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What A Damn Waste

Haiti, the island nation that is an endless source of misery and the greatest single real-life argument to support everything I write. Now this story comes out of that shithole and this one really bothers me.

A young American couple who devoted their lives to missionary work in Haiti were killed Thursday night, along with the Haitian director of their non-profit, after two armed groups attacked their mission in the country’s volatile capital.

“I’m just at a total loss,” David Lloyd, 48, told the Miami Herald, confirming the deaths of his son Davy Lloyd, daughter-in-law Natalie Lloyd and director Judes Montis. “I’m just in total shock. I haven’t grieved. I haven’t done anything else. I haven’t eaten. I can’t think.”

The three were killed by armed men who attacked Missions In Hope, a U.S.-based non-profit near Bon Repos, a gang-controlled community just east of the capital. The attack served as a reminder of the ongoing violence by criminal armed gangs who since Feb. 29 have released thousands of inmates from two prisons, attacked police stations and schools and forced the shuttering of the airport and seaport…..

…The details of what happened were still not clear Friday, said Lloyd, who had flown out of Port-au-Prince with his other son the day before the attack. But the non-profit was hit by two different armed groups during the day, he said. Davy Lloyd was trying to inform his dad about what was happening on the property when the three were killed and the house was set on fire.

Workers who extracted the bodies on Friday told the Herald that Natalie’s body was not burned and Davvy appeared to have been pulled out before his body was completely charred.

Missions in Hope runs a school for 450 children, has a children’s home and a commercial bakery, where Lloyd said “we give bread to anyone who’s hungry.”

I hope that at least those fucking savages killed Natalie quickly instead of raping her.

Davy Lloyd was 23 and his wife Natalie was 21. According to the story Davy made it clear that any girl marrying him would need to move to Haiti with him.

David Lloyd recalled that when Davy left Haiti after high school for bible college in the U.S., “he told basically all the girls there, ‘Don’t even talk to me if you’re not willing to live in Haiti the rest of your life, cause that’s my home.”

Natalie apparently was willing to follow Davy to Haiti, “his home”, a “home” full of subhuman animals that would never, ever, consider them one of their own.

I don’t know anything about Missions In Hope but I am very familiar with other mission groups that go to Haiti to run “orphanages” and other ministries, all operating on the funds raised by White Christians in America who go to Haiti like I did for a few days to take some selfies with little black kids and then send checks every month. Literally millions of dollars flow into that country and the net result?

Not one goddamn thing has changed. Nor will it ever change.

As someone who has been to Haiti and donated a fair amount of money to Haitian missions I can say without hesitation:

Haiti is a hopeless, lost cause because the country is full of Haitians.

Haitians are some of the very worst of the descendants of Africans, an especially stupid and violent genetic cesspool of gangs, sloth and rape.

But they wuz spreading the Gospel and stuff!

Bullshit. I don’t mean to deny the zeal and sincerity of Davy and Natalie Lloyd but this couple was fed a train-load of bullshit and it led directly to their deaths.

There are over 330 million people living in the United States. According to a recent Gallup poll….

As Americans observe Ramadan and prepare to celebrate Easter and Passover, the percentage of adults who report regularly attending religious services remains low. Three in 10 Americans say they attend religious services every week (21%) or almost every week (9%), while 11% report attending about once a month and 56% seldom (25%) or never (31%) attend.

56% of Americans have no connection to a religious faith except in the loosest cultural sense, and I would guess another 10% of those polled were flat out lying and also never go to church. Add in the Muslims, observant Jews, Mormons and other non-Christians to that 56% and let’s say conservatively that at least 66% or 2/3 of Americans have no religious faith at all. That means that according to my calculations there are at a minimum over 220 milllion lost souls right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., all in need of Jesus. The Christian church is dying a rapid death in America with “mainline denominations” hemorrhaging members left and right and even the “conservative” denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention have been losing members for 17 years straight, down from 16.3 million to under 13 million.

220,000,000 people who are unreached. They speak the same language and share the same culture as Davy and Natalie, and they are easily reached by plane, train or automobile. I could hop in my car and reach half of those 220 million people in a day of driving. Hells bells I could reach maybe 20 million lost people in an afternoon of casual driving. It is a much easier and more affordable mission field and the Lloyd’s wouldn’t have had to leave the country or even their home state of Missouri where statistically speaking there are over 4 million lost people.

Ah but you see mission work for Americans in America isn’t sexy or exotic. Try going to a local church and raising funds for a mission to Los Angeles that has more people in the metro area than all of Haiti. Good luck with that. Show up at that same church with a slide show of little black kids and maybe some pictures of shitty houses and exotic animals in Haiti or Congo? The normie White Christians will trip over themselves to give you money.

But Arthur there are local churches in America that are spreading the Gospel!

