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The Invasion

Michael Yon occasionally goes a little off the rails but he is all over the super-highway of illegals that are being flooded into America. A recent Substack note was interesting:

American Tet: Colombia will allow 41 countries visa-free airport transit. Including Iran and Yemen, and mostly African countries. This translates into red carpet to cross through Darien…remember those new camps and infrastructure in Darien I been warning about since 06 October 2023…this is it. The world can transit Darien to USA. No American will ever be safe — especially not Jews. I’m heading to airport now to go see:

– Michael Yon

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The question for me always comes down to this: how do people from the poorest nations of earth somehow manage to book flights to places like Colombia? I couldn’t find flights from Tehran but flights from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Bogota, Colombia are thousands of dollars. The unfortunate answer is that a lot of the funds come from ostensibly religious groups. Remember the four “migrants” that assaulted a cop near Times Square and then fled NYC?

Four of the migrants cut loose without bail after allegedly ganging up on two NYPD cops near Times Square may be on the run, The Post has learned.

Cops believe the group could have hopped on a bus bound for California on Wednesday after giving phony names to a church-affiliated nonprofit group that helps migrants get rides out of the city, according to law enforcement sources.

Using church money to help facilitate the movement of illegal aliens around the U.S.. Many of the illegal aliens coming to the U.S. are met by religious organizations, especially it seems Catholic and Lutheran groups, that give them free stuff to make their transition easier. It isn’t just in the U.S.: Church of England accused of facilitating bogus asylum claims after dozens of applicants ‘convert’ to Christianity to exploit human rights loophole

Asylum seekers are exploiting loopholes in human rights legislation by “converting” to Christianity to prevent being deported back to their home countries — a move facilitated by the Church of England, prominent U.K. politicians have claimed.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman shone a light on what she described as churches around the country aiding “bogus asylum claims” on an “industrial scale” by providing corroborating evidence for Muslim asylum seekers who were confirmed by the Church of England to support their asylum applications.

“Attend mass once a week for a few months, befriend the vicar, get your baptism date in the diary, and, bingo, you’ll be signed off by a member of the clergy that you’re now a God-fearing Christian who will face certain persecution if removed to your Islamic country of origin,” Braverman wrote in a Telegraph article published on Saturday.

The “Church of England” working directly to help replace the English people in England. These Muslims have no problem with lying if it means getting to stay in England and apparently the clergy of the CoE have no problem with aiding and abetting their lies.

Of course the worst offender is our own “government”

Tucked away in the $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is a $3.5 billion slush fund to open new processing centers for Muslim migrants, in what Sen. Eric Schmitt described as a bid to “supercharge mass migration from the Middle East.

And as Breitbart points out, the $95 billion package does not include any funds to help rebuild America’s border defenses against illegal migration – but it does contain $481 million to settle migrants in US cities, and of course, the $3.5 billion to expand migration programs worldwide.

The $3.5 billion was granted to the Department of State, which works with many international groups that feed and transport migrants on their way to the United States.

Biden’s deputies are now using the refugee programs as an adjunct to their diversity-expanding “equity” migration policy. For example, Biden’s deputies used the program in March to import 3,009 migrants from the safe and democratic countries of El Salvador and Guatemala.

They are also using the refugee funds to expand migration routes from many African and Muslim countries. In March, they pulled in 12,018 people from the Congo, plus 16,732 migrants from the Muslim countries of Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, and Eritrea, according to a report by -Breitbart

That’s what the occupying junta in charge of the American government is concerned with, packing as many non-Whites into the country as possible and They take special delight in using your money to replace your people with the dregs of humanity from places like Congo, Afghanistan and Guatemala.

This shift cannot be overstated. It used to be mostly Mexicans who traveled north for jobs like field hands, landscaping and meat packing. Now it is the detritus of every third world shithole on the globe, not to mention a ton of Chinese. While many Mexicans would come here seasonally and then go back to Mexico, these people have no intention of ever leaving the U.S. America is a land of opportunity for them, not the opportunity to work hard and build a better life but the opportunity for free benefits to collect, young White girls to rape and stores bursting with goods to steal.

The border crisis isn’t a matter of incompetence but malevolence. It goes so far beyond failing to secure the border, and exists in a highly organized and well funded machine that goes south into the illegal alien superhighway, north into the U.S. where NGOs scatter and aid these invaders and even overseas where the government is actively encouraging people to claim “refugee status”.

Thanks to Michael Yon for keeping us informed although there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it.


  1. Anon

    Remember the Mayorkas impeachment? They just rub it in our faces.
    It will all break sooner or later. Hopefully soon while I’m still young, and looking at how the large cities are doing, it’s been accelerating.

