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Life In A Chimpocracy

Last week brought a lot of attention to the farce of the American judicial system when a jury of his “peers” convicted Donald Trump of 34 felonies related to how business expenses were categorized. Even honest Democrats, a rare breed indeed, acknowledge that this was political and intended to derail the Trump campaign*. On the other hand, Trump is a billionaire and has unlimited resources to fight these legal battles, unlike most citizens who often face the prospect of taking a plea deal as they will never be able to fight the judicial Leviathan. The Federal and State governments can throw limitless resources at you if they decide to crush you, assuming they don’t just send in a Federal death squad to extra-judicially murder you in your home.

For average Americans, the judicial system is an insane asylum where anything can happen. Sure you might get acquitted like Kyle Rittenhouse but on the other hand you might be sent to prison forever like Gregory and Travis McMichael for pursuing a criminal who was illegally trespassing in a house under construction where thefts had already occurred previously. Depending on the venue and with each passing day, you are less likely to receive anything resembling justice from an American court.

Something that has been quietly happening in America over the last couple of decades, especially under Obama it seems, is a rapidly shifting demographic change in America’s legal and law enforcement community. I have pointed this out in prior posts, the police chiefs in larger American cities are trending heavily toward blacks and mestizos, and especially wahmen of colour even in critical posts like Washington D.C. and Memphis. Less obvious but at least as important are the demographic changes in judges and prosecutors/district attorneys. While the fruitcake “judge” in the Trump case was a White guy from Colombia, the guy bringing the charges is Manhattan D.A. Alvin Leonard Bragg Jr., a black guy. The case being brought against Trump in Hotlanta is spearheaded by a spear-chucker named Fani Taifa Willis, a black chick.

Do you think that as a White guy you would be given a fair shake if you were accused of any sort of crime in Fulton County, Georgia with a skirt with a name like Fani Taifa Willis deciding who and how to prosecute? Of course not. The American judicial system is heavily politicized and almost exclusively by far left activists and especially racially aggrieved minorities. Even in once “conservative” Indianapolis the Marion County Prosecutor is a White guy named Ryan Mears who is a leftist loon that seems disinterested in prosecuting black people cuz equity and sheeeit.

Long gone are the days when district attorneys and judges were respected, upstanding pillars of the community concerned with justice and law & order. Modern DA and judges are wantonly political and unabashedly racialist in ways that White Southern judges during the age of segregation could only dream of. The doughty crime fighting prosecutor and the wise judge have been supplanted by ideologues who spent law school being schooled in racial grievances and a hatred of the very legal system they are charged with upholding.

There are some examples recently of obscene miscarriages of justice but there are also a lot of little weird cases that speaks to our decidedly unserious legal system.

First up, “Wise Latina” Sonia Sotomayor who would be the dumbest person to ever serve on the Supreme Court of these United States if it were not for the addition of Ketanji Brown Jackson. Clarence Thomas must drink himself blind drunk after listening to those two cretins for days at a time, forced to pretend they are his intellectual peers. I find Justice Amy Coney Barrett to be a tad creepy and Elena Kagan is a leftist Jewess but at least they aren’t utter morons.

There are days that I’ve come to my office after an announcement of a case and closed my door and cried. There have been those days, and there are likely to be more.

There are moments when I’m deeply, deeply sad. And there are moments when, yes, even I feel desperation. We all do. But you have to own it, you have to accept it, you have to shed the tears, and then you have to wipe them and get up and fight some more. That’s not a choice.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Way to personify every stereotype about women being too emotional. On the other hand, this woman has been given the power to decide cases that impact every American, one of nine of the most powerful people in the country, and she admits to breaking down in tears because some of the other justices on the court rule in a way that she disagrees with and it makes her super sad.

Then we have Judge Abena Darkeh in New York.

Right off the bat you know we are in trouble with a judge named “Abena Darkeh” and as Herschel at The Captain’s Journal reports, she comes from a “rich cultural heritage”:

Judge Darkeh is a child of an immigrant father and a first-generation American mother. Her father, George Komla Darkeh, was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. “He came to New York in the 1960s to attend Columbia University and to work at the United Nations,” she said. Her mother, Shirley Elise (nee Lowe) Darkeh was born in Brooklyn after her family immigrated from St. Vincent and Barbados. Judge Darkeh’s parents met a party in NYC, at the home of a UN diplomat. Two years later they married, started a family and moved to Long Island. 

“I was born in the United States — Brooklyn, New York, in fact — and I am proud to be an American, but I have always understood that America is a rich and vibrant place because of all of the people, from different places, who settled here and who expressed who they are and where they came from in their everyday lives….

When her father came to the U.S. in the 1960s, America’s “rich and vibrant” culture was entirely the result of people from different European nations building this country. Her father left Ghana and stayed in America precisely because Ghana was full of Africans and America was full of White people. Like many people from recent immigrant families, she only sees America as a place to live comfortably while bitching about the very people that made this a place she could live so comfortably, as in a recent case involving a black man in Brooklyn who was arrested and convicted of weapons charges after building his own firearms. The man’s name is Dexter Taylor and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to Taylor’s attorney, Vinoo Varghese, when presenting his opening statement for the defense he was stopped by “Judge” Darkeh and told:

‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York.’

