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Et Tu Toledo Zoo?

This one really bummed me out. We are members of the Toledo Zoo despite living over an hour away because it really is a great zoo and my wife and I both grew up going to the zoo on field trips. I get lots of emails for cocktail mixers after hours at exorbitant rates but I know it isn’t cheap keeping a zoo up and running. This week I got a different kind of email and it made me both very sad and very angry.

As far as I know there haven’t been any actual incidents at the Toledo Zoo but in this day and age it is only a matter of time, especially as Mondays the zoo is free for any Lucas County residents and even back when I was younger that meant large crowds of blacks.

It seems likely that the insurer of the Zoo is making them install metal detectors to forestall negligence lawsuits if some breadcrumbs decide that a place full of small children is a great opportunity to pull out dey Glawks with beams and switches to blaze away at each other. While it hasn’t happened yet, it might and that is enough to inconvenience the rest of us because blacks can’t act like civilized humans for a few hours in a public place.

The Toledo Zoo is a cherished part of our memories of childhood and the email from the Toledo Zoo announcing the installation of metal detectors at a zoo that caters to families and children is an obscene reminder of how far we have fallen. We often say it as a joke but blacks and mestizos, and those that are manipulating them behind the scenes, are why White people can no longer have nice things. It is too much to expect that you can go somewhere like a zoo with your family without having to be subjected to the indignity of passing through a metal detector, or getting on a plane without having to take your shoes off or avoiding certain neighborhoods in some large cities or the entire city our people built, all because the diversity cannot be counted on to behave.

I expect fights at biker bars and hockey games, but places like zoos ought to be places where everyone can agree that you simply don’t act out and commit acts of violence. Obviously that is no longer the case in America. I do not blame the Toledo Zoo, a lawsuit after a dozen people were wounded because blacks decided to escalate one looking at another into gunfire would be financially devastating. It just makes me sad and furious that this is the world we live in and there is nothing much we can do about it because if people like you and me did do something about it, the government would send men with guns to kill or arrest us as if we are the problem.

Maybe one day my great-grandchildren can visit a zoo without going through a metal detector but to get back to that place will mean we will have waded through a river of blood.


  1. saoirse

    Some would recommend sending the animal animals back to their natural habitats and putting the shitskin animals in the cages but that’s just creating an extension of the jails and prisons already filled to the brim and sucking down loads of tax money…… unsustainable!
    Only viable solution is to exterminate lots of and repatriate the remainder to A-freak-a and Latrine Amereeca.

        • ghostsniper

          Look what these assholes cost already. The money spent on eradicating them would be recouped within 6 months of the last one gone. Personally, that would be like winning a lottery. To never have to see a negro in person again. One can dream can’t he?

  2. Harbinger

    Metal detectors at the zoo, the library, the middle school. Thousands of stores and businesses shuttering, the rest removing self-checkout due to rampant theft. Everything other than sunscreen locked up behind cages at Walgreens and Walmart pharmacies. All vestiges of the ‘honor system’ gone from everywhere.

    We’re all in chattel chains now on plantation FUSA.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    I find it amazing how many bank teller windows in AINO still don’t have bulletproof glass. But I see more than I used to. Someday, like South Africa, they all will have it. Living in mostly white places I never encountered that very much, but on a visit to Detroit a few years back I had my first experience with ordering chicken at Church’s through bulletproof glass.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Funny you say that, once quite a few years ago I stopped in a Church’s chicken in a sketchy hood (while on the job) and the cashier window was like that of a gas station with a bullet proof window and stainless steel isolating slide drawer.

      When our county courthouse first got metal detectors and scanners many years ago, I was called up for jury duty shortly after the equipment was installed. When I walked into the security screening area, I made the quip that our courthouse now looked like a highschool. The cop stationed within earshot wasn’t amused.

  4. Annoyed Max

    Hey there. I bet you did not intend this illustration to be an aspiration for me, but it is. At my very advanced age, I want to be that old guy (and I am already old, did I mention that??) helping my youngest descendants to their best future, understanding I’m gonna have a lot of people who want to block me from getting there.

