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Pedo Joe Accidently Makes A Good Point

Here in the upper Midwest, deep in farm country, we have lots of earthy sayings. One of those is handy in lots of situations:

Even a blind pig finds an ear of corn now and then.

It is a variation on “even a stopped clock is right twice a day”, meaning that idiots and fools still occasionally are correct. Usually they are correct accidentally but still correct.

That brings me to Pedo Joe Biden, the daughter-showering, little-girl-sniffing, China-owned “President” of these here United States. Joe just found himself an ear of corn, sort of. Maybe an ear of Cornpop?

Pedo Joe was speaking at the commencement for “iconic” and “historic” black college Morehouse. Morehouse is one of the “better” HBCUs, although that isn’t saying much as most HBCUs have ridiculously low admissions standards (for more see: Do HBCUs Have Any Real Standards?). While speaking, a number of black scholars turned their backs to him and apparently for some random reason the one of the scholar-homies was holding up a flag from the “Democratic Republic” of Congo.

If you are wondering WTF that wooden thing behind him is….

I am not sure if those are monkeys or what but if I did an AI that looked like that I would be called rayciss.

Some of what Biden said apparently upset some black peeps as it was grotesque pandering and race-baiting. According to many polls, Biden’s support among blacks is slipping badly. I don’t know if they will “vote” for Trump but they might stay home, thus bolstering my case for a Trump “win”: Setting Up A Scapegoat?. Here are the key lines, emphasis mine:

Speaking at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Biden questioned whether American democracy would work for the African-American graduates. 

“You missed your high school graduation. You started college just as George Floyd was murdered, and there was a reckoning on race. It’s natural to wonder if the ‘democracy’ you hear about actually works for you. What is democracy? That Black [sic] men are being killed in the street,” Biden told Morehouse graduates on Sunday.

He continued, “What is democracy? The trail of broken promises still leaves Black [sic] communities behind. What is democracy? You have to be ten times better than anyone else to get a fair shot. Most of all, what does it mean? As you’ve heard before, to be a Black [sic] man who loves his country even if it doesn’t love him back in equal measure.”

I found that very interesting.

Does democracy “work” for blacks? On the other hand, the more important question is do blacks work in a democracy*?

The answer is a resounding no and not because “black men are being killed in the street”, as those black men are being killed by other black men over petty squabbles and criminal enterprise rivalries. Nor because blacks have to be “ten times better than anyone else to get a fair shot”. Even in the list of whoppers uttered by Pedo Joe, that was is especially ridiculous and galling. We all know, everyone knows, that blacks are favored over other racial groups (particularly Whites and Asians), in hiring, in lending, in admissions to colleges and universities. I will reference just one example of the thousands, medical school admissions: Moar Med School Malpractice

A black student with mediocre scores is seven times as likely as a White student with similar scores to be admitted to medical school. If you are a White student with less than stellar scores on the MCAT and a great GPA, you might as well not bother applying but if you are a slightly above average black student you are likely to be admitted. 

Contra Pedo Joe, blacks get favored treatment and not just if they are “ten times better” but instead they get a more than fair shot if they are half as qualified.

Back to my point.

The Founding Fathers could never have envisioned the America of 2024 when they were creating the Constitution. The idea of trailer twits like Lauren Boebert and fake Latina Kween Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and absolute retards like Maxine Waters and this dipshit, Representative Jasmine Crockett and her trashy fake eye lashes….

…serving in Congress would have had them rolling on the floor laughing. Wait a second, you mean a girl who used to be a tavern wench shaking her ass for tips is a member of Congress from New York and her only claim to fame besides being stupid is having big tits? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hell, the notion of letting blacks and women of any race vote would have been outrageously silly.

The Constitution was written for a relatively small, very homogeneous population in a high trust and moral society. John Adams famously said…..

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Can you imagine that John Adams would look at modern White women and blacks and mestizos of any era and declare them a moral people that the Constitution was adequate for governing? Look at the African nation of Liberia, founded in part as a home for repatriated former slaves and free blacks from the U.S.. Liberia adopted a constitution based on the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution. How is that working out?

According to Wikipedia: “Liberia is one of the world’s poorest countries, with a formal employment rate of 15%”. The per capita GDP (PPP) of Liberia is between $1,600 and $1,800 annually. That is good for a ranking of around 182nd in the world, ahead of only a handful of other nations that are all located in Africa. They even trail Haiti, Afghanistan and Somalia by wide margins. So much for the magical power of MUH CONSTITUTION! Not to mention that….

According to reports, polygamous marriages make up about one-third of all Liberian marriages. One third of married women in the age group 15-49, are in polygamous marriages.

So much for a moral people although also according to Wikipedia “According to the 2008 National Census, 85.6% of the population practiced Christianity, while Muslims represented a minority of 12.2%”. I guess being religious doesn’t really translate to being moral, much less prosperous.

There is more to being a moral person in a democratic system than not being a polygamist or criminal. When a moral person goes to into the voting booth, with no one there but that person and perhaps their god, you are casting a vote that will impact not just your own well-being but that of potentially hundreds of millions of other people. It is a very sober and weighty thing, or at least it once was. The system works when moral people make a moral decision on what is best for themselves, their fellow man, their nation and their posterity. That doesn’t mean people necessarily agree on what is best for all concerned, why else would we have elections, but I have often cast votes that did not benefit me directly but that I believed were aimed at doing the most good for the greatest number of people.

