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D-Day 80 Years Later

There is a remarkable arrogance that comes with hindsight. While the passing of time can bring perspective, it can also reduce clarity. No event in recent history epitomizes that idea quite like World War II. The 20th century was a time of upheaval in the world and the pivot point of that upheaval was World War II. It was a time when empires fell and new powers rose. When World War II kicked off England was still considered a world power, Germany was rising as a serious contender on mainland Europe. Russia was a backwater still recovering from the Bolshevik takeover. Japan was seeking to become the dominate power in the Pacific. By the end of the war, Germany was destroyed, England was a shell of what she once was and the Soviet Union gobbled up most of Eastern Europe. Japan was disarmed and emasculated. Above it all sat the titan America, largely untouched by the two World Wars and an economic giant without peer.

America later decreed that the generation of men who fought in World War II and the women who kept things running at home were the “Greatest Generation”. When the boys came home from war they found girls, got married and started the Baby Boom. What made those Americans great was that the men went off to unspeakable horrors in the Pacific and in Europe did what they were told to do and then came home to try to live normal lives. They didn’t think of themselves as heroes. Major Richard Winters of Band of Brothers fame closes the series with this quote:

“Grandpa were you a hero in the war?…Grandpa said, “No…. but I served in a company of heroes”.

That hits me hard still, no matter how many times I have watched it and no matter what I think about the war as a whole. Dick Winters would also write:

I would live this war one day at a time, and I promised myself that if I survived, I would find a small farm somewhere in the Pennsylvania countryside and spend the remainder of my life in quiet and peace.

That was all they wanted. After seeing what they saw, after watching friends die in the cruelest ways imaginable, after waking each day expecting to die, all they wanted was peace and quiet. They all sacrificed something, some sacrificed everything.

Our enlightened hindsight in the modern era has created a mythology around World War II, based in some facts but also a lot of retconning. For an event that shaped the modern world and changed the course of human history, most people are woefully ignorant of what actually happened, why we entered the war and why the war happened in the first place, who was fighting and why and what the outcome meant for future generations.

This is nowhere truer than in the “alliance” between the U.S and England and the Soviet Union. While I doubt many people on the street even know that the Soviets also were fighting Germany, even fewer know that when Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939, the Soviets did as well with a secret agreement, the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, whereby Germany and the Soviets agreed to divide up Eastern Europe between them. It was only later in June of 1941 with Operation Barbarossa that Germany invaded Soviet territory and kicked off the Eastern front. Suddenly and thanks to our zeal to defeat Hitler, the “good guys” were expanded to include the Soviet Union.

Make no mistake. Even if you accept at face value and without investigation all of the pop culture claims about the Third Reich’s atrocities, and I absolutely do not, at worst Hitler was the third biggest monster of the 20th century. Whatever numbers you use for Germany’s body count, it is eclipsed many times over by the deaths meted out by Stalin and Mao. The Soviets and Chinese Communists murdered between them tens of millions of people and imprisoned hundreds of millions more behind an Iron Curtain that stretched from Poland across Eastern Europe, through Russia, Kazakhstan and China. As the crow flies it is well over 4,000 miles from Gdańsk, Poland to Shenzen, China. For comparison purposes, it is only around 2500 miles from San Diego to Boston.

Despite what popular culture would claim, Nazism/Fascism was not the great evil of the 20th century. Communism/Marxism/Maoism was. Hitler was in power for a mere dozen years. Benito Mussolini only around 20 years. Starting with Lenin and ending with Boris Yeltsin, Soviet Russia lasted for 74 years, almost 3/4 of the 20th century. The human misery started with the Bolshevik revolution is without peer in scope and scale in human history. The saying that is famously attributed General George Patton is that America had been fighting the wrong enemy all along. Patton later wrote:

“If we let Germany and the German people be completely disintegrated and starved, they will certainly fall for Communism, and the fall of Germany for Communism will write the epitaph of democracy in the United States. The more I see of people, the more I regret I survived the war.”