    Thank you

  5. Never Forgot

    I was at Taronga zoo in Sydney about 15 or 20 years ago and watched in amusement as a very large, very muscular, well dressed and very very black man (I assume he was an African-American) walked up to the Gorilla enclosure. The silverback & a few of the females suddenly looked up and watched him with intense interest. A few people chuckled quietly to themselves, but it was very clear that he was the object of their attention. He stood out like a beacon amongst the 99% white Aussies gawking at the gorillas. “How the fuck did you get out there mate?” was clearly going through their gorilla minds. Never forget the look on the negros face as he beat-feet out of there a few moments later. He too recognised all too clearly what we were all thinking.

  6. 3g4me

    We used to go to the zoo every “black Friday” when everyone else was in the stores. Our older son was a ‘teen volunteer’ at the zoo for two years and my husband drove him both ways every week. Then he was a volunteer at the Dallas World Aquarium for a year and, since he was older, we let him take the Dart train from our suburb . . . until a black threatened him and tried to rob him of the minimal cash he was carrying. Zoos are yet another cooperative venture of a White society. Blacks will kill any animal fob the pleasure they experience by causing other creatures pain. Asians will eat anything. Only Whites genuinely want to study other living things and foster their habitats.

    There is nothing in any city worth the life of your children. Save your money. Whites need to look at everything through the lens of race. Any zoo or museum in a city is no longer safe for Whites – and I guarantee they are hiring DEI directors and planning special POX exhibits. Do not support them.

    • Harbinger

      Zoos, museums and libraries USED to be “safe spaces” for Whites. I recall retreating to the library across the street from my high school during the yearly spring race riots that occurred on the first unusually warm day in April each year, like clockwork. Blacks were a small (10% or so) minority in my hometown, but the next town over was nearly 100% black. ‘Reinforcements’ would arrive en masse as soon as the first White girl was spit on.

      This was the late 70s, well before the advent of cellphones, and there was never ready access to firearms in my wretchedly blue home state. The apt phrase “chimpout” had not yet been coined, and angry, low-IQ ferals were simply referred to as “uppity”. Just a harbinger (heh) of things to come.

      • Arthur Sido

        Libraries were lost when they started offering free wifi and computers so blacks could watch rap videos, now the large city libraries are full of diversity and homeless men.

    • Leo

      Blacks are vicious. When I lived near a Marine Corps base on the east coast, there was a nice house at the end of a no-outlet street. It was obviously occupied by niggers. Marines likely, but still niggers. All the nigger indicators, Cars, often wif spinnin’ rims, coming and going at all hours, especially at night, whorish looking mud sharks of various ethnicities sitting on the curb smoking, general cacophony emanating from the dwelling, and pit bulls. I know that they were, among other things, fighting dogs there. While I am no fan of shit bulls (yes, they ARE more dangerous than other breeds- like niggers) people goading any creatures to fight and rip each other to shreds tells me all I need to know about that particular breed of hominid.

      They need to fucking go. Anywhere but here. They are not like us, they do not like us, and if they DID like us, I would truly be concerned.

      • Arthur Sido

        They will never leave, at least not voluntarily. They know at a primal level that without us they would revert completely back to Africa and most of them like the running water, electricity and plentiful food we provide.

    • Arete

      Look up an article in City Journal called “the Guardians in Retreat” by Heather MacDonald. It’s an illuminating, and depressing, look at what DEI is doing to museums.

    • Arthur Sido

      Ohio has slightly more stringent carry laws than Indiana, in Indiana non-government places can post no firearms signs but we are free to say fuck you and carry anyway. In Ohio you can technically get arrested for that

  7. JerseyJeffersonian

    Recently, I encountered a security checkpoint, complete with metal detector at the large branch multi-practice facility in my state of Penn Medicine (University of Pennsylvania). Received no notice beforehand of this “innovation”, and when I set off an alarm going through the detector, I of course had to empty my pockets in search of the triggering items. Keys, cell phone, no problemo, but the fearsome Swiss Army knife…can’t enter with that, and there was no system by which I could leave it with the rent-a-cop against my exiting after my business was concluded, so I had to return to my vehicle and leave it in the console before admittance.

