city’s police department says. 

“To lose their youngest child in such a violent and senseless manner is absolutely heartbreaking,” North Olmsted Mayor Nicole Dailey Jones said in a statement Tuesday, calling the death a “terrible tragedy for our entire community.” 

Police identified the victim as Julian Wood and said his mother, 38-year-old Margot Wood of North Olmsted, has been treated for non-life-threatening injuries and is “expected to make a full recovery.”

North Olmsted, Ohio is a suburb of Cleveland and is 86.4% White and only 3.1% black, under the magical line of 5%, but here is Bionca Ellis….

That is my new slogan for blacks:

All it takes is one.

Any time you are in the presence of more than zero blacks, your threat level goes up. This woman is with her 3 year old son getting groceries in a town that is 86% White and out of nowhere comes some random water buffalo who stabs her and her child for apparently no reason. Or was there really no reason? This is the only picture I could find of a Margot Wood from North Olmsted….

If that is her and the baby she is holding is her now deceased 3 year old Julian, can you think of a possible motivation for her being attacked by a fat black woman? According to the story linked above “Ellis is known to the North Olmsted Police Department for a prior offense of theft but has no known violent criminal history” and yet something caused her to stab a three year old child to death.

Is this woman crazy or just a black woman being a black woman? Is this another example of an emotionally stunted and fragile black with no impulse control who finally snaps after a lifetime of being fed racial resentment?

If nothing else it is a reminder:

There isn’t an acceptable threshold for blacks when it becomes safe to be around them.

That doesn’t mean you are afraid of them, just cautious like you would be about an unfamiliar dog. If you see a pit bull wandering around off the leash, you understandably would not turn your back on it. The same is true with blacks.

Even if his mother had been carrying a firearm, the attack likely happened so quickly she probably wouldn’t have had time to react. The primary defense, other than just staying away from them, is to be extremely vigilant about your surroundings and especially the demographics of your immediate vicinity. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be carrying, you absolutely should be at all times, but rather to say that in many circumstances an attack can happen so quickly that you won’t even have time to draw your firearm so your pistol should be the second line of defense and your first line of defense is always, always, ALWAYS situational awareness. Shoot a black, even justifiably, and you are likely to be in legal trouble at least briefly but avoiding an attack by blacks in the first place keeps you safer and less likely to end up sharing a cell with Derek Chauvin.


  1. TakeAHardLook

    Now this mostly White community has to deal with the loss of the child, the horror to the family and the costs of incarcerating, processing and jailing the disgusting she-boon.

    Said she-boon needs insertion into a wood chipper, feet first, dead slow. Recidivism rate: 0.00%.

    This is all collectively part of “The Dirty War,” the war of nigs vs humans (White & Asian, mostly) that the U.S. is living through since at least as far back as the Civil Rights bill.

    If you can see any nig you are already too close. Take heed, Condition Orange, GTFO of there!

    Because, nigs are gonna nig.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Condition one or none as Tac H recently posted.
    Show any weakness and you are toast.
    Glad for censorship yesterday as a page had a story about some military training shindig where the video came up and it was a POC soldier pleasuring himself while sporting a butt plug.
    External enemies tremble in fear of the butt plug rangers.
    Burning it all down is never a bug.

  3. Anonymous

    Is it just my imagination, are are black females engaging in a whole lot more senseless violence lately than they used to? Black males have always topped the charts with their violent behavior. But the news seems to be carrying a lot more shocking tales of black females shooting, stabbing, otherwise attacking not just one another, but everyone else as well. I wish they would keep it intraracial.

    • Dr. Hollowpoint

      To White women, feminism means adopting male behaviors so they become careerists and try to take charge of any situation. For Black women, adopting male behavior means violence and indulging their appetites, but with food instead of muh dik.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Error-carry condition zero and Colonel Cooper says why not cocked and locked if you have a capable weapon, sorry for the I can’t brain today.
    Read about CA CCW qualification and in some jurisdictions you can’t use any single action!
    In other places there are three rounds of 24 shots from various distances and other insane drills all meant to discourage even trying.
    What about some Beretta models with double action first shot and the rest single?
    There are some you can carry cocked and locked from Pietro B.
    Permits? We don’t need any stinking permit…in Red State.

  5. saoirse

    Again. Where’s the outrage from the White co-mu-ni-tee? No family members screaming for revenge. No politicos agitating for their beleaguered constituents. No banding together to call for banning shitskin privilege. No vicious condemnation of nigger supremacy and nigger-on-White violence, hate crime laws be damned. No marches. No violent stand your ground confrontations. No vigilante justice.
    We’re sorry but the White blowback will not be televised because…… there’s never any. A toddler gets murdered by a smarmy faced sheboon and nobody in that city/state does anything. Fucking Eloi Nation!

    • Arete

      Equally horrific crimes, but look at the outcomes. Guy in NC is spending the remainder of his life in prison; guy in MN got 19 years with parole eligibility in 12. Could that be because NC is still basically a red state?

      Mall of America somehow found liable, to the tune of $1.75M.

  6. Arete

    The thing is, it could indeed be mental illness, but mentally ill people also pick up on the general tenor and tone of the society at large, and for years now, that’s has been telling blacks that whites are not only the enemy, but that they are a danger to them. I don’t doubt for a moment that that conditioning kicked in, in terms of her choice of a victim.

    This woman obviously needs to be held responsible for her actions, but the blood is also on the hands of every single politician, bureaucrat, ‘activist,’ and media scumbag who has promoted this mindset among the ignorant.

  7. ghostsniper

    I assure you that if an animal even made a pretense to harm my 3 yo child it would have been killed right on the spot. I can’t be deterred by what “might be” in the future when my child (or wife) are under threat right now.

    For far too long males have been behaving as children rather than men and society has suffered for it. The savage 2 legged animals harbored, it seems, in all societies these days have become emboldened by this fairly recent stance.

    The thing about the negro is, at it’s core, it is a cowardly animal. More so than you might imagine. If there is a crowd of them, grabbing their dicks and gee-gawing like they do, and one of them gets it’s head blowed clean off the others will vanish in all directions. They prey on the weak.

    An adult negro will NEVER attack a full grown white man, ever.
    In it’s DNA it knows it will be killed if it does.
    A lack of full grown white men has caused the african savages to flourish.

    Our fathers and grandfathers didn’t put up with this shit. Back then they knew how to deal with it and the negro’s knew that if they stepped over the line, even accidently, their ass was grass. And life overall was much more peaceful then. You almost never heard of an errant negro incident. When you did, there was usually a charred set of remains hanging in a tree just off a distant and obscure rural road. As it should be, always.

  8. Max Wiley

    Check the statistics.
    Black women have a higher serious crime rate than White men do.
    They are only less dangerous in comparison to black men.
    Happening outside of a grocery store, I immediately think of “parking lot rage” which is a real thing that black queens and White Karens seem to be particularly susceptible to.
    All to be avoided at all costs. That doesn’t mean minimizing contact, that means not shopping or otherwise patronizing businesses where there are ANY of them at all. This has become abundantly clear at this point, I would think.

  9. Arete

    Libs of TikTok apparently found a profile of Ellis in which she claims to work (or have worked) at the Ohio Dept. of Job and Family services. In child care.

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