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When Water Buffalo Attack!

This one is a classic from Indianapolis.

AJ Haley says she recorded her 6-year-old daughter’s hairstylist trying to force her way into their car on Saturday. 

In the video, you can see the door handle nearly be ripped off as a woman tugs on it.

Haley’s daughter, Kensley, was in the backseat, screaming in fear. 

“When I saw that door handle being pulled off, I just knew, like this is a situation that has gone way too far,” Haley said.

According to Haley, her daughter’s hair braiding cost about $135. She said the session lasted nearly 10 hours, when it normally only takes three or four hours.

And when Haley says she told the braider she wasn’t satisfied with the service and wasn’t tipping, the woman became aggressive, even allegedly blocking her from leaving the shop.

Who the hell pays $135 to get a 6 year old girl’s hair braided? Oh, that’s right….

It gets better….

Haley says once she was able to get hold of her daughter, they both got into the car. That’s when Haley says a group of people, some of them with guns, started surrounding her. Haley’s daughter was watching it all.

“I didn’t want my mom to get hurt or anything because she had a lot of friends, and my mom only had one person,” Kensley said.

That one person Haley says was Kensley’s aunt.

Haley says while the aunt was trying to calm the situation, one of the women’s friends was able to cut off some of Kensley’s braids.

People showed up with guns to threaten a mom and a 6 year old.

Now you know and I know that the conversation from the mother wasn’t a calm and rational one like “I am dissatisfied with the braiding my daughter received and therefore I will not be tipping you”. I mean, holy crap she already dropped $135 on a 10 hour hairdo for a 6 year old.

Violent emotional toddlers with guns (and scissors). What a wonderful addition to the fabric of America.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Breadcrumb braid raid, film at 11.

    And $135 pissed down a rat hole to put a 6 year old in braids? FFS, these people.

    Little Kensley got her some braids.
    Her momma didn’t like them and started to throw shade.
    The stylist was insistent she had to be paid.
    And when momma stiffed her on the tip, they almost ended up “daid”.

    (Where’s my tip? Quality like this doesn’t come cheap!)

  2. John Perry

    Haven’t been to Indianapolis in over 15 years, and it seemed nice at the time. Of course, we were there for MotoGP and were surrounded by White people. I didn’t know there were crime problems until those Indy car drivers got robbed at the Taco Bell drive thru a few years ago.

  3. Harbinger

    Assuming that the 6 year old, mama and auntie are also black, I file this one under the NHI banner (No Humans Involved).

    It’s amazing that they can endure such a marathon effort as ten hours for the sake of vanity, but will chimp out within seconds when their other needs or wants are not immediately satisfied. How many meal breaks did the wildebeest take during that ten hour stretch?

    One final thought is that whenever I see those booking photos of the males and females with medusa hair or intricate braids my first thought is, “Dey don’t wash dat shit between stylin’s”. Change my mind.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    Sheeeeit, no tip bro? Jus’ like a nigga. Imma get my Glock beeyotch, soon as I gets my pants pulled da fuck up.

    This really is too easy.

  5. Squib

    Any six-year-old sitting still for 10 hours to get their hair done? 10 minutes is a lifetime to a six -year-old.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    “We will use racial tensions to tear apart the fabric of American society and deliver it to the communist cause.”

    CPUSA, 1922 (h/t G E Griffin)

    They understood that tensions between the blacks would tear that segment apart?
    Reading that good reverends are telling some members of the CPUSA (D) voting plantation to stay home in November and no other bloc votes en mass for the left wing of the traitor/quisling UNI Party like Rastus and Shanaynay.
    A mild form of ethnic cleansing is occurring across West South Africa or FUSA where Latrinos and Mexcrements flush out the democrat plantation pets to the suburbs.

  7. Skeptic

    This might be the most nig story that ever nogged.

    Mama sow spends $135 on braids for her little niglet. Then gets pissed, after taking 10 hours to do a 4 hour job, and doesn’t tip. Of course, nigs don’t tip.

    Then, the water buffalo stylist goes ape shit, calls her backup with guns. And they CUT THE BRAIDS OFF THE NIGLET.

    The only thing that didn’t happen was someone getting shot.

    They are not human.

  8. RDG

    From the look of the braids if that hair wasn’t braided it would fill a bushel basket on top of that little head. Mom was doing right, by gosh.

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