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Jew Mexico!

Our delightful neighbors to the south in Meh-heee-co just elected their first señora El Presidente!

Viva La Claudia Sheinbaum!

I mentioned Claudia Sheinbaum last September (You Have Heard Of New Mexico But What About Jew Mexico?). She is a Jewish “climate scientist” turned politician and is the first female President of Mexico. How embarrassing that the Mexicans couldn’t find an actual Mexican chick to be their first female President but on the other hand our first black President was a mulatto homosexual and our first female Vice-President sucked dick to climb to the Vice-Presidency so we don’t have much room to laugh at them. As I noted in the prior post:

According to Wikipedia, there are less than 60,000 Jews in a nation of nearly 130 million people, or less than 0.0005% of the population. What an amazing cohencidence! 

A fortuitous cohencidence indeed. As the former mayor of Mexico City, Sheinbaum is well known for her super important tree planting and banning single use plastics initiatives, just what a failed narco-state needed! She is also laser focused on gender inequality.

Good luck Mexico and good luck America as she is the sort of “leader” that will no doubt encourage even more Mexicans to flee to America.


  1. ghostsniper

    I’m in desperate need of a vacation, far away from all the insanity. Maybe a tiny island in the south Pacific. Maybe I won’t come back.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Well, now they can enjoy watching a significant portion of their key govt staff positions get taken over by a demographic that comprises .0005% of the population. Which will be even more absurd on it’s face than the 2% of the same demographic that has done so in the FUSA. Even better still, when Mexicans notice this odd phenomenon taking place, they’ll be harangued as being anti-semitic, and laws will be passed punishing those doing the noticing.

    • Arthur Sido

      I think Mexicans have bigger issues to worry about, like being murdered by the cartels, but they picked a far left Jewess so they are going to get more of the same, good and hard.

      • pyrrhus

        I doubt that the Mexicans picked any such thing, women having no history in government in Mexico and Mexico being highly patriarchical…Just another color revolution/vote fraud steal by the same suspects….

  3. saoirse

    This is something new. Kikes are parasites by nature and have thrived strictly by sucking the life blood out of White nations – with the help of christ-insanity of course. There jew elites running businesses in Latin America but they’ve been careful not to stick out.
    Since the Mexcrement economy and people are already turd world, the only lucrative thing worth attaching themselves to in that shitskin zoo would be the narco money but I don’t think those muchachos need any business partners. They own most of the politicos and ‘law enforcement’ already.
    Of course she’ll promote the standard jew freakazoid playbook but I think that she’s there solely to expedite/accelerate the invasion on our southern border.

  4. ozark homesteader

    Meh-hee-kho super screwed the perro on that one. Ee-ho-lay! Did not Sheldon assert for a zionist state in Mexico in 2008 in an episode of The Big Bang Theory (aka keep jew actors working sitcom department)? No doubt she was inserted for the purpose of further damage to FUSA.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    A big turd filled pinata to them.
    But, but, but, muh machismo that would never elect a woman?
    We have a Dominion for that Vato.
    She also co-authored the mitigation of climate change for the global soviet or UN.
    Who will run the bean dip buffet when all are in the land of free EBT honey El Norte?

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