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Happy Pride Month Y’all!

Of course this report comes out in June, aka “Pride Month”, celebrating all things faggotry, carpet-munchery, and transgendery.

Health officials are warning about a new case of ringworm likely spread through sex that has been reported in New York City, the first such case in the U.S.

The infection, a rare fungus called trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII (TMVII), was detected in a man in his 30s who reported having sex with multiple men during a trip to England, Greece and California, according to a study published Wednesday at JAMA Dermatology by doctors at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

When the man returned from his trip, he developed a red, itchy rash on his penis, legs, and across his groin and buttocks. The rash looks similar to eczema, a common condition that causes dry, itchy and inflamed skin, as opposed to the typical ringworm fungal skin infection that forms in circles.

On the bright side, it is easy to clear up!

Tests revealed he had the fungus and doctors prescribed him standard antifungal oral medications – but it took his body four and a half months to clear it.

Who knew sticking your dick in random dudes all over the world might have unintended consequences?

We are in peak Pride Month with genital STD ringworms. Moustache Man Bad, where are you when we need you in Weimar Republic 2.0?


  1. Big Ruckus D

    The new official slogan of sodomite shame month:

    “Sphincter fungus thrives among us!”

    Ok, I really need to stop. As much as I like to mock degenerate bastards, this shit is just nasty.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    I only support homos when both chicks are hot. (s/)
    Stormtroopers Of Death side band Method Of Destruction still has the Anally Inflicted Death Sentence (AIDS) song with sing-a-long chorus from 1986-87 era.
    Or things that couldn’t be made today.
    Bathhouse Barry loves him some Man’s Country in CPUSA (D) HQ Chicago.
    Look up what has happened to all sodomite societies in history, it won’t end well.

    • anon2

      Mr Wilder and readers:
      Parasite Pill 2.0 Pill 2.0.pdf
      (the spaces are deliberate)

      181 pages, some color, some NSFW & disgusting
      When I back arrowed out of the embedded links, it took 7 minutes each time
      for the main page to reload, I just put the cursor over the link & handwrote the link address.

      Cosmic Death Fungus
      search using Yandex search engine, it’s on,
      too long to type out & always a chance I’d mis-type. 36 pages with links.
      background is black with navy colored links.
      Y’all are welcome.

  3. Greg

    One of the best lines I’ve read: “Don’t ask me if it’s right or wrong; ask their pharmacists!”
    I’ve been asking for years, and still can’t get an answer to a simple anthropological question: Where is there in known human history, any society NOT in it’s death throes, where homosexuality has NOT been taboo?


    So it’s pride month. I’m pretty disengaged with normie TV shows and media. I’ve seen a few obligatory homo ads and pro pride month ads, but it seems to have been tamped down significantly.

    Time to dial it back and get real White warriors on board with WWIII and the upcoming (s)election? Only a fool would join or let their family members join the inbound disaster.

    Prep up, stock/stack up, get right with the Lord, get in shape and damn them to hell.

    • Big Ruckus D

      It seems the most overt, in our faces rainbowization of corporate weimerica peaked 2-3 years ago. I watch no TV, but online I don’t see nearly as many logos rendered in the fag flag colors as I did in 2020/21/22.

      Granted, I don’t frequent mainstream sites that push this garbage (and I’m sure garbage dumps run by the likes of Fuckersperg and Joogle are still all over it like ringworm on a faggot’s junk), but at what I perceived to have been the peak obnoxiousness era (in hindsight) even many lesser known online stores had faggotized their banners, and I’m not really seeing that now.

      This is likely due in part to the backlash that got bud light’s shit pushed in, and is causing disney to bleed out slowly, but fag worship is also no longer the new shiny thing at the forefront it was a few years ago, and we all know that these things have a cycle in which they are birthed, gain steam, peak and then fall off as new idiocies are introduced. The masses simply don’t have the attention span to keep all this shit focused and at the forefront 100% of the time.

      Not that we shouldn’t be continuing to fight it in anyway possible, but it strikes me that it no longer has quite the cohesive and concentrated gravitas that it had just a few years ago.

      How many Ukraine flags do you still see pasted on online avatars, or in people’s yards? That came and went, save for a few hard core ideologues who continue to display them contrary to the current zeitgeist, like a guy who is still wearing his Members Only jacket from 1989. Same with israeli flags, blm signs and flags, pro abortion signs, etc. These “movements” are primarily engineered propaganda campaigns. Since they aren’t organic, they don’t have much staying power long term, at least in terms of the visual signalling associated with them. Idiots do this stuff not because they believe in the cause, so much as to be seen as stylish and involved in the fad du jour.

      How many “thank you health care workers!” And “we’re all in this together” banners are still extant? Even MAGA signs and banners are thin on the ground most places anymore.
      America is the ultimate bipolar, personality disordered twat; it can be driven to a pavlovian response to great outrages stoked over some stupid, vapid thing. A year or two later, nearly nobody gives a fuck about (said thing) anymore, and the herd is on to the next planned distraction. The most recent was the whole free Palestine protest movement on campuses that are now vacant until fall. * Poof * went the green tents, like a fart in the breeze. Come fall, these idiots will have something else to protest, book it.


        Hahahaha. Good one on the Members Only jacket. I still have mine just in case they ever come back in style.

        Regarding the Bud Light fiasco, I switched from Mich Ultra to Yuengling
        Flight. And my annual beer spend is pretty healthy. I’m sure Yingling can at any time do something stupid as well. But this has definitely hurt Imbev (Anheuser-Busch).

  5. Skeptic

    Too funny. Yesterday I commented this at Liberty’s Torch:

    “The real question is, what epidemic plague will be unleashed through this year’s Faggot Pride Month indiscriminate sex? Last year it was monkeypox.”

  6. TakeAHardLook

    When in Residency in the early 1980s we were taught that the average 20-something male homosexual (in NYC) was having sex with about 220 other males per year. This level of fuckery should have killed off the entire (sub)species.
    And it tried, with the AIDS epidemic. But, the faggotry controlled the media & CDC got some cures going, thus saving the (sub)species from a much-deserved annihilation.
    We, as a society, paid for it all. In tax dollars.
    Now, we pay once more by seeing the dissolution of a moral Nation by rampant faggotry, rug munchery, transwhackadoodlery, etc.

    And these scum demand–demand!–that we accept their degeneracy as “normal” and demand their place at the table of “normal” human beings.

    Sorry, fuckers. Not buying it. Stay the fk away from me and mine.

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