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They Relaxed

The mantra that race aware Whites (and probably quietly Asians, Jews and mestizos) constantly repeat is….

Around blacks, never relax

This is usually thought of in situations like “the knock-out game” or where blacks are congregating and acting black, meaning gunfire might break out at any time. There is another aspect to this life-saving mantra that often comes up here. Relaxing around blacks can also mean expecting normal, civil, dare I say White, behavior from blacks. Taylor and Tara Jones learned this too late. (Hat Tip to Paul Kersey at VDare: Her Name Is Tara Jones, His Name Is Taylor Jones—White Married Couple with Four Children Gunned Down by Black Male in Unprovoked Shooting Over a Basketball Hoop in Palm Beach County, FL)

A dispute over the location of a basketball hoop and their property line led to the shooting death of a husband and wife in the Village of Wellington over the weekend, the man accused of killing them told a witness, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) reported.

The witness explained to deputies he heard the gunshots and went outside to find his two neighbors covered in blood, a probable cause affidavit against the suspect, Norman Scott, stated. While the witness tried offering first aid, the suspect walked out of his home.

According to the witness, he next went up to Scott to see if the latter had heard what happened, only to be told, “Don’t worry. I shot them both.” The alleged admission was followed by Scott’s claims about the cause of conflict and his assertion that the victims attacked him first.

Don’t worry, I shot them both. Cold blooded killer apparently without a shred of remorse. According to news reports this all happened in two minutes. In two minutes what should have been a minor dispute between neighbors left the parents of four children dead.

The victims, Taylor and Tara Jones, are White, maybe the father has some mestizo blood but I think he is just tan. They live in Florida after all.

The sequence of events started off like something that could happen in any subdivision.

Their account of the footage from two of those cameras started with Taylor Jones picking up trash in a yard and moving a children’s bicycle to the front of his home. Moments later, Scott is seen motioning Jones over to him and the two men started talking. Investigators noted Scott was “clearly upset and appeared to be yelling at Taylor Jones,” PBSO stated. Conversely, the affidavit explicitly states Jones never appeared “aggressive, threatening, volatile, or belligerent.”

Investigators contrasted their arm motions, saying Scott was belligerently pointing and waving a hand in Jones’ face, while the latter’s gestures were described as non-threatening. Many of the gestures, the affidavit added, were directed toward the basketball hoop.

That is when it all went sideways….

Less than 30 seconds after calling Jones over, Scott had pulled a firearm and soon fired three or four shots at the retreating Jones before standing over the victim and continuing to fire, PBSO alleges. Jones’ wife was still on her property and 20 to 30 feet away from Scott when he allegedly turned the gun on her. Detectives stated she was retreating, and Scott was advancing when he started shooting. After shooting her, the affidavit states, Scott went back into his home, firing two more shots at Taylor Jones as he walked by.

The whole encounter took less than a minute, according to PBSO’s timeline.

Just that fast, an argument turned into a black guy gunning down a White man who was trying to retreat, then standing over his body and continuing to shoot him before turning his attention on the wife who was also trying to retreat and gunning her down. I didn’t see anything describing how long they were neighbors. It sounds like maybe the Jones family had one of those movable basketball goals and perhaps the base was on Scott’s property. That is definitely something someone would reasonably murder two people over. At least their kids didn’t come out, it is likely he would have murdered them as well.

Assuming the sequence of events and actions on the part of each party happened as described, Jones was in no way physically threatening Scott. Scott claimed he was attacked first, apparently by both Taylor and Tara Jones as she looks like a real brawler, but Scott seems to have forgotten that everyone in the neighborhood has security cameras.

You can be sure that the attorney for Scott will claim that Jones called him a nigger, thus justifying his cold blooded murder. Attorney Brian Pakett is representing Scott and is setting the stage for a “they had it coming defense”…

“There’s a lot more here than meets the eye, as far as the charges and the allegations,” said Brian Pakett, Scott’s defense attorney. Pakett said there was “a lot more that preceded this.”

“He’s never been in trouble with the law, never been arrested, or as never been in as much as a fight so it is very uncharacteristic that a man such as this to have acted allegedly in the way that they claim he did,” said Pakett.

This should be a slam dunk case but given the races involved and this being 2024, who knows?

Something else to note. Scott is 63 years old, apparently never in trouble with the law, living in a nice neighborhood in Palm Beach County. He would seem to fit the profile of a tame nigger but as we see it took less than two minutes for the black guy living next door in a nice neighborhood to chimp out, gun down his retreating neighbor and then gun down a woman just for good measure.