The Second Amendment doesn’t exist here. Last time I checked, New York is one of the 50 states that make up the United States of America and New York was one of the states that ratified the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, on December 15th of 1791. Not to argue with a giant of jurisprudence like Hofstra law grad Abena Darkeh, but the Second Amendment has always existed in New York just as it does in every other state. Apparently possessing a grasp of basic civics and history is not a requirement to be a judge in New York.

Now we look at Judge Gail Horne Ray, Judge Ray sits on the 19th Judicial District Court in Louisiana.

Judge Ray is presiding over a high profile case, the rape and subsequent death of Madison Brooks. Ms. Brooks was a 19 year old sophomore at Louisiana State University. She got hammered at a bar and ended up in a car with four guys, two that allegedly raped her, and then ditched her on a busy road where she was hit by a car and died.

Two of the guys, the White guy Casen Carver and Everett Lee, are charged with principal to third-degree rape which means they were present but didn’t participate, while Desmond Carter, the 17 year old, and Kaivon Deondre Washington were charged with third-degree rape. Madison Brooks had a blood alcohol concentration of .319 (.08 is considered too impaired to drive in Louisiana).

Ms. Brooks went to the bar voluntarily and was drinking underage, a lot to get that drunk. Had she not been killed by a car, I doubt anything would have happened to the guys that raped her when she was too incapacitated to consent to sex.

That sort of stuff was pretty common when I was in school, my first weekend at Ohio State a group of us went to a bar and they were serving 18 year old me trays full of booze, and lots of drunken hook-ups were going on.

Back to Judge Gail Horne Ray. She has gotten a lot of attention in this case as she seems to have a soft spot in her heart for rapists.

Judge Ray rather arbitrarily vacated the life sentence of one Donald Ray Link who had been sentenced to life in prison for raping a woman at knifepoint while threatening to rape one of her children if she resisted him. Her decision was reversed by the Louisiana Supreme Court and his life sentence was reinstated last month. She has been accused of abusing her judicial discretion, a concept that is fraught with all sorts of issues. He isn’t the only one, last year she reduced the bail of a different accused rapist, De’Aundre Cox, accused of raping his preteen neighbor. Perhaps her affection for black rapists has something to do with her work as a defense attorney for another black rapist, Nelson Dan Taylor Jr. Like many blacks he does not have the same last name as his momma…..Judge Gail Horne Ray.

The judge’s son, Nelson Dan Taylor Jr., was convicted at age 17 after admitting to a series of rapes.

Taylor, a former Baton Rouge Magnet High School track star, was accused of breaking into the homes of six girls between October 1995 and April 1996 and raping them. Amid the investigation, detectives said seven of nine girls victimized in a series of attacks were BRHS students.

Taylor’s plea deal took a possible life term off the table and he was sentenced to 50 years in prison. As part of a plea deal, he was required to serve at least 25 years.

What a lovely fellow. Not just a rapist but someone that over the course of around six months broke into the homes of six high school girls and raping them. I am not sure how many girls he actually raped as the article mentions 9 girls in total. As this is 2024, we are probably within the time frame where Nelson Dan Taylor Jr. could be eligible for release. I am quite certain that someone who at 17 was breaking into homes and raping at least 9 girls and then spent his formative adult years in prison will be a wonderful addition to society upon release.

These are just three examples but there are plenty of others that we haven’t heard of, dimwits and racialists that are more concerned with “equity” and “racial justice” than they are with actual justice. The once respected professions of judges and prosecutors has become riddled with idiots and scoundrels that have no business presiding over cases that can ruin the lives of decent people and all too often that return violent criminals back to our streets where they promptly commit more crimes.

While most people focus on who is President and who runs Congress, the court and justice system in America has quietly been overrun by idiots and far left ideologues. Woe to the White man with the wrong political beliefs that finds himself in a court ruled by a member of the Chimpocracy.

* As always I feel obligated to make a note that I understand that the “elections” in this country haven’t been fair and open for decades, perhaps not in my lifetime, because someone will feel the need to make a comment that I don’t understand what is going on.


  1. 3g4me

    Timely post, Arthur. Now let’s see how long before someone chimes in to claim that voating harder in local elections really truly matters. Most people have no clue as to a judge’s politics where judges can be voted for, and regardless of those politics most judges are lawyers, which means they have been trained by and worked in a legal system utterly corrupted by Jewish ‘morality’ and other alien modes of thought. Same goes for DAs and even Sheriffs. Unless one lives in an extremely small and minimally populated area, voting locally is just as useless as voting nationally. The average man’s voice does not matter – and hasn’t mattered for over 75 years, if it ever did. And voting in general is useless unless the voting populace is composed of moral men who won’t bow to the gods of diversity and equality.