      • Berglander

        Just because you may be too old for direct action doesn’t mean you are useless.
        The young need training. Intelligence must be collected. Medical kits assembled. There are a million task that are vital.


    I’m disappointed with the Lutheran church supporting this. I grew up in a Lutheran church in NW Ohio and we had catechism from grades 7-9 on Saturday mornings.

    I’m grateful for the process. It taught me why I was a Lutheran and not a Roman Catholic. Learning about Martin Luther (not negro King) laid a foundation of questioning tyranny.

    One of my heros as a young adult was Pope John Paul II. Polish born, he was a FOAD anti-commie. Now there is a brown, disgraceful, commie pope bought and paid for by (((them))).

    I’m deeply grateful to be brought up as a Christian, but many (most) churches have become irrelevant.

    • Berglander

      Yeah it’s a real travesty.
      Somehow, I think that the Mossad sex with minors blackmail operation extends deep into the church as well. The church used to be openly hostile against the killers of Christ, now it practically worships them.

    • Arthur Sido

      Even the conservative flavors of Lutheranism are going rotten, same with Presbyterians. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church used to be ultra conservative but just defrocked a minister for not sucking up to the Jews.

      • M

        The Presbyterian Church has been getting progessively left for a decade or more.

        The church, any Christian church, needs to be a moral and philisophical rock and focus on the communities they are in. Missionary work and charity outside the community is good but not at the expense of the congrigation and community they are supposed to serve.

        The PCUSA lost its way a long time ago and lost me.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Ampart just showed a CCP/PRC comrade professor with headgear and mask at UCLA poseur protest.
    Identified on social media.
    Societies that are soft weak and queefy get jacked by enemies foreign and domestic.
    Why let in those who don’t like fweedom fwies, so we can fight them over here?

    • Arthur Sido

      There was a different story of some (((professor))) who was working with the cops to round up “protestors”. The whole thing is just such a farce.

  4. Zorost

    ” the Department of State, which works with many international groups…”

    restated “the Department of Jews, which works with many jew groups…”

  5. Bear in Indy

    And, yet I listen to “conservatives” scold those who think Speaker-in-name only; Mike Johnson, must be removed.
    All of these A-holes need to go. Johnson is the epitome of a true Cuckold.
    Can’t wait to pay more taxes to the F-ing Federal grovelment.
    Bear in Indy

  6. Don Curton

    “No American will ever be safe – especially not jews”

    Oh my, the world’s about to end. Women, children, and jews hit hardest. Jeez. Yon does great work but please, fuck the jews. Why should they get special treatment? How about “especially not people living in border states”? That actually makes more sense, since we’re being overrun here in Texas. But hey, let’s all worry about small hat big nose people instead.

    Sorry for the rant, still on first cup of coffee.

    • Arthur Sido

      No apologies needed, he does this weird balancing act between “good Jews” and “bad Jews” or Zionists, even though a lot of the anti-Israel Jews are also the worst anti-Whites around.

  7. saoirse

    The christ-insane are buying their condo with Jeeeezus at the expense of their country and it’s indigenous citizens. Lots of twaddle in the bibull commanding the sheep to accept foreigners. The churches, being typically myopic, have a golden opportunity to fill empty pews and in turn coffers. Not only will they give the shitskins their cloaks but everyone else’s too. Goddamned obsequious universalism at it’s finest.
    Of course Suella darling – a pajeet married to an IDF kike – is going to point her finger at the Brit churches. Keeps the light off all the kosher cockroaches running an even bigger illegal immigration scam within the entirety of Europe.

  8. Max Wiley

    Yon is an out and proud Zionist which leaves me confused about what he should be seeing right in front of his face.
    One of the primary organizations assisting migrants through the Darian Gap is HIAS.
    One of the biggest organizations helping migrants on both sides of the southern border is Catholic Charities. The subversion of Christian organizations into participating in their own cultural destruction is everywhere.

    • Arthur Sido

      I wouldn’t say he is a Zionist, he tries to distinguish between Zionists that he doesn’t like and “good Jews”. He seems a little confused on the issue.

      • berglander

        I wonder sometimes how “confused” guys like him actually are, and how far they know they can push the line about jews without getting shut down. If you can get 90% of the story out there and let (some) people connect the dots, and not be shut down, that’s more effective than putting out 100% of one story and then being shut down and unable to do it again.
        It seems like with all the information they have, there’s no way they can be oblivious to it. Seems.

    • anonymous

      Catholic Charities is pretty rotten. The only reason they do this is because the Feds pay them big money. Just the “thirty pieces of silver” story all over again.

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