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The Cult Of Negrophilia

During the mostly peaceful Summer of Love in 2020 when America came together to celebrate the life of the martyr Saint George Floyd of the Fentanyl (peace be upon Him) by burning down cities to honor a violent thug, American “culture” took a radical shift. It was when the slow disappearance of straight White men and White couples in popular culture accelerated to warp speed. Political figures were kneeling and genuflecting wearing those stupid scarves with what are apparently supposed to be “African colors”. This despite the fact that most American blacks know next to nothing about Africa, have never visited Africa and would never in a million years consider moving there.

A seemingly small thing that happened at that time was a style change by the AP that has been adopted by virtually every mainstream publication: the capitalization of black and the intentional decision to not capitalize White:

AP’s style is now to capitalize Black [sic] in a racial, ethnic or cultural sense, conveying an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black [sic], including those in the African diaspora and within Africa. The lowercase black is a color, not a person. AP style will continue to lowercase the term white in racial, ethnic and cultural senses….

….After a review and period of consultation, we found, at this time, less support for capitalizing white. White people generally do not share the same history and culture, or the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color. In addition, AP is a global news organization and there is considerable disagreement, ambiguity and confusion about whom the term includes in much of the world.

We agree that white people’s skin color plays into systemic inequalities and injustices, and we want our journalism to robustly explore those problems. But capitalizing the term white, as is done by white supremacists, risks subtly conveying legitimacy to such beliefs.

In short, black people automatically have a “shared sense of history, identity and community” and Whites absolutely have no shared sense of history, identity and community. Compounding the farcical nature of that notion, when Whites do try to emphasize our shared sense of history, identity and community by identifying as Whites with a historic tie to Europe and a shared common history in North America as settlers and colonists from Europe, distinct from the American Indians and the descendants of African slaves, we are called violent terrorists and treated by our own government with far more attention and vigor than is shown to actual criminals and violent political terrorists on the Left.

It might seem like a little thing but it really is very significant as it creates a hierarchy for racial solidarity with blacks, mestizos, Indians, Asians, etc on a scale but at the same time declaring that the already small global minority of Whites worldwide have no shared history and heritage despite all of us tracing our lineage back to the relatively small European continent. Europe is the smallest continent other than “Oceania”, almost 1/3 the size of Africa and less than 1/4 the size of Asia. Whites are a distinct and shrinking global racial minority. Despite that we are told we are not permitted to have any sort of racial identity.

While most of us have specific ethnic identities, for example in my case things like serving kielbasa at my wedding, and geographic identities, in my case an upper Midwesterner, we also absolutely have a shared blood ancestry from Europe. As far as I know I have no French or Danish ancestry but I recognize that people that do come from the same continent as my ancestors, and that our forefathers spilled a lot of blood in those lands before coming here and making a new nation where Whites were able to build a country where our ethnic difference were overcome.

To varying degrees all self-aware Whites understand this, making the AP style change in 2020 nothing more than an insult to Whites and blatant pandering to blacks who aren’t really aware enough to realize it and too ungrateful to appreciate it.

The idea of refusing to capitalize White and insisting on capitalizing black, in a language that was created by and for Whites in the first place, is partly why I try to always capitalize White and never capitalize black when I write. After all, the same AP style announcement linked above notes:

But capitalizing the term white [sic], as is done by white [sic] supremacists, risks subtly conveying legitimacy to such beliefs.

Well say no more, it was White from that moment on!

I was thinking about this again and giving it more serious thought. A few novels I have read lately have been written in more recent years unlike most novels I read that are significantly older. I would rather re-read old novels or start older series I never read when younger than most crap that is put out today, far too much of it written by overwrought women or meek milksop “men”. However some series I am reading are fairly old, some stretching back into the 1990s. Two books I recently finished have inserted the irritating and juvenile practice of capitalizing black and not capitalizing White.

I am just a racist blogger so who cares how I write? I make a mild effort to ensure my spelling and grammar is correct but I don’t get too caught up in pedantic grammatical minutiae. Again, it is a blog. When journalists and authors engage in these sort of racially charged practices, I think it matters.

