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A New Entrance In The Freakshow Hall Of Fame

Excuse me ma’am but your stubble is showing.

A Chicago woman faces charges of first-degree murder and concealing a homicidal death for allegedly beating a man to death with a hammer and stashing his body in a kitchen cupboard.

Police went to the home of Johnnie Evans, 40, in the 7400 block of South Yates on May 30 after his family members reported him missing, according to a Chicago police report. Victoria Greyson, a 22-year-old who listed Evans’ address as her home in police records, answered the door.

According to the report, Greyson gave police permission to walk through the home to determine if Evans was there. As they entered the kitchen, the officers discovered a black garbage bag “that resembled a body like shape with a foul aroma emitting from the bag in the kitchen pantry,” according to the report.

Asked what was inside the bag, Greyson allegedly replied that she “just did some spring cleaning” and the bag contained “an old rug.”

In fact, the bag contained Evans’ body.

Prosecutors said Greyson admitted to tazing and pepper spraying Evans as he slept. She proceeded to kill him by striking him in the head and body with a hammer and a lamp, according to court filings.

Sounds like Johnnie Evans had a much younger “lady friend” living with him, for cooking and mending clothes I assume, and for whatever reason Victoria here decided to kill him and then stash his body in a cupboard. The old “that’s not a dead guy, that is an old rug” ploy failed to fool Chicago’s finest.

I wonder where “Victoria” will serve “her” prison sentence. If “she” ends up in a men’s prison, I don’t expect “she” will keep her Victoria secret for very long.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Victoria’s secret? (that was very nicely played, by the way)
    Naw, more like Mister Obvious.

    What an absolutely zero effort fagfreak. Not remotely convincing as a women, nor as a mastermind of murder. This crazy bitch (yes, he’s a bitch) gets 0 out of 10 on both counts.

      • Big Ruckus D

        That is true, but (actual) women in prison are going to have to step up and start ganging up on and shanking these assholes whenever they show up, as a preventive maintenance measure for their own protection.

        Really, they should be getting spontaneously castrated in the showers, and left to bleed out. Once such attacks start happening with regularity, these freakfaggots will either stop trying to get sentenced to women’s prisons, or the corrections system will deny them the opportunity to be placed there. And if neither happens, then they just continue to get attacked and killed for being where they don’t belong. But, that will all be predicated on real female inmates in women’s prisons forcing the issue through the use of applied violence. As a pragmatic sort, I’m ok with that outcome.

        Always remember: violence isn’t the answer to what ails us in clown world. It’s the question. And the answer to that question is “fuck yeah”, because that’s all that those directing policy in clown world understand.

  2. Arete

    It’s Illinois, so “her” identity will be treated as if it’s real, and “she” will go to a women’s prison and be an ongoing menace to everyone there who is actually female.


    There once was a trannie on jenkem,
    In Chicongo, the lib land of Lincoln,
    A lamp and a hammer,
    It’s faggot enamor,
    The body in bag just a stinkin’

    • Big Ruckus D

      Ok, you’ve inspired me to have another go at a poetic treatment of the subject at hand:

      There once was a transfag in a women’s prison
      Who kept going around trying to inject his jism.
      Then the women got brash,
      and carved him an improvised gash.
      Since then he’s been missing, and this is just guessing,
      But he probably went out with the trash.

      • TakeAHardLook

        And you have both inspired me to recollect this old limerick–vaguely related to the subject at hand:

        There once was a nogger named Dave
        Who kept a dead whore in his cave
        He said, “What the hell
        I got used to the smell
        And think of the money I’ve saved.”

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    @ Jenkem LMFAO!
    The best a maam can get for this shemale.
    Maybe it can be VPeezy of the Steezy during Barry’s fourth term under Big Mike?
    Yes we can!
    Haven’t been to Chimpcongo since the Bosnia/Balkans war and won’t be returning to CPUSA (D) central HQ.

    There once was a young named Veach
    He fell asleep on the beach
    His dreams of nude women had has proud organ brimming
    And squirting on all within reach

    In the Garden of Eden lay Adam
    Complacently stroking his madame
    For on all of the earth there were only two balls
    And he had ’em

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Whoops, forgot the and loud was his mirth line for Adam.
    Too many TBI with concussion/fracture. (rimshot)
    Those are from an adults only board game and wrote most of them down on index cards, at least the ones that made me laugh.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Bro, if I didn’t find an occasional outlet for my odd sense of humor, I’d probably have stroked out by now. Being a denizen of clown world is like living inside a pressure cooker. And I do appreciate the yuks the rest of you guys put up for our amusement. It’s a brief but welcome respite from the shittiness of the daily grind.

      There once was a fag from New York
      Who travelled the world finding rectums to pork.
      He caught some ringworm
      And the burn made him squirm.
      But the antibiotics would no longer work.

  6. ozark homesteader

    Had the murderer dude been a ranking communist operative the old “that’s not a dead body, its an old rug” ploy would have worked. The ‘rug’ would have been burned without an autopsy, biohazard precautions or proper burial. Try to imagine an America that had never been tainted by the mass influx of illegal aliens that was foisted upon America by the muslim africans in the nascent days of the settling and civilizing of North America.

    • Leo

      I remember when one of our young lovelies in my high school was named the Pork Queen in the newspaper. At the time, she wasn’t bad looking at all, but somehow just naming her that kinda killed any attraction for some reason….One of my classmates was not deterred by such a moniker and DID, in fact, pork her…

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