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Another One?

What is going on in Chicago?

A Cook County judge has detained a woman after prosecutors accused her of stabbing and seriously injuring another woman at an Uptown bar.

The stabbing occurred at 4713 North Broadway, the address of The Baton Show Lounge, shortly after 10 p.m. on May 20, according to court and Chicago police records.

Prosecutors said a 33-year-old woman went to the club with four friends, and they encountered Manuel Macon, a 47-year-old that one of the victim’s friends knew.

During the evening, Macon made “several comments” toward the victim, her friend, and others in the group, prosecutors said during a detention petition. Ultimately, the group decided to leave.

As they were walking out, Macon got into a “scuffle” with the person she knew, and the victim tried to intervene, the petition said. At that point, Macon pulled a knife out of her bag and stabbed the victim once in her breast area, according to the petition.

A “woman”. Sure.

The attack happened at a place called The Baton Show Lounge and that is a name that screams faggotry. Sure enough according to Wikipedia…

Baton Show Lounge is a Chicago drag club since 1969. It is famous as the venue for the Miss Continental pageant.

A “drag club”, that means that likely none of the “women” involved are actually women. Also according to Wikipedia, this den of freaks has been visited by such luminaries as Madonna, Janet Jackson and Ted Kennedy. The degeneracy of the Kennedy clan knows no bounds. The club’s Facebook page is a cesspool, like this:

Some negro transvestite faggot with breast implants performing at a “Juneteenth” celebration showcasing the oxymoronic “black excellence”. If ever there was a time and place for fire and brimstone raining down from on high, it is that day and that address.

Back in the day the Chicago cops used to roust that place, now they probably guard it and many are in attendance. Sadly we are not even at peak degeneracy yet, just the early hours of end stage degeneracy. Worse is yet to come.


  1. saoirse

    Take a look at that place on G Maps. Too bad their “Jump Off” (or throw off) isn’t from the roof. Kennedys go first!


    The Juneteenth event on the poster and Satanic trannie rump rangers goes together like Juneteenth and crime.

    We live near Galveston and go there a lot because it’s run by and mostly White. Best I can tell, history says word of emancipation last reached Galveston in June of 1865 and that is where the early jubilees started.

    Business owners like to have large crowds of tourists come in for festivals and stuff, but you can imagine what tens of thousands of feral niggers in Galveston on a weekend do. Most board up their shops like a hurricane is approaching. Many would prefer a hurricane, it least it doesn’t have a retarded agenda and won’t chimp out on them. The owners just board up and hunker down till it passes.

    On the upside, most of the cops, especially the ones on the seawall and ferry are dicks. So they are stuck with having to deal a hot, long weekend of possible career-ending encounters. Happy Juneteenth everyone, or as we will be calling it at work this year, Wednesday.

    • Arthur Sido

      There is a push in New York or somewhere like that to turn yet another black holiday into a Federal holiday, as if every time negros have a bbq it is a cause for national celebration.

  3. Gryphon

    “If ever there was a time and place for fire and brimstone raining down from on high,…”

    It can also be said that “Wiemar Problems require Wiemar Solutions”. If you do a little research, it’s not hard to find that most of the Pictures that are (((labeled))) as “Nah-Zees Burning books” and “Nah-Zees burning zooish businesses” were actually Whites destroying zooish Pornography, Films, Theaters and ‘clubs’ such as this one. They Burned the first “Transgender Clinic”, run by zoos.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    I am so sick of homosexuals. It’s like they have to beat us to death with their queerness. There is a woman in our spaniel group who is a Lesbian. She is very good to her dogs, but there isn’t an opportunity she misses to remind everyone how “normal” she & her partner are, how they celebrate pride, how long they have been together, blah, blah. I am just tired of these people. STFU about being gay. Not everyone knows and none of us need to know. The only thing worse is POC who are also gay; they get a double barrel shotgun to beat you with. And GRYPHON is correct. Hitler became popular because of his initial stance against homosexuals and the clinic churning out boys or girls on the flip side.

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