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The Jewsier State?

I came across a little tidbit while doing some background for the prior post, Another Day In Fake-N-Gay Clownworld. It had to do with a competitive primary race in Indiana on the opposite side of the state, in the Indiana 8th Congressional District….

It is a pretty big district geographically and is solidly Republican, over 90% White. What critical issue was hot in that race? Immigration and the border? Inflation and the economy? Gun rights and abortion?


In the 8th District, state Sen. Mark Messmer won a crowded GOP primary to replace retiring GOP Rep. Larry Bucshon. Messmer defeated GOP former Rep. John Hostettler in the race, who was looking to return to Congress nearly 20 years since leaving office. 

The race became a battle over support for Israel, with two pro-Israel groups, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the United Democracy Project, a super PAC tied to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, jumping into the race to oppose Hostettler. They cited his past opposition aid to Israel and his vote in October 2000 against a resolution voicing support for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians.  

The Republican Jewish Coalition instead backed Messmer, who also got a boost on the airwaves from another allied super PAC. Messmer’s victory in the GOP means he’s likely to head to Congress, given the district’s Republican lean.

The issue top of the mind for voters in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District was apparently Israel. Huh?

More accurately, while it wasn’t the top issue for voters in the 8th district, it was a great opportunity for the Israeli lobby to prove a point and make an example of someone who stepped out of line, failing to be sufficiently obsequious to Our Greatest Ally.

John Hostettler was the Congressman from that District from 1995-2006 so he certainly had name recognition while Messmer was just a state Senator. Despite all of that, Messmer crushed Hostettler by almost 2-1 (38.5% to 19.6%). All because Hostettler made the “mistake” of questioning aid to Israel and not supporting a resolution from 24 years ago. Give Them this, They have very long memories and cross Them once and They will hold a grudge until long after you are dead. Get on the bad side of AIPAC and you are all done.

We aren’t supposed to say things like “The Israel lobby controls the American government” or as Pat Buchanan famously said “the Congress of the United States is Israeli-occupied territory”. It is considered “antisemitic” to even Notice that there are an awful lot of Jews in positions of power in D.C., far out of Their proportion of the population, or that despite Jews being only 2% of the U.S. population and I imagine there are only a handful of Jews in the 8th Congressional District, Jewish lobbying groups quite clearly swayed the outcome of an American primary election because one candidate was not “supportive” of Israel.

You can be sure that the message was received loud and clear by Republicans seeking office all across the fruited plains. Forget the Gaza protests on campus. From sea to shining sea those political hopefuls know that if they don’t support every bill regarding Israel, eventually the Jewish lobby will crush them. Based on the pictures of Republican “leaders” who claim to be Christians wearing little hats and pretending to pray to some wall that allegedly was the Temple 2000 years ago, most successful Republicans got the message and trip over themselves to swear allegiance to a foreign ethnostate in the Middle East.

If you will excuse me, I am going to report myself to the governing authorities for the crime of Noticing.


  1. Rando

    Yep, here in sunny Florida the jewish lobby has a ton of influence. And they heavily lean democrat. So much so that our current judeo-philic governor, Desantis, almost lost in the 2018 election to a drug addicted homosexual vibrant. This is why he so slavishly kow-tows to the jewish lobby. Because even after humiliating himself running against Trump in the primary, he still has ambitions after his last term as governor is over. As to who will replace him, it will probably be another slobbering philosemite who will continue this state’s slow swirl down the toilet.

  2. Steve S6

    Long memories indeed. Ask Japan (memory from pre WWII) and who really ordered the bombs dropped. Apparently Japan had already indicated surrender before the bomb missions. Oh, and ask Russia.

  3. Arete

    Thomas Massie is posting on X that AIPAC has undertaken a $300K ad buy targeting him, in an attempt to do exactly this.

    • Max Wiley

      All of the Representatives that voted against the Speaker in the latest leadership change attempt are at risk of this.
      Of course, the deal was struck that in return for passing the funding bills for Ukraine and Israel, as well as continuing FISA with expansion, the Democratic Party would officially support the Speaker of the other party.
      Never has the Uniparty been more visible, and for why.
      The Noticing continues apace.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Ah, but now the noticing has been made a crime. that’s another thing (((they))) get around to doing every single time.

        It really is tiresome how “our” government can be held
        hostage to the whims of this singular numerically miniscule constituency, while the rest of us are given the big kiss off. Chosenites indeed.

            • Berglander

              Guys at work are asking about it.
              It’s likely to never be a sudden “ah-HA!” moment for 380 million Americans, but it will reach critical mass (probably; hopefully.)

          • Big Ruckus D

            Well, it further reinforces the resentment of those of us thought criminals who already noticed. Whether it has much effect on those still lollygagging along in apparent cluelessness is another matter entirely.

  4. saoirse

    Republicunts gonna cunt. It’s their nature. Unfortunately, it’s also the nature of “Homo Americanus” (per Tom Sunic) to settle for the easiest most myopic way out of drastic situations. They never get out though, only further in…. deep shit.
    The only way to combat (i.e. fight. Way too late to avoid) full-spectrum dominance by the jews and their goyim lackeys is to adopt and strictly adhere to the tenets of White National Socialism – yes, the organizational principles of those dreaded Natzees.
    All other methods; Capitalism, predatory Militarism, Nationalism, Christianity, Socialism etc. have failed miserably. They have actually aided and abetted those destructive criminal narcissists because they are inherently vulnerable to the parasitic machinations of the jew.
    Prove me wrong!
    Go visit the National Vanguard and Renegade Tribune websites (which were once on Sido’s links list) and avail yourselves to their writers points of view. Listen to William Pierce, Kevin Strom, Rockwell and Alex Linder and many others.
    There are viable alternatives to the aforementioned list of failures!
    Start the self-righteous, cognitive dissonant, pissing and moaning now.

  5. pyrrhus

    Did Hostettler really make a big issue of the open border and illegals all over the US? If not, he has to take some of the blame….

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Muh rapture is the reason for the treason.
    Look for sad trombones and dumbstruck faces when Jeboo doesn’t appear after they burn down the world for comrade Karl.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of useless idiots.
    That Hoosiers horseshit for the whose here callout from hillbillies down south is a lot of Hollywood propaganda, the south’s middle finger is the way I heard Indiana described.

    “Some may call it Communism, but I call it what it is: Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Weiss

  7. TakeAHardLook

    I recall seeing back-to-back photos of Trump, then DeSantis, both in their small hats, kowtowing at the Wailing Wall; the comments accompanying the photos roughly stated that “no one gets anywhere near a U.S. Presidential primary without paying homage to the real power brokers in U.S. politics.”

    Note that Israel is all for sealed borders surrounding Israel; who blocks any serious hardening of OUR Southern border?

    (((You guessed it!)))

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