Another way of looking at it. A novel is not a journalistic article. It captures in some way the voice of the author even when speaking in the first person voice. Normal people don’t capitalize black and eschew capitalizing White so it is done intentionally by these authors. Why? The sort of novels I have read recently are certainly targeted at a demographic that is essentially exclusively White. It isn’t like black people are reading them. It isn’t a matter of grammar or style, it is a manifestation of contemporary Negrophilia, what was once called a fetishization of black culture. Everything in popular culture is driven by blacks, or more accurately by Those who use blacks as talismans. Things that are black are cool and hip, from the awful black music to the ridiculous black “fashion”. Everything White is lame and tainted with discrimination against blacks and must be transformed.

Even in genres that are ostensibly White like country music are being poisoned with “hick hop” and “tractor rap”, White artists with a slight country twang but with songs that include more rap and R&B than ever before. We have often discussed the replacement of Whites in TV shows and movies with black actors, even in roles that are specifically and intentionally White, and the disappearance of Whites from advertisements, replaced by the happy black couples wearing outfits from L.L. Bean. It is more than simply adopting black mannerisms and replacing White fictional characters with blacks.

This contemporary Negrophilia goes beyond just a fascination with blacks and the savagery of Africa. Today it crosses over into what I can only describe as worship and the capitalization of the word black to describe race is an important, if often overlooked, aspect of that worship. Think of it this way.

When many Christians write God, they capitalize the “G” and while it is less common it used to be the case that pronouns like “He” were also capitalized when writing about Jesus. It is a sign of the Kingship of God, a written signification of awe, reverence and worship. On my old blog I was careful to always capitalize God, He, His, Him, etc. and recall going back on occasion to edit a post where I neglected that capitalization.

Is it a coincidence that the Left does the same thing with the word black, capitalizing it to elevate it to a term of reverence? Of course not. None of this stuff happens in a vacuum and many of the seismic cultural shifts seemed to be seismic because they happened so quickly, almost as if They had these moves waiting in the wings for the right catalyst and that catalyst turned out to be a drug addled violent felon named George Floyd dying of heart failure while resisting arrest but conveniently doing so in front of cameras. Like Rodney King before him, Floyd was a terrible person who was elevated to divine status complete with funeral services and golden caskets that would have seemed ostentatious for medieval royalty.

Their efforts to deify blacks have clearly been working.

Many normie Whites really seem to think that being “racist” is the worst thing you can say about someone, unless they are a Fox News normiecon and then being racist comes in second to being antisemitic. I still run into people who screech “racist!” at me on social media and then are terribly confused when I don’t wilt like a vampire in sunlight.

In most circles, even the ThoughtCrime of noticing is considered impolite and pointing out what you Noticed publicly is rank heresy. You know that the fat blue-haired land whales that dream of BBC would love to bring back the burning of heretics at the stake. We are not far from the outright criminalization of speaking out loud the simple act of not conforming to whatever the latest lunacy we are required to believe about blacks.

The state of New York has essentially crushed VDare and run them out of business via lawfare and no one can do anything about it. New York has essentially unlimited funds to carry out this lawfare and VDare does not have corresponding unlimited funds to fight back (read more here: Peter and Lydia Brimelow’s Update On VDARE’s Crucifixion By NYAG Letitia James—And What Happens Next.). Remember that Peter Brimelow used to be featured on the pages of normie mainstream publications like Forbes, Fortune and National Review. Now he is labeled a “White supremacist” on a Wikipedia page that is locked down from editing and has been cast out of the Garden of Respectable Conservatism like John Derbyshire and Pat Buchanan by controlled opposition gatekeepers in “mainstream conservatism”. His outfit is likely to close down permanently in a blatant assault on free speech and the free press. I donate to VDare monthly and would urge you to do the same.

The cult of Negrophilia is a major aspect of the gaslighting by Them, convincing Whites to pretend that the dumbest and most violent among us are actually the very best of America and worthy of praise and adoration. Many Whites are starting to reject the conditioning but in many others the cult of Negrophilia has embedded itself deep like a thirsty tick and won’t be dislodged no matter the effort. Convincing people their religion is false is always a tough sell.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    It’s the social version of a credit boom: it’s an artificial (extreme) overvaluation based on what people think that others think; it’s leveraged like hell, and like those leveraged credit markets, when it crashes it’s going to do so hard and fast. The task of the Dissident Right is to lay the groundwork to direct the crash when it comes and rebuild.

