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The Bigotry Of Low Expectations Strikes Again

New York Governor Kathy Horsecockul, er Hochul, stepped in it the other day with this Biden-esque statement….

‘Right now we have, you know, young black kids growing up in the Bronx who don’t even know what the word ‘computer’ is,’ she can be heard saying.

‘They don’t know, they don’t know these things. And I want the world opened up to all of them,’ she continued.

That is terrible, I am sure black kids in the Bronx know what a computer is.

“Yo, yo, yo Ja’skittle, whatchu want to steal today? How ’bout we grab us some computers and sheeit from Best Buy?”

Come on man, that just seems kinda racist from Guvnah Hochul. The really funny part was this response from Assembly Member Karines Reyes, R.N. (who the hell puts R.N. in their user name? Oh, that’s right. Women and especially “women of color”)

I don’t know about you, but when I think of black and brown children in the Bronx, the first words that come to mind definitely are “bright, brilliant, extremely capable”. Here is proof!


Gee Nurse Reyes, it looks like black and brown kids are not “bright, brilliant, extremely capable” and are in fact kinda dumb and definitely lagging far behind their White and Asian “peers”.

At least when I have low expectations of blacks and browns I am open about it.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Today at the store I was in line behind a couple of good boy scholars who dindu nuffin, and I swear Arthur, their conversation sounded exactly like your ebonic phonemics

    I am sure the kids in the Bronx know what a computer is, they just can’t say it in english

  2. Pig Walrus

    I saw a young scholar walking down the street today in the nearby town. That’s something I don’t see every day.

  3. MN Steel

    I have to drive almost an hour to see niggers.

    Slightly shorter drive to see timber niggers.

    The Swamp is a good place to live, ain’t got much but everybody got a little.

  4. Harbinger

    Are those racial classifications “self-identified”? If so, I suspect that the picture is even more bleak, with no breakout for mixed races. Mixed-race kids exhibit IQs that skew higher depending on their percentage of White DNA, but tend to socially identify with their “oppressed” portion for victim points. This would have the effect of raising the average score of those self-identifying as black.

    And frankly, I expected a much greater separation between blacks and hispanics. My experience with mestizos is that they tend to be lazy, whereas the blacks are just dumb as rocks.

  5. Don W Curton

    To be fair, I think most of the newest generation does their thing on the phones these days. The days of the old desktop model computer, with separate box, keyboard, and monitor are almost gone. Even laptops aren’t nearly as popular anymore, with more and more people taking care of business on either a tablet or a phone. And they all got phones, Obama made sure of that. Ain’t got food to eat and living in govt housing, but carrying around a $1500 i-phone fer sur.

    It’s along the lines of bitching that kids can’t drive stick-shift these days. Name one mainstream non-performance vehicle today that has manual transmission. There’s simply no need-to-know stick-shift for the vast majority. (I still think it’s important, but my opinion is quickly becoming irrelevant).

  6. Danny

    Hmmm … they don’t know what a computer is. Okay well here’s a couple of terms I bet they know: Stendo and Beam.

    In English: extended capacity magazine and laser sight.

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    Her English be all like valley girl like and stuff like. (s/)
    The UNI-Party rallied around Mike Johnson of Israel today in other news.
    What a steaming fourth world turd new West South Africa FUSA is.
    Barry didn’t fail and burning it all down is never a bug.

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