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We Wuz Gentle Mans And Scholarz And Sheeeit!

Might be time to add “black graduations” to the list alongside hookah bars and block parties….


Long story short, the scholar in question was flashing gang signs at his graduation ceremony. He was escorted out by one of at least four security guards in attendance (total number of uniformed security at my graduation: zero). On the way out he whipped his diploma binder at a rival who then went after him. Chaos ensued. An officer was injured, a student was pepper sprayed. All in all a pretty standard black gathering.

If you like me wondered how low must the standards be if the diploma throwing scholar “graduated”, the answer is “very low”. Great Schools has the Hamilton High School in Memphis, Tennessee ranked as a 1 out of 10. The school is shown with test scores in English as 6% proficient. 6%. It is also boasts a 94% black student body, 93% from “low-income families”….

This is fast becoming one of my favorites. Not because of the actual incident which is fairly typical negro behavior but because of the woman interviewed by the local news. Here is the news story, you can see the diploma throwing and then an intro by sassy black reporterette Jessica Knox. She was interviewing an irate parent, Quita White and….well you just have to watch and listen for yourself.

According to Quita, Memphis have a HUUUGGGE problem and then I believe she said “periot” with a t instead of “period” with a d.

I would agree with Quita, Memphis do indeed have a huge problem. Periot.

Her mannerism prompted by wife to say that she looked a lot like Sheneneh from the TV show Martin.

You can be sure Quita and her HUUUUUUUGGGEEEE problem will appear in future stories about Memphis.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    I just have to laugh at this whole spectacle. The sassy reporterette’s expression, and her name – Jessica Knox – sounds like a porn star nom de plume. And Quita White? I’d rather Quita black, or a wetback, but whatever, that’s a new one on me. At least there were no muhpostrophe’s to be found this time around.

    I’d say it reminded me of my HS graduation, but I didn’t actually attend it. Told them to mail me my diploma, and I worked an 8 hour shift that day instead of hanging out with a bunch of assholes I couldn’t stand, in robes and mortars.

    • Mike_C

      “Jessica Knox” is a White porn star name. “Jessica Knox-Bootz” is a black porn name. It got the hyphen. It got the terminal “z” instead of “s”. And it soun’ retardet. So there.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yes, you are correct. I really should’ve accounted for the racial disparity in porn star screen names. My mistake. I guess that makes Stormy Daniels an orange porn star name.

  2. TakeAHardLook

    “All in all a pretty standard black gathering.”

    Well, yes and no. Yes, in that a civil ceremony devolved into bedlam; no, in that no one was shot or killed by a nog with a side-held “gat.”

    Fucking niggers, doing their fucking nigger sheeeeit.

    Every. Damn. Time.

    We should have picked our own damn cotton.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Luv me some Memphits black ‘n blues, yo. Waffle House ain’t got nothin’ on no Memphits skoo’ graduation.

    School to prison. It’s not a ‘pipeline’. It’s a hyper-Venturi black hole vortex from which escape is impossible.

  4. Arete

    To make the 6% statistic even more depressing, ‘proficiency’ doesn’t mean the same as it does in any other context. When it comes to standardized testing in today’s public schools, to be proficient means only that you know what someone at that grade level ought to know, and they do not set the bar terribly high.

    • Anon

      It’s 13% for a reason, for both males and females. The males may get arrested more but the females are often violent as well, plenty on camera, and they’re the ones that birthed these keeeds dat dindu nuffin. They don’t get let off the hook.
      All of them, male and female.

  5. ghostsniper

    It’s just downright sad to know that those animals reside in this country. What an ugly, mentally deformed group of people. I need to go clean some shotguns….

  6. pyrrhus

    Incredible…4 security officers at a HS graduation…and they still won’t behave…When I graduated in the ’60s, the US was still a nation…Now it’s turning into South Africa…

  7. saoirse

    Sheeeeeeit! It’s dem whyyyte peepos falt dat we be doin dis. We gots all dis traumatic from ree-pressed slaaaybery dig!

  8. Jeffrey Zoar

    It’s fortunate that negros don’t care about golf. You see the PGA events on tv, the spectators all crowded around, in close proximity to the players as they do their thing, nothing stopping them from running out on the green. Can you imagine if that was a crowd of negros? Good gawd

  9. SirLawrence

    What these little festivities should driveby home to White observers is that even when all standards are stripped to the LCD, all expectations of decency and meritocracy are diluted to inert pantomimes, all systemic whiteness is replaced with Ebonics and wakandian science fiction these animals still cannot perform even the most rudimentary ceremonies.

    The capstone event to years of lies and waste and delusional white reparations and submission to the lies cannot produce two hours of civility even when it is a celebration of themselves.

    They are a black hole. They will consume all White light. The fact that they are an implosion and consume their own at a faster pace should be a warning to steer well clear but instead the defective gene of pathological altruism or whatever, keeps the ship of white fools dead reckoning toward the event horizon.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Yes, that pesky “event horizon.”

      My translation: Niggers will always act like niggers, regardless of wealth or social status. Expect incivility in every interaction with nogs & you will never be disappointed.

      Act accordingly.

  10. Johnny Paytoilet

    I graduated from a Catholic high school over 50 years ago. The ceremony began with Mass, a short congratulations sermon from the bishop of the diocese, distribution of the diplomas & the reception. Even the awards ceremony the day before in front of the entire student body was civil. The biggest cheers were for a girl who was given a perfect attendance plaque! As I recall, there were no police or security guards for that great event.

    One thing for sure, public schools are a waste of taxpayer money. Also, many of these graduates are going to require remedial schooling in reading & basic math. That’s even a bigger waste, especially of something more valuable, time.

    • Exile1981

      The one person who got a standing ovation at my grad was the girl with down syndrome, she took 5 years to do it and she only graduated with the minimum credits and with a GED, but she graduated and worked hard to do it.

      I had to catch the girl behind me as she tripped going down the stairs to the stage and i was ahead of her. I got a kiss on the cheek for that and a few cheers of good catch. I do not remember anyone fighting, throwing gang signs, pepper spray or brawling at my grad

  11. Phil B

    Can someone provide a translation into standard english of what that … thing in the car was saying? It reminded me of the “I speak jive” from Airplane and was about as intelligible.

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