Again. Bullshit. Most churches (and I don’t need anecdotal claims that your church is different) are not in any sense “evangelistic” and “reaching the lost”. Surveys show consistently that very few Christians ever share the Gospel with others and most clergy are mostly concerned with keeping the lights on in their own church and staying employed. When local churches are growing in membership, where are those new members coming from? Generally speaking by poaching members of other churches. I have seen it personally over and over again. You should have seen the pastors salivating when my family visited a new church and the 15 passenger van opened up and a family with 8 kids hopped out, especially with a dad who was active and engaged in church life. Yes there are churches with lots of baptisms but how many of those people are still coming a year later?

In short if you want to reach the lost with the Gospel, you can do it right here in America far more efficiently.

But! But! But! The Great Commission says to go “make disciples of all nations”! The Haitians needs the Gospel too!

OK but let me suggest that a far more effective and efficient way to accomplish that would be to train and support local Haitian evangelists to work in Haiti rather than dropping early 20 year old American White kids into the country. White kids go to places like Haiti because it seems romantic and noble, not because it makes sense. If you want to evangelize negroes, go to Detroit or Baltimore. This couple could have stayed in Missouri and evangelized the negroes in St Louis without leaving their own state.

If you absolutely felt the need to go overseas, why not the United Kingdom with over 67 million people, almost none going to church (church attendance is as low as 5% in the U.K.) and they speak the same language? Or Canada, there are over 40 million people in Canada, they sort of speak English and the country is full of black and brown exotics to peach to, plus you could just drive there from Missouri.

Davy and Natalie Lloyd should have been starting a family in the U.S. instead of trying in vain to convert Haitians. Now they are both dead and what did they die for? Not a goddamn thing. They died at the hands of the very people they were trying to “save”, people that robbed them and then killed them like animals. I understand the martyrdom nonsense but a living missionary couple in America reaching the lost is a lot more useful than a dead missionary couple in Haiti.

That was a pretty angry post but this story makes me furious. I have been steeped in Christian theology for decades so I know what many will say but when I look at that cute young White girl and think of her dying in terror at the hands of Haitians, it enrages me. It ought to enrage any White person.


  1. ghostsniper

    I saw that earlier today.
    There was at least 2 generations of stupidity in that family. Maybe there won’t be a third.

      • Exile1981

        Sorry Arthur but the fact she wasn’t burnt like the others by the animals that attacked the church tells me they kept her intact to rape her. If she’s lucky she died before they started the gang rapes.

        Haitians are not europeans, morally most of them see nothing wrong with these sorts of acts, they are just pissed they are not the ones on top.

  2. sNfoilhat

    A few months back, a couple we know went with another couple to the next door country of Dominican Republic and upon their return said it was going down hill fast. They said that they will never return to the island ever again.

    • 3g4me

      SNFOILHAT: Dominicans have, on average, 50% subsaharan African genetics. The rest is a mix of indigenous Indian and a smidgen of European (Spanish). Why some people continue to regard their half of the island of Hispaniola as somehow ‘safe’ in comparison to the half where people have 100 % of subsaharan genetics has never ceased to amaze me. It’s like the people who argue that being replaced by mestizos instead of blacks is somehow ‘better.’ And most Americans are utterly clueless about the history and demographics of the Caribbean. All they see is ‘sun/sea/resort’ when the reality is the worst of the Africans, indigenous primitives, some Chinese and Indians brought in by the British Empire, and a tiny smattering of White European genetics.

  3. Troy L Messer

    You are right to be angry Arthur. As someone who grew up in the Bible Belt and came to accept Christ only recently, I do not recognize what has become of modern Christianity. For example, modern evangelicals seem more inclined to bend a knee and polish off the phallus to whatever jew crosses their path than to spread to word of Jesus. If you would have told me that Baptist would tolerate faggots, I would have told you you were on drugs. If you would have told me that they would let lesbians be priest and lead congrefations, I would have thought you were crazy.

    Yet here we are. It doesn’t make me think less of Christ. It does make me think less of Whites. Whites are living in the most comfortable era ever. Excess calories and a whole slew of circuses to choose from. Good times create weak men. The best of times ever have created the weakest men ever. Whites deserve their misery because they choose comfort over the Gospel. The collapse cannot come soon enough.

    Whites have lost the ability to know and secure their own self interest. In the last decades, Whites have outsourced the security of their self interest to institutions like the government and education. Now that those institutions have been subverted by demographics that hate Whites, it is only very barely getting into the top layers of normie consciousness. But I have hope. I read the comments in a variety of places and I see that opinions are shifting. At Gateway Pundit, for example, there is a lot of noticing about 13%ers. Still, the collapse can’t come soon enough.