    Expect this rigmarole as part of the Zoo’s security enhancement. Recently, I saw an article about the manufacturer of Swiss Army knives developing a line without blades to accommodate the EUROPUSSIES’ security concerns. Not killing knives, mind you, multi tools with a fold out blade. I’ve been carrying a pocket knife since my teens, mostly for tightening loose screws, using the tweezers to extract splinters, and now – God Forbid – opening packages or envelopes with a small blade. We all can guess what constituencies that are predisposed to violence, and who lack impulse control, whose numbers grow, and against whom legal strictures cannot be enforced that make such formerly ridiculous measures affect us wypipo in this way.

    • Leo

      I am a retired service member. I went to a popular military museum in the National Capitol Region and the MP and base policeman at the security metal detector (for crying out loud!) told me I had to take my combat knife – a Swiss Army Knife I actually used in Iraq- back to my car. A few years earlier, if the gatekeepers saw a knife pocket clip, the protocol was that you had to unclip the knife so it wasn’t visible. Go figure….

      We are so very fucked because of a percentage of 13% of our population.

      • Leo

        You nailed it. I saw it with the way Army “leaders” corrected certain things- usually on seemingly-innocuous white guys- and let other things go- especially when it had to do with enginiggering.

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Local grocery put up turnstile style gates and the poleece are on guard at the front after about 1800hrs.
    The liquor was placed by the order pickup door and there was some running out of it or undocumented reparations of opening and pouring some into a flask, even with cameras.
    Local news on about the Glock extended mags and alterations to various models in CPUSA (D) voter plantations or the projects.
    Probably on order from Bolshevik Revolution Redux HQ AKA DC.
    The word free is like a magnet and if you don’t have enough for everyone or a military security force then don’t bother.

    • Big Ruckus D

      We just had a nearly new location of a local premium grocer install those motorized one-way gates just inside the front entrance, in what I assume to be an effort to stop “wrong way” push-outs of carts full of unpaid merchandise. Has an IR sensor array that sounds an alarm if one tries to go around it (not that there’s much room to do so), as I witnessed someone clumsily attempt on my last trip over there.

      This is in a suburban location some distance from an interstate, so rampant niggotry is not really an issue at the location in question. And still, these measures were deemed necessary by the corporate HQ.

      Meanwhile Walgreens and CVS have a lot of easily boosted product locked behind clear lexan covers, and require involvement of an associate to get them out. Again, these are in solidly suburban locations, not those in the hood.

        • Anonymous

          Its mostly mestizo around these parts, and the only things locked up at the local Walmart are female beauty products. An entire aisle of nail polish and eyelash accessories behind glass. Not high-dollar items, but so easily pocketed that the clientele can’t be trusted to pick them off the shelves and pay for them. I still don’t see how making an associate unlock the case and hand the items to a shopper will deter crime. They are not escorting the shopper to the cashier, or handing them their purchases after payment.

      • Lineman

        You have to wonder if it’s one of those things that they have to put them in White areas as well so they don’t get accused of racisms… Just another part of the nigger tax we all pay…

  9. Leo

    Amazing. Niggers can even fuck up a zoo.

    They ruin everything. Every. Fucking. Thing.

    I know. WhItE pEoPlE dO iT tOo. What-fucking-ever….

    Another childhood memory gone.

  10. Bad Dancer

    The zoo here is doing the same. But they selected the millimeter wave scanners and ‘ai based weapon detection technologies’ from the same company with about a 60% failure rate that was so bad several schools broke contract with it and returned the systems.

    The problem is the scanners can short implanted medical devices and security is barely trained so flat out denies it is a possibility.

    City council gave them a grant for it but just so happened to leave out the million plus a year its going to cost in active monitoring and as there has yet to be a grant they’ve put out that did not result in at leasts one member of this remarkably corrupt group getting a fat kickback I’ll hold my breath.

    I’m looking into fabrics that can block the scanners radiation just out of pure spite in the same way I wear my ballcap with IR lights in the brim to places with facial recognition or check out cameras. If you’re that worried about theft open up the dang full service registers and hire enough workers.

  11. Zorost

    Yet another reason for me to get behind a “defund the police” initiative. Cops aren’t here to protect us from the criminals, they are here to protect the criminals from us. Without cops there would be no repeat child molesters, and no problems in zoos. Without cops, we could cut feeding costs at zoos down to almost nothing, at least for the carnivores, and for as long as the pavement apes continued to exist.

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