Taylor and Tara Jones made the mistake of assuming that they could expect Norman Scott to behave within the norms of civilized society where neighbors can have a dispute about a basketball goal being over the property line without the aggrieved party murdering his neighbors. In other words, they relaxed. Norman Scott came out to yell about the basketball goal with a gun and given how fast it all went down it is safe to assume he went out there specifically to kill at least Taylor Jones.

I am not saying you should move if a black moves in next door to you but at a minimum you should remember that it only takes a minor perceived slight and no time at all for a black neighbor to turn into a murderer. Sure the vast majority of black neighbors will never do anything worse than being inconsiderate and loud but the odds are never zero that they will chimp out at the slightest provocation, real or imagined.

Around blacks, never relax and that includes forgetting that they are black.


  1. Skeptic

    Worthless, soulless ape.

    First of all, I don’t believe that he has never been in trouble with the law. I’d wait on accepting that. That’s the version of “He wuf a good boy” for 63 year olds.

    Secondly – what the NANALT types forget is this. When there is a conflict with a White, 99.9% of all of the “Good ones” will side with the “Bad ones” against Whites. NEVER TRUST ANY OF THEM.

    • Solo

      Yep. This 1000%. I wonder how long in the joint this mooncricket will get? And yes, 63yrs old, and never in trouble? I don’t believe that. If this nigger has this kind of anger control problems at 63, then he’s had them his whole, worthless life. Truth be told, the media is probably keeping the truth from the public about this beast.

    • Arthur Sido

      That seemed pretty unlikely to me as well, the lawyer isn’t in court so he can say whatever the hell he wants for the TV cameras. The lawyer is a private practice defense lawyer, not a court appointed guy, so he might have some money

  2. Marley Chanson

    Elsewhere on the Internet, Scott is pictured sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft, presumably to give the (patently false) impression that he is a member of the mythical ‘talented tenth’ and therefore incapable of irrational, impulsive behavior. Claims of the accused having endured the ‘N’ word goes without saying, as any lawyer worth his shark’s teeth will drag out that tired, old canard in both opening and closing statements. Maybe even claim that the basketball net was tied into a noose for added shock value.

    • Arthur Sido

      I saw the cockpit photo as well, he wasn’t wearing a pilot uniform and had on what looked like ground crew or baggage gear. Maybe a DEI hire in an overpaid supervisory position.

    • Leo

      If someone calls a spear chucker “nigger”, said spear chucker is thereby entitled to kill the person and anyone within small-arms range for such a breach of nigger-worship.

      Fo’ justice an’ shit. Yo.

  3. ghostsniper

    If I ever even see a negro on our road the for sale sign will go up immediately. Can you imagine having to live in close proximity to one of them? Where there’s one, there’s many and the signs of ghettohood will be apparent. Trash all over the place, shit-music played all the time, ho’s walking the skreet, groups of yoots hanging at the intersections. I can barely tolerate seeing a negro on TV or in a movie….despicable creatures of zero value. Can’t even use them as fuel to heat the house in the winter as the stench will fuck up the whole neighborhood.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Thanks to corporate cowardice the representation of blacks on TV commercials is, IMO, nearly 100%. And, probably upward of 70% of those depict blacks as the principals in the commercials to the full exclusion of Whites.

      Because, we all KNOW, TV commercials reflect America itself: the great majority of blacks live in beautiful upscale homes, with tidy yards, the latest model BMW, a new Jeep to transport the fambly in its regular camping trips to Yosemite. The male is in a suit or nice clean sport clothes, getting ready to commute to his corporate employ, speaks well and watches in appreciation as his loving children prepare breakfast with a smart-looking black wife, everyone acting rationally, courteously, interacting in normal, friendly fashion with neighbors and delivery people.

      Why, it is America, Personified! Where in this huge, messed-up nation is this corporate-inspired Nirvana?

      Must be a suburb of Flint? Maybe Baltimore? Dee-troit? Compton, CA? NOLA? Black suburbs of Atlanta?

      It seems to be The Original Sin of American Advertising to run a spot without at least one black in the background. Like all the welfare and gibs forked over to blacks (by Whites) every year in the U.S., primarily TO KEEP THEM FROM RIOTING OUTRIGHT, the White race has spent trillions appeasing blacks even longer that the passing of the Civil Rights Act.

      Talk about reparations? See the above trillions.

