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The Ultimate “Dey Wuz Gud Boys” Story?

Talk about burying the lede. The cops were trying to pull them over because they were in a stolen SUV. You can guess from just the headline what the rest of the story is….

Four Florida teenagers have been killed after they were involved in a police chase in which officers used a maneuver designed to get a car to stop, but caused them to spin out of control.

The four, who were between the ages of 14 and 16, attended Newberry High School in Bradford County, northeast of Gainesville. 

Two of the teens in the car died at the Waldo area scene, while the other two passed away from their injuries days later at UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

Jabril Cheevers and Lawrence McClendon Jr. were both Newberry High School students. McLendon was a sophomore defensive back for the football team.

Yeppiity yep yep. Here is Lawrence McClendon Jr. with his mama, Lawrence McClendon Sr. nowhere in sight.

This was obviously all a misunderstanding as the boys were clearly on their way to Bible Study or a meeting of the American Yoof Negro Physicists Association (AYNPA)…..

Authorities later added two of the teens that were killed in SUV were wearing ankle monitors, while three had active warrants, reports WLBT. Some of the occupants also appeared to be wearing ski masks.

Four breadcrumb yutes in a stolen SUV traveling over 110 MPH. Ages 14-16. Two had ankle monitors and three had open warrants. I assume that means at least one with an ankle monitor also had an active warrant. Fortunately all four perished making this a feel good story. Worst case scenario would have been them surviving the crash and ending up in wheelchairs where the taxpayers would be footing the bill for the remainder of their useless lives.

I am sure their moms are sad (as are their dads assuming they know them) but that little quartet of chimposity was destined for four lives of crime. It is sad in some small way, these little assholes were just in high school, some not even old enough to drive, and already their lives were over before they even got into that stolen car. 14 to 16 years old with ankle monitors and arrest warrants? They were only going to end up one of a few ways, dead at the hands of some other breadcrumb or in jail after a series of felony convictions that finally resulted in a multi-decade sentence for murder or rape or enough violent felonies to draw a major stint in the slammer. Along the way they would of course have knocked up any number of females of their species and perhaps even a mudshark or three.

On the other hand, fuck ’em. At least they had the courtesy of all dying in the crash without taking any White people with them. Sort of like a breadcrumb version of Thelma and Louise.


  1. Mike_C

    DRT x2 plus DL8TR x2?

    That picture of Jr and momma? Are you sure that’s not a deliberately hateful AI-generated image?

  2. Steve S6

    Pit stop is nowadays dis-recommended over 30 or 35 mph for that very outcome’s reason. Hopefully the cop has good justification, such as, oh, the yoots were going to kill someone driving that way and had to be stopped. Good yoots now.

  3. Dr. Hollowpoint

    The owner of that stolen car should sue the parent(s) of the dead nogs for the cost of a replacement vehicle + mental anguish + atty fees. Why should the insurance company lose money (and our rates increase) because of TNB?

  4. Moe Gibbs

    Four scholars deadified and not a single shot fired? Sounds like society hit bingo, or at least the quadruple word score. Think of all the court time saved, with those outstanding warrants now off the books. And two ankle bracelets can now be returned to inventory for the next deserving recipients. No cries for moar gun control with nobody capped, and four dead-end monsters out of commission for good.

    Don’t you just love a nappy ending?

  5. Don W Curton

    Yeah, look for the ambulance chasers to show up at their mommas’ houses to suggest suing the po-po for pulling a pit maneuver at that speed. Look for politicians turning on the po-po to curry favors with the bread crumbs. Look for the po-po budget to go tits up and the tax payers to foot the bill.

  6. 3g4me

    Problem is they breed and immigrate faster than they kill themselves and each other. I guarantee you the knowledge/ability exists to make a genome-specific drug, particularly given they all share genetic origins with non-Neanderthal primitives – Denisovans I believe. But all the genetic scientists are trying to find a drug/kill shot that’s effective against solely White Europeans, far more difficult because of legitimate White genetic diversity. Covid was their first attempt (almost no Africans or subcons got the vax, and only a limited % of Mestizos) but it will not be the last.

    • Berglander

      All we really have to do is stop digging wells and providing medicines. Their population will quickly self-correct.

      • Big Ruckus D

        ^ this will be one of the fringe benefits of the collapse of the FUSA. Once the money runs out to fund NGO’s and the like, there will be no means of continuing the propping up of African hell holes, and they’ll have to make it own their own. They can, but in severely reduced numbers. All the fake and gay charity of American do-gooderism will have created the conditions which bring about the worst famine and malthusian die off the world has ever seen.

        Now, I may be a callous bastard, but I can’t say I’m not looking forward to it. Not only to reduce the population of the African continent back to its natural carrying capacity, but so the fools who deigned to play God and try to drag these people out of their primitive subsistence lives will get to witness the horror their stupidly misguided efforts at helping have created.

        Of course, I’m probably giving too much credit to these self-important tossers for having an actual conscience that will have them feeling guilty in the aftermath. In reality, that never seems to happen, and and they somehow avoid the consequences.

      • Biggus Dickus

        My tinfoil hat told me that the entire reason for the African food aid programs of the 70s, 80s and 90s was to grow the weapons needed for the current invasion throughout the Western world.

  7. Exile1981

    I see that his momma set up a go fund me to cash in on her spawn who ‘died in a car accident’
    Oops turns out the gofund me was started by his dads current baby momma, this list his actual mom and his 8 siblings

    The gofund me mentions that his vrother died a month ago. I did a kittle google-fu and found out his 18 year old brother was gunned down.

    Only 6 more siblings to go and this rotten tree will be pruned back

  8. Big Ruckus D

    This incident could easily blow up into the cause du jour for blm race riots this summer. Since the opportunists are always looking for an excuse to get that ball rolling, and it’s an election year, I’d be very wary of this.

    Considering that 4 breadcrumb youts have been deadified by direct action of the popo (no matter that such action was justified), this is nearly the perfect narrative seed to kick off a long, hot summer of chimping out. Watch closely to see if it starts to get traction in the media.

  9. Lineman

    The only negative about this story is that two of them survived long enough to put a drain again on the hospitals…

  10. Bean Dip Tray

    They were in a hurry to meet young Achmed and discuss clock building?
    Silence eye keel ewe!
    Poleece be all like good drivers n’ sheeit, be racing.

    “Guys, it’s not your country anymore, its ours.”

    Sam Donaldson 2012

  11. Bob Barker

    They were 14-16 years old? I bet they’ve already knocked up a half dozen baby mommas between them, with 1 being a mudshark.

    • Leo

      With 1 per yoof being a mudshark. Something about the current genetically modified white females being keen on bestiality.

      • berglander

        Women love attention, and they gain attention by associating with “exotic” people. It’s the reason why they looooooove accents and men who look different than anyone else. Other women look and ask.
        It’s one thing if you’re a French woman and have a Norwegian man, but being a French woman and fucking an ape is an abomination.


    Indeed! It was a happy ending and I loved the 4 AI chimps image. Kind of like a nigger teen cover of A Clockwork Orange.

  13. Arete

    Wondering, after looking at the photo–is it just me, or do black female and male faces seem not all that distinguishable from each other? I noticed the same thing in the mugshots included in the piece you did about those eight people who ended up killing their ‘friend.’ Four of them were female but I really wouldn’t have guessed from the photos. Seems like there is much more of a distinction, generally, between feminine and masculine white faces.

  14. Exile1981

    My comment never showed up from the other day.
    Thats the step mom (aka dads current baby momma) in the pic.

    The dad has 8 kids with a bunch of different last names. The older by a few months brother was shot dead outside that same school just a couple months ago.

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