    Also, minor correction: if you mean specifically BLUE HAIRED land whales, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want c*ck of any kind; I’m pretty sure the hair dyers are looking for carpet.

    • SirLawrence

      Yes there is a very luxury brand item aspect to this. The underlying utility and quality are irrelevant but the conspicuous consumption and subsequent brand affiliation of the hyped-up status signaling are real currency to the goodwhites.

      Of course in the same way its all fiat, a belief system. It is also all borrowed, stolen, from their future and the future of their children. These things are only possible in peak abundance. Its downhill fast from here.

      If the early signals of this market correction are any indication there will be scores of goodwhites and slumbering normiecons doing cliffs notes lectures in Civnat Philosophy to the Mexican cartels, Basketball Americans, Pajeets, and goat fuckers about how “THEY ARE TRYING TO DIVIDE US DONT LET THEM DIVIDE US” as their daughters are dragged off by their hair and their sons are their own digging graves at gunpoint.

      The fact that some hooknose is beside him in the trench will be a small consolation for he will know he died a nonracist. All moral fiat high roads, on both sides, end in trenches full of true believers. In this end they will be right, we are all “equal”.

  2. ghostsniper

    Truth above all else.
    You can start by being truthful yourself.
    They are not black whether capitalized or not.

    Remember, they at one time wanted to be called “colored” because that made them seem more friendly, rather than the blibbering savages they are.

    Another time they wanted to be called “african-american” because that made them appear to be more cultured, and accepted.

    Now they want to be called “black” for whatever reason.

    In 2 years what will they want to be called?
    I don’t care, for all of it is lies.

    I don’t play those silly children games meant to disguise the real issue, which is that negros are and always have been barbaric savages.

    Read this and then say it out loud, “negros”, and never refer to them as anything else, ever.

    BE the truth that shines the light. Or be enveloped into the darkness of the ever spreading evil. It starts with you.

    • Randolph Scott

      I think the niggers don’t really know what they are want to be called or what they want in life. Although they do want to keep stealing and killing others.

  3. saoirse

    We ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Jew York style lawfare attacks will soon spread across the nation. Red states blue states all become jew states chomping at the bit to brand their scarlet letter (R for Rayciss) into our foreheads.
    The ones that capitalize ‘God’ and ‘His’ cringe at doing the same for ‘White’ thus showing where their priorities lie. Deus Vultures ready to smite those that don’t grovel to the chosen or the shitskin.
    Guaranteed that they will eventually arrive at this site and all the others linked below.
    How far do they go before they’re stopped dead in their tracks? The ‘secret’ lies in the word dead.

    • Steve

      “African American”, I used to work with a Ugandan woman and on one occasion a few other blacks in the office were discussing “kwanza” and tried to rope her into the conversation about it.
      She listened for a few moments and then raised her eyebrows and said, “Oh, this must be one of those things that you American blacks made up.” I laughed to myself when she followed that up with, “No, we celebrate Christmas, we’re Christians. What you speak of is nonsense, kwanza is a word, like you would use thanksgiving here in this country.” The other blacks became indignant, but she wasn’t having any of it, the fact that she is 6’3” probably has a lot to do with it. African blacks absolutely despise American blacks. A guy I know who works in the international energy industry has a Nigerian co-worker and the Nigerian is quite vocal about his distaste for American blacks as well.

      • 3g4me

        “African blacks absolutely despise American blacks.” Big whoop – you want a medal? You want one as a neighbor? Are we supposed to ‘celebrate’ the Ugandan and Nigerians who come to colonize America as somehow superior? Where do you think AINO blacks got their black genetics from?

        And, from what I’ve read and seen, the AINO-born/raised chirren of those special African blacks soon conform to AINO black behavior. Ever heard of reversion to the mean? The issue is not just intellect and behavior. Even if sub-Saharans somehow suddenly became indistinguishable behaviorally from Whites, there remain the visual and genetic differences.

        These ‘special’ Africans can be special in their own homelands and uplift their own race. They are not, never will be nor should be Americans, Europeans, Australians, etc.