He barely survived the war, dying from an “accident” that looks more like an assassination on December 21st, 1945, just months after the end of the war in Europe. Patton is buried in Europe, in the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, at his desire to be buried with his men. What he feared came to pass as half of Germany fell under the sway of Communism and the now reunited Germany is a degenerate shadow of her former glory. Patton was not only focused on the Soviets but also on the Jewish influence over our government, especially Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. who was the architect of Morgenthau Plan to cripple Germany via “deindustrialization”, and the American media. In short he made lots of enemies and died shortly after the war ended under extremely suspicious circumstances. Make of that what you will.

In short, as I look back the 80 years since the unbelievably brave men of the United States, England and Canada charged out of landing craft, jumped out of planes and crash landed in gliders in France on June 6th, 1944, I no longer see a valiant victory that led to peace and freedom. While taking nothing away from the noble sacrifices of those men, instead I look at the people pulling the levers behind the curtain and ask a critical question:

Would the world as a whole have been better off since 1945 if England had made peace with Germany and the U.S. had never entered the European theater of World War II?

My answer is yes. Even our defeat of Japan “because they started it” was followed rapidly by the rise of Mao, the defeat of Chiang Kai-shek and the enslavement of a billion Chinese under a brutal Maoist dictatorship. Of course the Japs were brutal occupiers of China so there wasn’t a great option on either side but the brutality of Imperial Japan pales in comparison to the horrors visited upon Asia by Mao’s Chinese Communism, the Khmer Rouge, the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

Charles Lindbergh believed that America actually lost World War II, not because we lost the battles but rather because we ended up losing our civilization.

“Your ask what my conclusions are, rereading my journals and looking back on World War II from the vantage point of quarter century in time? We won the war in a military sense; but in a broader sense it seems to me we lost it, for our Western civilization is less respected and secure than it was before.

“In order to defeat Germany and Japan we supported the still greater menaces of Russia and China – which now confront us in a nuclear weapon era. The British empire has broken down with great suffering, bloodshed and confusion. France has had to give up her major colonies and turn to a mild dictatorship herself.”

“Much of our Western culture was destroyed. We lost the genetic heredity formed through eons of many million lives. Meanwhile, the Soviets have dropped their Iron Curtain to screen off Eastern Europe, and an antagonistic Chinese Government threatens us in Asia.

“More than a generation after the war’s end, our occupying armies still must occupy, and the world has not been made safe for democracy and freedom. On the contrary, our own system democratic government is being challenged by that greatest of dangers to any government – internal coordinating and unrest.

“It is alarmingly possible that World War II marks the beginning of our Western civilization’s breakdown…”

I believe he was right and history demonstrates he was correct every time we turn on the news and popular entertainment.

In our hubris and thanks to a shadow campaign it is forbidden to even question the rightness of our cause in World War II. Ask the questions I raised in this post and you are accused of being anti-American, being a Nazi, dishonoring the sacrifice of so many American soldiers and sailors or of course being antisemitic. Regardless, with each anniversary of D-Day and other significant events from World War II I find myself more in agreement than ever with Charles Lindbergh in believing that ultimately America and the West lost World War II and because of that we have been in a undeclared war with the enemies of Western civilization for decades, a war that is coming to a head in real time today.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    And while attending the D-Day commemoration ceremony, pedo joey shat himself, resulting in a battle of the bulge in his trousers. He was promptly whisked away by his upholstered wife and chief emergency ass wiper, leaving cougar chaser macron to greet veterans in attendance solo.

    This is perhaps the most embarrassing bunch of shit-tier statesmen ever assembled. And now the site of the ceremony will have to be swept for land mines.

