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Wedding Week!

Some Amish friends have a daughter getting married next week and it is getting down to crunch time so poasting might be sporadic.


    • Arthur Sido

      That ought not be a problem, the Amish crank them out like it is a contest. The girl getting married is from a family with 12 kids and the guy has at least 8-9 in his family.

  1. Anonymous

    For nearly all of my life, the Amish were a strange, alien concept, much like Australian aborigines or the Japanese Ainu. Cloistered, closed societies considered like museum pieces that we only heard about, but never experienced in real life. That the Amish are the greatest, last hope of a viable White future is truly humbling. And encouraging.

    I laughed at Weird Al Yankovic’s Amish Paradise parody when it came out. But I don’t laugh any longer. I want them to live and to prosper, even as we soulless, negro-worshipping, self-negating pale-skinned lemmings fail to reproduce and die out, by our own willful doing. May they remain forever immune to the perverting influence of our joosh overlords and preserve that which allowed the superior White race to predominate into modern times.

    Bless the Amish. Bless them.

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