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Introducing: Miracle-Americans!

Come with me my frens to the land of cheeseheads, America’s Dairyland Wisconsin! Our journey leads us to the state capitol of Madison where some of the Usual Suspects have been up to their Usual Shenanigans. Early in the morning on Sunday there was a mass shooting that took place during a “rooftop party”, a new location to be added to “places to avoid” alongside block parties, hookah bars, Waffle House and celebrations of life. Ten people were hit by gunfire and a couple more were injured in the scramble afterward.

Madison is a notoriously leftist town thanks in large measure to the presence of the University of Wisconsin-Madison plus the hordes of parasites that are invariably drawn to any state capitol. The current mayor is a lard-ass lesbian named Satya Rhodes-Conway. Like most political figures in America she has apparently never had an actual job, unless you count munching carpet as gainful employment. This is the mayor of Madison, Wisconsin….

I wonder if she could walk from where she is standing to the capitol building behind her? Anyway, she is all sorts of upset about this shooting.

Rhodes-Conway called on state legislators to address gun laws.

“It should not be easier to buy a gun than cast a ballot,” the mayor said.

Uh, check me if I’m wrong Sandy but last time I voted I just had to show my driver’s license but last time I bought a gun I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and submit to a background check. I am guessing that Mayor Jabba the Hutt considers requiring IDs to vote to be racist and such, so really her comment makes absolutely no sense.

Anyhoo, while readers of Dissident Thoughts are not surprised that 10 people were shot with no fatalities as that is pretty standard shooting from breadcrumbs, da cheef of da mad e son po-leece is shocked no one was kilt….

In a news conference Sunday, Barnes addressed the public.

“It is truly a miracle that no one is dead, a miracle,” said Barnes. 

Barnes being Shon F. Barnes, police chief of Madison, and a feller of colour. I guess “Shon” is a ghetto version of “Shawn/Shaun” but Chief Barnes sure as hell ain’t Irish.

According to the Chief Theologian/Chief of Police “Shon”, this was a gen-u-wine miracle. I don’t know what firearms were involved, there are at least two according to the sleuths in Madison who helpfully let us know that two different caliber of cases found on the scene would suggest….at least two different firearms, but honestly a guy blazing away with a Draco with no sights or optics or opening up with a stolen Glock with a 33 round mag and a switch is likely to only wound people. According to the leftist Gun Violence Archive there have been just over 200 mass shootings this year and of those 75, or more than 1/3, did not have any fatalities. Around 75 more only had one fatality.

It has to do with the nature of mass shootings and gun violence in general in America. Of the over 200 mass shootings so far in 2024 I cannot think of a single one with a White suspect. Not one. I am not saying there aren’t any but I watch them pretty closely and haven’t seen one yet. The big ones like Akron, OH (1 killed, 24 wounded), the Kansas City Super Bowl parade (1 killed, 22 wounded), Stockton, AL (3 killed, 15 wounded) are all blacks. I would assume that there must have been at least one or two committed by White guys but I also know that those stories make national headlines for days on end.

When the rare White mass shooter goes on a rampage it is typically planned out and deliberate, and usually the killed-wounded ratio is much higher on the killed side. With blacks who have committed virtually all of the mass shootings in 2024 and for the last 4-5 years at least, the shootings are one of two scenarios. Either it is a fight that escalates into spur of the moment gunfire or it is some sort of drive-by or targeted shooting into a group. In both cases the shooting tends to be wild and indiscriminate, leading to lots of wounded and often no one killed. Not to be macabre but I presume that most people reading here are at least passably familiar with firearms but blacks often have AR pistols without optics or sights, no stock or stabilizing brace or a full auto Glock that is virtually uncontrollable.

So is it a miracle that no one was killed? Nope, it is just the nature of blacks and gun violence. Regardless, I am going to try to work Miracle-Americans into future posts as it amuses me. Dey part dey Red Sea, dey walks on water, dey shoots into a crowd and don’t kill nobody! Dey is all miracle workers and sheeit!


  1. Gryphon

    I haven’t done any research about it, but I have a strong suspicion that the vast majority of incidents defied as “Mass Shootings” happen in ‘Blue Hive/Urban Shitholes’ like Madison, WI.

    And yes, I’m certain that the Landwhale-Governor could not Walk to the Statehouse behind it…

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    The glorious peoples republic of Wisconsin also has more muh weed grows than legal states such as CA/CO/MI.
    Anytime there is a Marxist EDU the surrounding area is commie…even in Red State.
    They should wall off CHAZ/CHOP style and enjoy their utopia.
    Local news on about block party over the weekend with some shooty time but only a window was victimized, as usual out on the wild wild East Side which is almost 100% jogger.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    I’m old enough to remember when “big blue” was a nickname for IBM. Put that bitch in a purple dress and she could pass for Grimace from the old McDonald’s ads. What a disgusting gelatinous blob, made even worse by the policies she espouses.

    And as for Madison, WI generally? Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

  4. ozark homesteader

    The tropes, mantras, lies and gaslightings of the left. It never stops. The flood of lies of the beast. The crap they spew from their mouths…

  5. Berglander

    Parents divorced when she was five; mother came out as a lesbian.
    Wanna bet that Miss Piggy was molested by mommy and her special friend? It’s how homos reproduce.

  6. Harbinger

    “It is truly a miracle that no one is dead, a miracle,” said Barnes.

    Uh, actually it ISN’T miraculous, police chief Barnes, as now you’ve got ten more belligerent, disrespected, revenge-seeking survivors to concern your overtaxed police force with. Remember their Scrabble names, chief Barnes, for odds are, you will be running into them all again.

  7. Don W Curton

    As a side comment, I think any politician and/or talking head that repeats the old line about voting and buying a gun should be forced to actually buy a gun. Preferably when they are on a tight schedule, after having drank a lot of water, and presumably are in a hurry. Pick a day when the stores are crowded, like a holiday weekend. Last time I bought a gun it was an hour and a half process when the paperwork was checked and rechecked by 2 other clerks to make sure no errors. I have a CCL so background check should have been smooth, but still took plenty of time. And damn, 1.5 hrs just cooling my heels in a gun store after I’d already made my decision to purchase. The chain store clerk was fucking paranoid as hell about any mistake potentially getting his store raided. With today’s ATF, I’m not saying his paranoia was unfounded, but damn if everyone in the store wasn’t scared as shit trying to fill out those forms. Ridiculous.

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