    • Big Ruckus D

      That is my view of it as well. Hell, Lindbergh’s remarks could be my own, nearly verbatim. And even worse is that WWII created the conditions under which America became an empire, and ultimately a unitary empire at that, once the USSR collapsed. Past experience hath shewn that becoming an empire is always fatal to the long term survival of any country so cursed. And here we are in the death throes of the American Empire, destined to fall just as the British, French, Spanish, Roman and all others who preceeded us in the role.

      • anonymous

        I grew up with the lies about Germany and had never questioned them.

        It was only when I had obtained a broader view of the world, its peoples, and its religions, that I realized that the calumnies about Germany had to be wrong. Germany was a center of Western culture, religion, and technology. It is doubtful on its face that such a people could be turned into monsters worse than anything else in the world. It was a largely Catholic country, or protestant from Catholic roots. It had the benefit creating and carrying on so much of Western culture, and it has always had a disciplined and industrious people.

        It seems very unlikely that such a people would turn into the worst of vicious barbarians. I think it much more likely that we have been sold a Winner’s History, rather than actual facts.

  2. just another gunsmith

    I suggest researching someone, Col. Lansdale, a fixer who set up countries to fall in the oriental sphere, evidently. Gen. Chang Kai-Shek (?) was probably no angel, but compared to mao (mhbih)…

    I think he was involved with Marcos in the Philippines and the French Indochinese conflicts, never mind air America and the drugs, human traffic, stolen war booty and so on…..

  3. Don W Curton

    As I get older (approaching 60 quickly), I more and more think that everything I was ever taught was nothing more than a calculated lie.

  4. 3g4me

    Excellent post. I agree with all your points. Just to note, I saw a meme at Tactical Hermit on this same theme that I agree with; then saw the same meme at Cold Fury screeching the Germans were evil notsees and that the meme was evil and stupid. The propaganda has gone deep and too many still believe it as holy doctrine. Also important to note that that same ‘Greatest Generation” either enthusiastically supported or at least did not actively protest the racial integration of the military and the public schools as well as the 1965 immigration act. Not to minimize the sins of the Boomers, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

    • Lineman

      The indoctrination is so deep in some people that it will be impossible to correct it, no matter what is shown to them…Sad to see that they still hold on to a false premise given to them by people that they know are liars and they know hate them and want them dead or enslaved…


    It’s a little sad to see what’s left of those vets allowing themselves to be props for a homo/pedo gubbment that hates everything they stood for.

    They were definitely wired differently. They probably don’t see themselves being exploited so cheaply, but it’s disgusting.

    I stay away from flag-waving and rally the troops events these days. And I’ll definitely not be watching the fake and gay Olympics.

  6. Seamrog

    This post makes me so sad.

    I am in my 50’s and grew up in a real of American excellence (or I thought it was).

    This time some 30 years ago, I visited Normandy. I toured the battle sights, I walked the long lines of the graves in the American Cemetery.

    I walked out to over my head in the cold water and looked back at the shore to try and take it in.

    Living in Paris for almost a year and then coming to this place where Americans were still honored was so humbling. Not for me, but for the men who died who they have not forgotten even if we have.

    All of this as a young man, and then to learn of the real truth of it as an older man.

    It is so sad, and so damn infuriating.

    Today, my heart and mind is with those men who did this remarkable thing.

    Tonight, when I’m drunk enough to deal with it, my mind will be on those men who also did this thing, and who continue to do it today, calling my son to come die for the ongoing satanic sacrifice.

    All of the fine young men on both sides who could have had more white families and histories got butchered for all the wrong reasons.

  7. Phil B

    A couple of books that might be of interest regarding the Soviet behaviour leading up to WW2. The first is this one – you needn’t read the whole book but the chapter “History” describes the insane and paranoid purges (that is, the wholesale slaughter of millions of the population and the Military) by the Cheka (who were in their turn purged). Ignore the Cyrillic at the header – the rest of the document is in English:

    He mentions Spetznaz and their origins and if you want to know what the Soviets were planning and how Spetznaz were going to be employed in the invasion of western Europe in the 1970’s to the collapse of the Soviet Union, then:

    It is chilling in its description.