    • anonymous

      The lack of info on judges is pretty crippling for both the voter and society. The best recommendation is to vote by sex and race:

      Vote against blacks of any sort.
      Vote for White males.
      Barring that, vote for men in preference to women.
      Vote for East Asians in preference to Indians or Pakis,
      Vote for Hispanics as deemed necessary.
      Never vote for Jews.

      In short, vote for whoever you’d prefer to be on the bench for your trial, all things considered.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    What judge are you saying is white? JUAN Merchan is South American: a banana republic judge straight from Columbia, that paragon of law and order.

  3. ghostsniper

    I’ve mentioned quite a few times in various venues that I can’t get too worked up by nonsense going on thousands of miles away in foreign countries when the biggest threat to my life is within 15 miles of where I sit right now.

    The biggest threat to any American is the common gov’t thug on the street, the law enforcement officer, for s/he can summons unlimited resources all the way up to airstrikes in their effort to cage or kill you.

    For the past year or so I’ve been trying to determine whether it is safer to live here in the US or in Russia. I was born in Gettysburg and I’m a husband, a father, a business owner, and a veteran and I spent the first half of my life as an honest American, but the 2nd half of my life is far different and I no longer have the same loyalty to the country of my birth. I’m searching for an exit sign as a plan B.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Watch some of the videos of American, English, German,Canadian, and French who have emigrated to Russia. It is a far safer, cleaner, more sane country than the US or Europe. It’s cheaper to live in a better area, they do something intelligent about the homeless and the drug addicts, and women don’t have to be afraid of being raped on the subways. One guy who posts under Expat American, even did a video on guns in Russia. Yes, you can have firearms and their restrictions are a lot less than ours. So it is a good Option B-if you don’t wait too long.

      • Arthur Sido

        There is a lot of empty space in Russia, they could carve out a region for American expats and likely get a large number of Whites to move there (also South African Whites).

    • Arthur Sido

      I am not worried about a jihadist blowing me up, and I avoid blacks, but there is a better chance of me being killed by local cops in a no-knock raid than a drive by shooting

  4. Squib

    “ While the fruitcake “judge” in the Trump case was a White guy”

    If you are talking about Juan Merchan, he is a Columbian. Born in Columbia to Columbian parents. While the family did move to the US when the kid was 6 years old, he grew up in a Columbian household.

    He knows nothing of US culture, and does not care.

    He has no business presiding over a trial with a former US President as defendant.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    The “white” judge in the Trump case was born in Colombia. Even the DR has been slow to pick up on that factoid. That is something straight out of Camp of the Saints, a foreign born judge presiding over a criminal case against a former president of the united states. Considering the nature of the immigration debate and Trump, I don’t think that was an accident either.

  6. saoirse

    What’s really sickening is that no family members or (real) friends ever do what’s necessary after their loved ones’ attackers/murderers get sprung/reduced sentences by activist ‘judges’, prosecutors and cops. Same for when they get railroaded and end up forever in the travesty that is the ‘corrections system’. ‘
    Justice’ is, and always was, an amorphous concept in materialistic, dumbed-down societies so when it fails miserably, by design, then it becomes the duty of the ‘next of kin’ to exact it….period!

    • Arthur Sido

      There are plenty of people who should seek to get some measure of vengeance on blacks that have harmed their family but they won’t because “vengeance is mine sayeth the lord” and other such nonsense

      • Big Ruckus D

        It has never occurred to them that just maybe they are to be the instrument of carrying out The Lord’s vengeance. It’s not as though God is in the habit of directly smiting evil assholes these days.


    And as the old saying goes, “juries are made up of people who are too stupid to avoid jury duty”.

    I get a summons on the average of twice a year and I save them for winter to start a nice fire in my fireplace. I will not waste valuable time sitting amongst a bunch of feral niggers, badge niggers and barely literate, pompous, bought-off “judges”.

    • 3g4me

      I was just going through a ton of ‘forwarded’ mail a friend has been collecting for me. Almost exclusively ads, credit card offers, etc. because we already notified any legitimate bills/medical/etc. of our actual new address. Stuck in among everything else was a jury duty notice. Too bad, so sad. And since I have not and will not register to vote where we now live, I don’t expect to see one ever again.

      • ghostsniper

        Voting doesn’t seem to be a requisite to receiving a jury duty notice. I have never voted but received a jury duty notice a couple months ago.

        I replied to them that I will be in Florida (I live in Indiana) for the rest of the year conducting business. Never heard anything back.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    “For average Americans, the judicial system is an insane asylum where anything can happen.”

    Damn! That saying is going up on my wall in a frame! Brilliant words in this crazy world. The Jews have ruined this country for honesty, loyalty, and an oath to the dead Constitution. The Blacks and other immigrants just add to the misery. Truly the United States is dead.

  9. Original Grandpa

    Saoirse –
    “What’s really sickening is that no family members or (real) friends ever do what’s necessary after their loved ones’ attackers/murderers get sprung/reduced sentences by activist ‘judges’, prosecutors and cops.” – needs to have added to it:
    “…that I’m aware of.”
    3 esses work, I’m just saying.

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