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Throw Momma From The Train

Or maybe just shoot her? A way down South in Dixie to Jackson, Mississippi….

Man charged with murder after allegedly killing his own mother in Jackson

Someone shooting his own momma? In Jackson? Uh oh, better hit the alarm!

(Thanks to Big Country for the video, it will appear regularly)

Yep, this big boy apparently was upset with momma so of course he shot her.

He might bankrupt the county, it is going to take a lot of chittlins to feed that boy.

Why did he shoot his own mother? No word yet but you can bet it has something to do with a lack of impulse control.

Things are going from bad to worse in Jackson

Clarion Ledger reporting shows the City of Jackson has seen 45 homicides from Jan. 1 to April 30, 2024, with an alarming trend of the murders occurring during the month of April.

In April 2024, there were 16 reported murders in Jackson. The Jackson Police Department is investigating 15 of the cases, and the Capitol Police are investigating one….

….Of the 16 reported Jackson homicides in April, at least 40% were found to be a result of interpersonal violence — personal disputes between romantic partners, family members or friends that turn deadly.

Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade told the Clarion Ledger that these situations occur due to individuals not knowing how to “deal with conflict,” so people resort to using a gun to “resolve their issues.”

45 homicides already and we are just barely into May, this in a city of only around 150,000 people. Of course of those 150k, almost 80% are black….


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Makes me wonder just how self-aware sassy columnist Pam Dankins is. Does her blackity-black se’f realize who is doing all that homicidin’ down there in the land of cotton? A little journalistic investigation would surely reveal that those individuals not knowing how to “deal with conflict” share one universal commonality that is visible from space, if only anyone was allowed to notice.

    Regarding da trigga nigga who capped his own mammy, I hear tell that the po-leeze now make use of “bariatric handcuffs” with extended chain between the bracelets because so many modern apprehendees resemble our guy Big Beef in the photo. Prolly unnecessary anyway. What was he going to do, run away?

  2. Squib

    She must have taken the last chicken tender from his McDonald’s 40-piece order? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    Couple years back I was the lone white face at a Jackson, MS Waffle House at about 1 am. Yes I was armed. I made a point not to interact with anyone beyond placing my order. You never know what might set one off.

    Related, a road trip down the Natchez Trace is a very pleasant activity if you enjoy driving.

  4. Filthie

    Oh gawd… If I’d have been drinking coffee – it would have been all over the computer and key board. Yes – I can think of no better man to be in charge of the Nigger Alarm, Art!

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Maybe a SSI gibsmedat or insurance policy?
    Naw, that be a creepy ass cracka thang.
    Hey at least we’re all equal in the new West South Africa. (s/)
    Let’s get a mudhut and rub shit in our hair after fetching some buckets of water.
    Yes we can!
    Even Mississippi Burning knew the score with those jogger loving queers in charge up north comment at the social club where glowy Gene Hackman gets grabby with the balls.

  6. ghostsniper

    Any ideas on how to get them to kill each other faster?
    Maybe air drop large crates of glox with extended mags over all the blue cities.

  7. WDS

    “He might bankrupt the county, it is going to take a lot of chittlins to feed that boy.”

    Ms.Thang escorting him into court is running a close 2nd.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Yes, she looks to be closing in on 230# or so–and going up yearly.

      Jackson, MS is filled with she-boons, sweat hogs and brood sows.

  8. Steve

    Forty-five murders in 4 months? Those are rookie numbers! You are on track for only 135 the whole year! Put some numbers on the board! Let’s shoot for 1,000 over the next 4 months and make baby-mama proud.

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