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Delicious Irony

Anderson, Indiana is a suburb of Indianapolis (sort of) and sit northeast of the city along I-69. It was here that a Miracle-American learned the important principle of Fuck Around And Find Out a little too late

Madison County officer-involved shooting found justified

A deputy with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department has been found justified in using his weapon during an officer-involved shooting of an Indianapolis man earlier this month in Anderson.

According to a news release from the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office, officials found that law enforcement “was justified in using deadly force” during the incident on June 1 in Anderson.

On the evening of June 1, 44-year-old Lataurus Harrison was shot in a vehicle after he reportedly refused to comply with officer commands. The documents said that Harrison reportedly drew a handgun from his pocket and raised it toward deputies after he “disobeyed 26 loud, verbal commands” from law enforcement.

Latautus Harrison? I didn’t find a picture of him but I did see his sister in a different video.

The family is all pissy because “why didn’t dey knock on dey mama door and sheeit? Why dey gotta shootz heem?”. Here is the funny part. This is the gun he was waving at the cops…

As an aside, if you are in a car surrounded by cops with guns drawn, you are in a bad situation that can only be made worse and fatal by pulling a gun.

Now if you are a gun guy, you probably recognize the basic outline of that pistol and that is where this run of the mill “Miracle-American FAFOing” gets really funny…

After he was shot, Harrison was taken to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. A search of the vehicle uncovered a black Taurus G2C 9mm semi-automatic handgun loaded with five rounds of ammunition, as well as a box of ammunition and a knife.

Yep, ol’ Lataurus Harrison was shot because he was pointing a Taurus handgun at cops.

That is just delicious. He was already on home detention so he likely has been in and out of jail his whole life and therefore his death was a net positive for Indiana and humanity as a whole. Kudos to the deputy that shot him and landed 7 of 10 rounds so Lataurus didn’t require tax payer funded medical care.


    • MN Steel

      “He enjoyed listening to podcasts, playing video games and spending time with his daughter and family.”

      Ah belieb da furs too…


        He “passed away”. Lataurus definitely puts the FUN in funeral.

        I wonder if someone gon pull dey gat out and let it holla at da fune’ruhl and pour for the departed at graveside.


    A Hoosier miracle, Lataurus,
    As noble as Sister Prioress,
    Took 26 times,
    To confess all his crimes,
    Pronounced good, sang the taxpayer chorus.

  2. Mike_C

    Hey! LaTaurus is “coded feminine” which makes him linguistically trans. If he had been LeTaurus he’d a been coded cis, and you’re allowed to make fun of those people. But trans? No mockery allowed, you bigots!

    Shame on all of you.

  3. Anonymous

    His mama couldn’t have given us the best laugh of all by naming her doomed sprog Clit’Taurus? (Yeah, I saw Vision Quest, too, so I know that the word is actually pronounced with the accent on the first syllable, but work with me here). I ‘spose if he had been named LaGlock or LaHiPoint instead his life might have taken a much different turn. But I tend to doubt it.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    The local gun shop has a metal artwork sign with shotgun muzzle pointing and the caption…we shoot back.
    The whole idea of a semi-auto is more than six rounds.
    That sixty years of never being told NO is just not working out for FUSA but the Long March crowd from Frankfurt loves it.
    I don’t like rules either but learned from pappy never get surly with the poleece and always use sir as they can always just shoot you.
    O/T-Learned that Ponderosa Steakhouse started in Kokomo from a video of restaurants that are long gone, a bud worked there and called it Pondergrossa.
    Some of them remain with only a handful still in action compared to hundreds during heyday.
    Rax is still around in Commierado and those shakes were killer and we used it as a before/after school hangout in the 1980’s.

  5. TakeAHardLook

    What could this Prime Buck have been thinking? Drawing his gat against a phalanx of cops was a sound strategy?

    Dang! But these nogs are dumber than a box of rocks.

    Yet, seeing his photo (above) plus the moving obituary of the highlights of his life as a contributor to his community (listening to podcasts, playing video games and spending time with his daughter and family) moved me to tears.

    Don’t you feel the same? Admit it! Just as with the “passing” of St. George the Floyd, the deaths of these Pillars of the Community diminish us all.

    [I can’t keep typing. I need a moment to compose myself]!

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