      Whites are the moist tolerant idiots on the planet; no other race currently will betray its own, turn its culture inside out to appease the black race, which (besides jews) are the most perpetually-offended parasites to ever despoil a country.

      All I can do is circle my wagons, prep as if my life depends upon it (it does) and try to live a decent life for my family. And, if even one of Them is in my field of vision, they are too close by a mile!

      • ghostsniper

        Those “smart-looking black wives” are morfing into ornamentals-messicans-white ho’s and the spawns are becoming 1/2-n-1/2.

        As goes the commercials, so goes the programming. TV today is almost worthless, and dare I say, damaging? We rarely watch the stuff. Lot’s of better stuff to do on the estancia – our self made paradise in the woods.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    This is utter bullshit. But then the victims were far too trusting of their neighboring nog. Never should have engaged this violent piece of shit face to face, and should have assumed him to be a violent piece of shit without it having to be proven in most destructive fashion as it was.

    The perp pretty well went 0 to 60 in nothing flat, and that is the pertinent bit of knowledge to take from this: you can’t trust these fuckers even for a minute, as it can go south that fast, and over the most frivolous and petty shit imaginable, at that. This effectively demonstrates you get no advance warning to evade the consequences of engaging with damned animals.

    One can only hope this causes the kids to grow up with a serious understanding of reality, instead of being race cucks as we so often see in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Yes. too close to the property of the nog. Sadly, the Jones family was living in potential danger for all the time they were neighbors. Best move? Move away. Worst move? Tolerate–and assume that your black neighbor has even ten percent of your values. Scratch even a nanometer into his surface and Jumangi is right There.

      Every. Single. Time.

  5. Squib

    This is the end result of generations living within the ideology of “victimhood”. You see this violent overreaction in other countries as well. Israel comes to mind.

    Victimhood has overstayed its welcome.

    • 3g4me

      Squib: Sound to me like you’re making excuses for them. “Victimhood” ideology didn’t teach them to be feral animals; it’s their innate nature regardless of the excuses fool Whites make for them.

  6. 4hawks

    The second this imbecile began motioning with hand gestures to come toward him, my spidey senses would be off the meter. Especially if prior conversations had hinted at the possibility of a great ooga booga event. Current events case study here. Sad for the kids. I expect TONS more of this type of shit.

    • SirLawrence

      This is the anracho-tyranny of the commons.

      Just like when the sexual dystopia descended on the second generation of Nice Guys and for about two minutes people wondered why the nice boys weren’t getting the nice girls by doing the same things their nice guy dads did before them.

      So the collective solution was to destroy the nice boys moar. Ignore the signals of reality in favor of more progressy progress.

      Whites will keep trading their magic beads of egalitarian churchian talented tenth beads for islands in the sky while all the tribes of the world eat their lunch in real time.

      Just because grillers aren’t already bleeding out on their own power washed driveways doesn’t mean they aren’t already dead men walking.

      Their death was well upstream of some constitutional carry case study for $29 concealed carry classes run by some vaguely Hispanic guy in a strip mall real estate office after hours.

      Like those nice bois the error is in not being dangerous to the dusky observer from day one. When chasing the market down, you gotta go dark or gtfo.

      We are firmly in the domain of the hindbrain and so go ahead and rock the izod wicking golf shirt and fitted cargo shorts but you’d better be bulging some combo of high velocity hollow points, biceps, and thousand yard stare.

      If a nigger next door thinks you just might run him through wit those hedge trimmers for no good reason at all he is gonna file that away where it counts next time he feels all uppity.

      Buy yourself some time to move or better yet highly encourage him to move. Should things “go bad” and you dispatch him accordingly well you will be selling your house to pay yellopages schlomo to negotiate your prison sentence.

      Living in cucktown waiting for sloppy seconds from the invaders and nogs does something to your soul. Just ask the gelded basement boys of current year.

      In the end it’s all too late because we are not yet spicy time but all stuck speaking Spanish and Somali just the same. White solidarity comes when the dollar breaks. The rest is just armchair philosophy. Which is still something. Just not a solution.

  7. Xzebek

    Chimps are incompatible with White civilization. Their biology, temperament and culture are alien and dangerous.

  8. Pig Walrus

    The indications that proceed a violent chimout are slim to none. The poor father was deep into the danger zone and had no idea.
    Can you imagine having to live and move amongst them on the daily?
    A person would become a nervous wreck or need to become wilfully brain dead to function in public.

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