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They Can’t Even Follow Basic Rules Of Behavior

Last Thursday there was a commencement ceremony for nursing students at the “elite” Historically Black College & University (HBCU), Howard University. It went like you would expect.

A graduation ceremony for nursing students at Howard University ended abruptly and in chaos after angry family members chanted “Let us in!” and pounded on the doors and smashed a window after being locked out when the auditorium hit capacity.

Loved ones of students in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences packed into the Cramton Auditorium in Washington, DC, on Thursday, but not all relatives made it inside the building before the ceremony was abruptly canceled during the keynote address.

Chaotic video footage shows dozens of people standing outside the auditorium chanting “Let us in! Let us in!” as the ceremony began. Pictures showed a glass door had been shattered during the commotion as people banged on the doors and tried to push past security to go inside.

“While they were doing the keynote speaker, there was, like, loud banging, even before that, for like 10 minutes straight,” graduate Bria Flowers told NBC Washington. “Just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

School officials told students and their families mid-ceremony that the fire department had come to shut things down.

“Because of the size of the room and because our relatives sometimes do not know how to act, the fire department is now here to shut us down,” Dr. Gina S. Brown, dean of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, said to a roaring response of boos….

…..Students and their families were left shocked and upset by how quickly things got out of hand.

“I’m confused why it got so crazy, how it got so quick, so bad so fast,” graduate Kiana Hamilton said.

Honest question for Kiana Hamilton: Has she never been around blacks before? Getting crazy, quickly and badly, is pretty much standard behavior.

The graduating class was the largest ever, the venue wasn’t that large and no one thought “gee, maybe we should have tickets and limit attendance?”.

The Hilltop reported that Dean Gina Spivey-Brown said the college was the largest graduating CNAHS class in Howard’s history. There were 280 degrees awarded.

The graduation website said that Cramton was meant to accommodate about three our four guests per graduate. The auditorium is able to hold about 1,500 people, and the event was not ticketed.

At the risk of doing maffs, let’s see….If there are 280 degrees awarded, so presumably that is 280 graduates, and the venue holds only 1,500 people….subtract the 280 graduates and let’s say 30 faculty and staffers that leaves a capacity of 1,190 guests. Divide that by the number of graduates and you get 4.25 people per graduate. A manageable number but not when you don’t enforce some sort of limit like a maximum of four ticketed guests per graduate. Nope, no one thought of that and again this is Howard so they should be familiar with black patterns meaning that some graduates would have a dozen or more siblings, cousins, aunts and maybe even some uncles, nieces, nephews, various baby daddies…no wonder they had way too many people for the venue.

As usual when blacks are disappointed or consider themselves to have been “dissed” they respond with anger and a little violence and mayhem. On the bright side, there are 280 new sassy black nurses who are now entering the workforce to care for you!


  1. Big Ruckus D

    When considering the guest count, one needs to take into the account the paucity of fathers in attendance. And yet they still far exceeded seating capacity. Tickets and guest limits? Sheeeeeeeeeeit dawg, that’s some muthafuckin white privilege bullshit right there.

  2. Lineman

    On the bright side, there are 280 new sassy black nurses who are now entering the workforce to care for you!
    Yea how many of that 280 can even start an IV without stabbing you a hundred different times let alone take your blood pressure…

  3. ghostsniper

    Diversity graduates.
    280 more reasons to NEVER go to a medical facility.
    Die at home on the couch, like they did before the 20th century.


    Chimp graduations are always a solemn, respectful gathering. Academic achievement and negroes go together like fine dining/good company and sulfurous farts.

  5. EEurest

    Even if they’d done limited tickets, even if they’d taken out TV, radio, and online and print ads, this sh*t still would have likely happened because La’Shitra’s 8 siblings, 17 cousins, 54 n*glets, the grandma who raised her, and the mother and baby daddy who “di’int” would be demanding to be let in and hoot and holler because La’Shitra will now be in position to score some kickin drugs at your local hospital or pharmacy.

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