    The other is Icebreaker – a long and highly detailed read about the Soviet preparation for the invasion of western Europe following the failure of “spontaneous” communist revolutions in those countries. It also explains why, because the Soviets trained their army for an offensive role that when attacked, they did very poorly in defence.

    Of course, thanks to Franklin D Rooseveldt favouring Russia with the gift of over 300,000 trucks, tanks, aircraft etc. it allowed the Soviet victory – without that aid, Germany would have won so it was a major contributor to enslaving half of Western Europe for half a century. Thanks, FDR … NOT!

    Note that all the material supplied to the Soviets was a gift, not lend lease (such as to Britain which was paid for in full by the British).

  8. Bobsuruncle

    Read “The Bad War”, good place to start. Mike King Real News and History site has good archives and such, not preaching just sharing. Also, Jeff Rense, him and some of his guests have accurate views, I wont elaborate.

    General Patton is the only General of renown that does not have one plaque, one bust, one picture, quote, nothing in the Pentagon. There are literal museum artifacts there that go back to our founders, pics, busts, firearms, the air rifle from Lewis and Clark, etc… I’ve walked every inch of it, looked at every picture, display and otherwise. Nothing. Kinda of tells you something doesnt it? Maybe old George was onto something and the bastard establishment couldnt have it so they killed him for his political apsirations as he was dangerous. Yes he was.

  9. GCE

    I believe Patton also said something along the lines of fighting the wrong enemy. He was due to retire, probably in 1946, and only 60 years old and in relatively good health. But he was a loose cannon, and regardless of the bullshit that turd POS Andy Rooney said about him, much of the 3rd Army vets respected and were proud of serving with him. I was lucky to meet these men 40 years ago. So, they had to get rid of him. Those POS’s Bradley and Ike didn’t attend his funeral, after saving their rear ends in Operation Cobra and the Bulge. I’ve read many accounts of WWIi ETO GIs asked the the verboten question of why were we fighting the Germans? Excellent question.

    • Berglander

      Eisenhower reportedly said that 90% of American troops had no idea why they were fighting the Germans.
      He also never mentioned “death camps” in his memoirs.
      Luckily, a (((myth))) was created to justify this most awful of Brother Wars.

      • GCE

        True. It was never mentioned in Crusade. You would think something “that big” would get a chapter or even a page in his book?

  10. Vin

    Without question, yes! Imagine also, if you will, how much better off Western Civilization would be if the U.S. had not only stayed OUT of the first world war, but used it’s influence to keep England out as we.. France was named for the Franks, a German tribe so it’s not exactly new for the Gauls.

  11. Steve

    I agree with most of what you posted, however I would put the seminal event (for this country anyway) was when we got involved in WW I. The end of WW I saw the end of: The Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman Empires. If it weren’t for our entry in WW I, there would have been no rise of Hitler and thus, no WW II.
    Our disaster began in 1913 with the godfather of the progressive movement – Woodrow Wilson – shackling us with: The Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, the FBI and the ADL, all in the same year. Funny how we got stuck with that last one, I’m sure there’s no coincidence.
    I was not aware that Patton receives NO recognition at the pentagon, but it doesn’t surprise me either. Within any organization, unorthodox thinkers are naturally despised. Patton also had the reputation of not being afraid to personally get his hands dirty, something Ike was not known for. The fact that Patton was also #1 on Stalins hit/shit list should have been a huge flag for Washington, but as we all know they weren’t happy with him either.
    I believe at one point Patton told Bradley (I could be wrong about it being Bradley) “When I get back to the states I’m going on a tour and I’m going to talk to the American people and let them know some of the things that their leaders have been up to and when they hear what I have to say, I don’t think they’re going to be very happy. In fact, I can guarantee you that they’re going to be God damned furious!” Or something to that effect.
    Patton got into his “accident” a little over a week after making that statement.

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