    Though I think you are right that we should red-pill as many Whites as we can, there are demographics of Whites, say like the Swedes, that knowingly, voluntarily, and willingly choose suicide. The collapse needs to come so that those weak genes can be removed from the pool.

      • Berglander

        It was never supposed to be easy. Nothing in life worth having is easy. It’s our duty to see it through, each man to the best of his ability.

  4. Moe Gibbs

    “willing to live in Haiti the rest of your life…”

    Great. Die at age 21 at the hands of 70-IQ sub-human retards who need WAY more than your silly, naive gospel to reach even minimal civilizational standards.

    The only thing I loathe more than negro savages is do-gooding Whites who self-anoint as God’s martyrs.

  5. Filthie

    Yeah we got them at our church too Art. Beautiful, wonderful souls, but with the penchant for service and charity in shithole countries… they’ll go down there for 6 months at a crack too, saving the world from itself… and God will protect them or take them as He sees fit and they’re just fine with it.

    • Arthur Sido

      In an ironic twist, most of the mission work of mercy ends up making people like the Haitians ever more dependent. No one can farm and compete with free food from the West.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    It’s a stupid and infuriating waste of lives, and of time, at least for those who go and managed not to get murdered. But what can I, or any of us more pragmatic sorts, say that would change their minds? I’m done arguing with self assured virtuous morons (COVID did that for me) who will not be persuaded not to do stupid and irrational things because they truly believe they are right.

    I’ve wasted enough of my life tilting at windmills, now I concentrate on dealing with those who have proven themselves intelligent and useful, or are at least solidly on the path to doing so.

    Modern western Christianity as typically practiced here is a disease of the mind. Not scripturally, mind you, but in practice. It instills bullshit ideas like those at the root of this story, or the unwavering support of “our greatest ally”, all conveniently couched in goodness and morality, so how could it be wrong, right?

    I don’t know what can break this type of programming, but the human mind is maladapted to resist this notion of demonstrating ones virtue and character by doing specific acts that have somehow been established as “stylish”. They are bullet points on a pre-made, mass distributed list of the things you must do to gain favor and in-group status, so people keep doing them, irrespective of the consequences.

    These deaths will not dissuade some other dumb, poor suckers from ending up the same way and for the same reasons. No failure is too great, no price is too high, and no insult so injurious to the cause that it will not be taken up yet again by some misguided idealistic fools.

    I guess all that can really be said in summary is that the race cucking will continue until there are no more race cucks left. And maybe that is the only solution to the problem; the literal death of the mindset by the death of those who possess it. If someone has a better solution that can actually be expected to work, by all means, pipe up.

    • Arthur Sido

      What is especially galling is this: “The details of what happened were still not clear Friday, said Lloyd, who had flown out of Port-au-Prince with his other son the day before the attack.” Davy’s dad David Lloyd took off from Haiti with his other son because it was too dangerous but left his 21 year old daughter-in-law alone and defenseless with those animals. Fuck that guy.

      • TakeAHardLook

        Yes. Fuck that guy with a rusty chain saw. Sideways.

        Yet, these morons virtue signal all the livelong day, because, they’re better than the rest of us, yes?

        No! One can still be a good person without sacrificing one’s blood-family on the Altar of Nigger Worship.

  7. Warren Shafer

    The Christian faith has gone somewhat downhill. All of the Ministers I remember are gone now. They were a different breed
    Ministers now seem to performing as actors upon a stage. It’s mainly entertainment. A feminized version now. They want to feel good, be thrilled, and have their egos fluffed.

  8. saoirse

    Lambs of Gawd go meekly – and willfully ignorant – to their slaughter. Plenty more to follow.
    Church bells are reminiscent of the sirens that beckon the Eloi to their doom.

    • Arthur Sido

      Most normie Christians will take the exact wrong lesson, ooohing and aahing over these noble martyrs instead of realizing that dying in a shithole isn’t helping anyone

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    You are so right; Davy and Natalie Lloyd should have been buying a home, starting a family, and getting on with their lives. But they fed a daily diet of idiocy and misplaced morality that got them both butchered. I pity the 2 young folks and wonder how their parents will live every day with the knowledge that they contributed to their own children’s deaths. Nowhere, in any Christian Bible, does Jesus tell you to be a damned fool. Being charitable does not require letting your compassion make you moronic. Preaching the Gospel to all nations was directed at single men-who the Apostles were. Missionaries are just another version of the wealthy ladies “poor peopling” so they could feel better about themselves.

    • Arthur Sido

      I’m having trouble getting perspective here, I wouldn’t wish that loss on any parent but the father fled the day before and left a young girl behind with a husband who had no means to defend her.