      • saoirse

        Not sure how your comment applies to mine, but for contrast:
        I worked with a few (a.k.a. too many) Africans, mainly Nigerians, and it’s true, they look down on their American counterparts with the utmost contempt, but that’s where our ‘similarities’ end. All of them were also quite dismissive of White people, whining constantly about their imaginary grievances here and about White ‘exploitation’ over there. Big supporters of the South African regime and all the other tin pot strong men in the neighboring shitholes. Big time advocates of non-stop nigger immigration to all White countries. I’m sure that the christ-insane churches assisted your big mama co-worker getting to squat in the bad White man’s promised land. You’re delusional if you think they pose any benefit to concious Whites or posess any will to mitigate upcoming chimp-outs!

  4. Danny

    Splendid post – well thought out and accurate. They will keep it up – steady pressure on the White people.

    Sometimes W. Churchill spoke well: “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

  5. pyrrhus

    It used to be normal to prefer your own race…many studies have shown that babies prefer other babies that look like them…It was a. major coup when people were programmed to think that was a heinous sin….

  6. Squib

    DEI hire sentenced to prison. “ The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia announced this week that Barbara Furlow-Smiles, 38, was sentenced to five years and three months behind bars for her fraud scheme and ordered to pay restitution of $4,981,783.58 to Meta-owned Facebook and $121,054.50 to Nike.”


    We are approaching Memorial Day before a (s)election and I’m anxiously awaiting for the next chimpcident where a negro dies while committing a felony at the hand of a White popo.

    What’s the over and under?


    Oh man……gotta share this. We were watching some of our fav Boomercon entertainment, Wheel of Fortune last night.

    It was grandparent week and there was a negress with its grandmammy team.

    The puzzle was “Knock It Out Of The Park”. The little sheboon tried to solve as “Knock It Out The Park”. Niggers are stupid, but also counterculture. They’ll butcher language, intentionally drop the preposition, etc. cuz they so cool.

    I picked up early on the White vs black nuance and much appreciative the little things in the content.

    • Arete

      I’d disagree that they _intentionally_ drop the preposition. I think the sloppy language is something they learn early, because everyone around them talks that way, and it can only be unlearned with intention and effort, which usually doesn’t happen.

      I had a nice class once (rhat got rarer, as time went on) and once I asked the black kids in it why they didn’t use possessives. Had to explain that, of course, with an example, and they seemed genuinely surprised at even having it pointed out. It hadn’t ever occurred to them to notice, and they didn’t know why.

  9. Jeffrey Zoar

    Unfortunately there is a substantial percentage of Whites who believe in the core of their being that “racism” is the worst thing that can happen and that a “racist” is the worst thing a person can be. They are unreachable with regard to White identity or race realism. And some of these people identify as “conservatives.”

    Any of them who witnessed 2020 and are still asleep, will never wake up. So unfortunately I think our max potential (not yet actual) numbers as far as a White dissident bloc comes out to roughly 10% of the population, 30some million. Which is 3x the population of Greece and 5x Denmark, so it’s something. But we’re kind of scattered around still.

    • ghostsniper

      “Any of them who witnessed 2020 and are still asleep, will never wake up.”

      Sure they will wake up. When they receive direct exposure to the savages, which will happen when the EBT cards dry up. The look of raw terror in their eyes when that confrontation occurs will be priceless. Committed ignorance has a cost.

  10. ozark homesteader

    Laughing in the “chinese stuff cheap” mega store yesterday because of the songs on the intercom. As I noted to my wife, if you take the vocal tracks out of most of today’s country music it basically sounds like poppy hip hop from the 90’s to which a trendy, hick sounding twang is overlaid and they call it country music. Can’t believe ANYONE listens to that crap. Shame on anyWhite that would go to such a concert. Its plain that black culture has been manifestly destructive to America and its youth. But hey, TPTB have been wreaking destruction on American culture for generations. Compare the talent and sophistication of the California blues/surfer bands of the 60s with the poppy/bland/talentless garbage that came to America in the british invasion. When you hear the live rendition of Wipeout from ’66 you see what garbage the beetles and the heroin addicted rolling stones really were. The commie/jews have been working to nullify America for a good hundred years at least.

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