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Ban blacks Not Books

Once upon a time libraries were places (mostly White) people went to check out books, do research, read quietly, etc. In college I spent a lot of time in the school library gathering data for a poli sci paper on changing voting habits in the South, information I could find in about 15 seconds on DuckDuckGo today. Back then libraries were quiet, peaceful places where stereotypical librarians with glasses on a chain would shush you if you were making too much noise, the aforementioned college library was absolutely silent despite being full of 18-22 year old kids. Being quiet and respectful of others was something ingrained in us as children and to this day I still speak in a low voice or whisper in a library, no matter how loud other patrons might be. I can’t control how other people act but I can still show appropriate decorum.

That all started to change when libraries began offering internet connected computers and wifi free to the public and librarians went from being older middle aged women with cardigans and sensible shoes and morphed into young, fat women with nose rings and t-shirts with cringe inducing slogans.

I have talked about the state of the Allen County main library in downtown Fort Wayne in the past, with entire segments devoid of books and filled instead with rows of computers occupied by weirdos. The book stacks usually have middle aged Whites browsing while the tables are full of bums and blacks staring at their phones. I am sure they wouldn’t be watching porn, right? On the other hand, I am guessing that is exactly what ol’ Tyquane was doing.

A man was arrested Wednesday after an investigation found he allegedly masturbated in front of a teenager at a branch of the Allen County Public Library.

Tyquane Lamar Stewart, 31, faces preliminary charges of public indecency with a prior conviction and dissemination of matter harmful to minors.

The investigation started when Fort Wayne Police were told that on April 18, a man exposed himself and masturbated in front of a 15-year-old at the Shawnee branch of the Allen County Public Library. A detective with the Crimes Against Persons Unit determined Stewart was the alleged culprit, and he was taken into custody Wednesday for the felony charge of public indecency.

Libraries are like zoos, places that once were nice to visit but that have been ruined by diversity and woke fat chicks. The Shawnee Branch is sort of in the ‘hood so I expect it gets lots of vibrant diversity using the internet and a few crazy guys like Tyquane. Is there anything they can’t ruin?

*Note: I am of the opinion that plenty of books ought to be banned and/or burned, the title was just funny


  1. Lineman

    Niggers ruin everything they come in contact with…It’s like they have the Midus touch that turns everything they touch to shit instead of gold…

  2. Filthie

    I am astonished, quite frankly, that libraries still exist. In point of fact you could shut them all down, fire the blue haired landwhales and soys… and left to their own devices, the niggers would probably burn the books for you. (Mind you, they’d probably burn the library – and themselves – down with the books).

    I dunno whether to be perturbed by this or not. If turning the libraries over to the niggers and freaks gets them off the street and out of productive white spaces… it might be a Good Thing? Of course the best solution would have non-stop super scows loaded with blacks sailing back to Africa to disgorge their holds… but I will take what I can get at this point.

  3. Aaron

    Local library for the last 20 years has been a shelter for the old and weird. Parents use library as a babysitting service where their spawn can be on the free internet for hours. Location central rural Wisconsin.

  4. Lasagna

    Innocent until proven guilty. No dna, no photos, no fingerprints. This racial harassment KKK style in the 21st century.


    • O grate

      Wow we all thought you finally did the world a favor and OD’d and your cats ate you. Guess we couldn’t be that lucky.

        • Dr. Hollowpoint

          Wrong? Are you a child? There’s so much “wrong” going on that heritage Americans lynching a million Negroes would fit right in, could be considered prophylaxis, and would be regrettable only if we didn’t do same to our Ashkenazi overlords.

          If “wrong” is your argument against a proposed social action you are either a child or an imbecile.

  5. Harbinger

    The library used to be a place of refuge for me and, I suspect, numerous others, back in my troubled youth. It got me away from peers who seemed to draw me in to situations where I had no business being. I read voraciously, everything from Kurt Vonnegut to Carlos Castaneda to Oscar Wilde. Anything considered controversial or outre in its time was what I gravitated to.

    The Internet changed all that. With literally all of human literary output available in milliseconds with a few keystrokes, libraries have been relegated to quaint, archaic relics of a civilized past. I have not “checked out” a physical volume in two decades. The only time I ever set foot in our local library now is for the quarterly used book sales, to indulge my nostalgic habit of buying hardcovers to populate the numerous bookshelves that line the walls in my home office, den and living room.

    Libraries have become what train station waiting rooms used to be – holding pens for the homeless, the mentally ill, who befoul the restrooms and harass the legitimate users of those facilities. My parents would drop me off at the library on a Saturday morning when I was 8 or 9 years old, well before the advent of personal computers, to explore as far as my imagination would take me. I never left without an armload of borrowed books. It was the safest, most rewarding place I knew that early in life.

    God, how I miss those days.

    • Lineman

      You and me both Brother…If you haven’t ever read the Wheel of Time Series or anything by Mathew Reilly give them a try…

  6. saoirse

    The main library in our town, as well as the larger one across the river, make it a point to feature books by shitskin and shitlib authors, content which always focuses on themselves and their endless grievances of course. The children’s rooms where I take my grandson are rife with multi-culti shit and they display it everywhere. The traditional versions of classic series like Curious George, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew etc. have been nigger-fied and all the new stuff is the same. It takes a real effort to find books with all White characters.
    Both these towns are 90% White, and yes the librarians are every flavor of shitlib. Complaining about the over-representation of ‘minorities’ and freaks gets you nowhere so I take it upon myself to hide the books in every crack and crevice I can find, i.e. above the ceiling tile; underneath and behind shelving; in a completely different section etc. The real trash goes into the toilet tanks….no joke. I’m contemplating getting a fake card and checking out the garbage to burn in the fire pit. I enough people did this it would put a dent into their agenda – especially the kids books! I’m slowly assembling my own selection of classic children’s books to give to my grandchildren. Gotta hurry because they’ll be gone forever real soon.

  7. Max Wiley

    Hopefully some of those libraries will continue to survive for a long time, as much of a relic as they are. When – not “if,” when – the sun burps on our planet and turns back the technological clock to around 1850 or so by completely frying every electrical grid on the planet, those libraries will be the repositories of the sum of the knowledge of our technological civilization. Otherwise the loss of knowledge will make the destruction of the library in Alexandria look like a mere Nazi book burning.

  8. TakeAHardLook

    Nigs! As a class, completely bereft of decency, the ability to consider consequences; basically, a low animal which acts on its immediate needs or wants, with no thought for others.

    They are the most lethal slow-acting biologic weapon ever to have been unleashed upon America.

  9. Bobsuruncle

    It started thirty years ago all over Pittsburgh, PA where Carnegie built beautiful limestone, roman architecture libraries all over Pgh surrounding towns, are now taken over by nogs and most are shut down. These ferals destroy everything, they have no culture, no learning, nothing but shit, just shit even when they manage some degree of learning, they are an in-courageable species not fit for civil society. The few whites that exhibit this behavior should be wiped off the face of the earth as well. We need more mill stones. Maybe we rename June mill stone month.

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