  10. anon2

    Stealth Spaniel, I rather doubt the parents of these two are able to self-reflect on how they taught the kids and how it brought them to this end. They are more focused on ‘their loss’.
    I am reminded how Timothy Treadwell (a pseudonym) convinced his girlfriend to accompany him on his last trip to ‘his grizzly bears’, wherein a rogue bear went into their tent at night and ate Timmy alive, he didn’t fight back. His girlfriend was frozen with fright, screaming hysterically and didn’t try to save herself. Bear ate her too. An audio from the capped video camera is online.
    Hmmm, seems I recall a recent ‘Women choosing bears over men’ trend.

  11. grumpy51

    SMO (observation) – it’s what happens when the Gospel is watered down and people are handed rose-colored glasses. There are SO MANY verses in NT that discuss this.

    LK 22:36 – “He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

    ROM 8:36 – As it is written: “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”

    Each of the disciples (except John) and Paul faced (and experienced) execution for their beliefs (though TMK, execution was at the hands of government)

    It is one thing to go in with rose-colored glasses, quite another to go in eyes wide-open.

    • Arthur Sido

      From what I saw, the Haitians didn’t give a shit about “the gospel”, they just knew that Whites would give them food and provide schooling and housing for their kids they keep shitting out because they lack any self-control.

  12. Anonymous White Male

    The entirety of Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christianity are people that either don’t have a bullshit detector or it has atrophied due to lack of use. They have incorporated “traditions” into their belief that carries the same weight as scripture. And let’s be honest, if God intended for his message to be transmitted across the centuries with no misinterpretations, He did a piss poor job of it. We have various books in the Bible that got there how? By men. We have various books that didn’t make it into the “show” because of men. All the books and letters that made it into “scripture” have been translated through several different languages. Meanings get lost as languages change over time, and common language in one era is lost centuries later. Metaphors and analogies that one generation would understand are lost in a few centuries. The Great Commission says to go “make disciples of all nations”. Make disciples in all nations would be more accurate. Especially since the “Gospel” was never meant to apply to those that were not in the various covenants that God made with the descendants of Adam. Not all peoples in the world today are descendants of Adam. This is something that has been lost in all organized forms of Christianity. There are peoples that are “cursed” that have been denied the ability to be redeemed since they are not of the family of Christ. The head of the family was the one sent to redeem his relatives that were in “captivity”. Not for negroes. They are not part of the lineage of Adam. And even if there is some “whitey in the wood shed”, a bastard (mixed raced individual) shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

    Organized Christianity believes that all “men” descended from Noah and his sons because the “Flood” was supposed to be worldwide and killed everybody else. Since the “Flood” was actually only a local occurrence in a portion of Asia, the negroes in Africa were not effected, nor the “Indians” in the Western Hemisphere, nor the Chinese, Japanese, and other oriental nations. We have proof of this by the fact that Biblical chronology places the time of the “Flood” at about 2350 BC, give or take a few years. At that time, there were already dynasties in Egypt and Mesopotamia. And guess what? In 2349 BC, there were still dynasties in Egypt and Mesopotamia, complete with records that show who was the pharaoh or king. I asked an Evangelical friend where did the negroes come from? He said they adapted (evolved) over time to the conditions in Africa. We also have sculpture and paintings that show negroes in temples, as early as 2000 BC. So in less than 400 years, they went from the color of Shem, Ham, or Japheth, to the huge nosed, thick lipped, nappy haired, coal black, stupid individuals. Not even the most devoted Evolutionist believes evolution occurs that quickly. So, why haven’t nigs become lighter skinned and blond after 400 years of being in non-African countries? Are they no longer adapting?

    No, contemporary Christianity is a hodgepodge of some scripture mixed with some lies, designed to make the practitioner feel virtuous. Redemption has been replaced by “going to heaven”. I’m not even sure if men can go to heaven, since heaven is the abode of God. Every prophesy seems to pertain to existence on Earth, in the “Kingdom”. And, it may be a “new Earth”, but it seems to indicate that the “Kingdom” will be on some physical planet. But, there is much I don’t know, and have no problem accepting that. We are imperfect beings with imperfect understanding. Christianity just adds to the confusion. What do you expect from organizations that are primarily political and financial entities?

    • Arthur Sido

      Not many evangelicals or any other flavor of Christian has even considered those questions. What passes for apologetics in the Christian church is ridiculous.

  13. Xzebek

    Naievete plus youth plus idealism can be a deadly combination no different from alcohol plus speed plus a bridge abutment. These deaths are sad, tragic and enraging. They may well have made a positive impact had they stayed here. We frequently mock politicians for doing stupid irrelevant things by saying ” I guess they solved all the other problems “. Well there are plenty of problems right here at home that they could have tried to alleviate. But now they are dead.

  14. Xzebek

    To look at this through a civilization lens:
    Put Whites on an island and you get England.
    Put Asians on an island and you get Japan.
    Put blacks on an island and you get Haiti.

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