What drives black voters? It might seem overly simplified but it almost always comes down to the abiding principle of “Gibs Me Dat”. How else to explain why blacks keep voting for people that promise free shit right now while advancing policies that harm blacks in the long term? Policies that have shattered the black family, leading to an unending cycle of generational poverty in the black community. Other policies that hamper law enforcement from catching criminals, mostly black criminals that mostly prey on the black community. Voting for politicians that make abortion on demand a sacrament when abortion has killed millions of black babies. On and on.

The American experiment has completely failed but nowhere more so than in the failed promise of the universal franchise, giving blacks the vote and a semblance of self-determination. That self-determination has failed everywhere it has been tried, from Haiti to South Africa, Detroit to Baltimore and across the fruited plains.

In his own demented and malevolent way, Joe Biden and especially his speechwriters are correct. The promise of democracy has failed with blacks, not because of “structural racism” or “vestiges of White supremacy” but rather because blacks lack the moral fiber, intelligence and time preference to be trusted with the vote. Something to keep in mind when the rebuilding starts.


*Yes, I know we live in a republic rather than a democracy, but our representatives are allegedly elected in a democratic manner: one person, one vote. The franchise is universal in America other than felons, meaning that people that are literally retarded get the same vote as geniuses and people who have no skin in the game by not paying taxes or owning property get the same vote as people who do.


  1. ghostsniper

    About 29 years ago, at age 40, I started becoming aware of politics and shortly there after I started hating biden.

    He was an arrogant asswipe needing punched in the face then, and even more so now.

    Back then he was commonly referred to as “Plug” because of all the obvious hair plugs he had transplanted from his ass to his head.

    • Arthur Sido

      My mom called him that and also chiclets because of his phony teeth. Younger people don’t realize what a piece of shit and absolute idiot Biden was long before the dementia set in

  2. Harbinger

    Isn’t this the same bumbling arsehole who insisted that he did not want his kid growing up in a “racial jungle” back when bussing for us plebes was all the rage among limousine liberals? And I’m pretty sure he was the demented kiddie-diddler who was quoted as saying on a national stage that “Poor kids are just as smart as White kids”.

    The old fool is every bit as racist as everyone else, for it is only natural to favor your own and distrust the “other”. In candid moments his virulent biases come out, causing his handlers to try to hustle him off the stage and away from the microphones. But there exist myriad recorded gaffes from this turd that historians will be able to pore over for decades to come. It is no joke to say that Jimmy Carter heaves a huge sigh of relief now that he is no longer the worst president of the modern era.

    • Original Grandpa

      …well, she does have big tits. I think she might be part Latina, and after seeing those teeth, the other part is likely “cayuse” of some type. Maybe a “saddlebred” – ’cause that shit has been ridden hard.

    • Arthur Sido

      She is ethnically “Latina” but her hip ghetto act is just that, she grew up in a very nice family in a nice suburb. She acts like she is from the barrio. Also, she dates a red headed White guy who looks like an actuary or something.

  3. Warren Shafer

    First: El Presidente biden tells blacks they can’t achieve anything. They need government and democrats to hold their hand.
    Second: everything I hear someone blowvate about democracy, I feel my eyes will roll back in my head. Then I will begin to foam about the mouth. Then I will into convolution. They should read Plato’s warnings of how democracies turn into tyrannies in the 8th and 9th book of the Republic. The Roman’s after overthrowing the tyrannical Kings, established a functional Republic that lasted several Centuries.
    Third: Christianity has devolved into a largely feminized version of it’s former self. They all want to entertain, have their egos stroked, and hear sugary-coated platitudes. To have their ears tickled.

    • Yankee Terrier

      AOC is a good example of the virtue of the policy ( sadly discontinued) of sterilization of Puerto Rican women by US Public Health when ever the worked on one ” down there” . Hyper fertility was an established fact. So they used to tie the tubes of girls like her to protect the species. When one thinks the Puerto Rico has one sixth the land mass of Hawaii and three times the population. Hummmm

  4. saoirse

    Don’t know which is more repulsive to look at; Bidet or those sour-faced uppity niggers decked out in their phony Afri-can’t accoutrements.
    “Graduation” is a total farce when it comes to those fuckers. Can only imagine what kind of ‘degrees’ are awarded, seeing that just about every traditional subject of study is now deemed rayciss.
    If they wanted to get a message across to braindead man they should have all brought along their (equally phony) ceremonial spears and gone Zulu on him – after he finished kissing their asses of course.

  5. Scot Irish

    I voated harder today. Yippee!
    I did notice the Dominion machines, that made it so much better. Salute! Snark off.


    I’ve always liked the John Adams quote on the Constitution. It went without saying White (as well moral and religious) people only.

    It’s fun watching the Joos and the Palestinos diss each other as well as the apes diss Biden. The RINOs should sit quietly by and douse a little diesel on those fires, but they’ll find a way to cuck it up.

  7. Arete

    I think the story that does more than any other to illustrate what a completely morally bankrupt and horrible person he is, is that of how he treated the story of his first wife and daughter’s death. He spent decades not only milking the story for political points, but routinely told audiences that the man who was driving the truck had just “drunk his lunch,” even though he had to know full well that toxicology tests on the driver turned up no traces of alcohol or drugs.

    He also had to know from the police report that, for whatever reason, his late wife swerved into the path of the truck. So that poor man, for the rest of his life till he died, was vilified as the drunk who caused the death of Joe Biden’s wife and child, even though there was nothing he could’ve done to prevent it.

    Despite entreaties from the man’s children to stop, he continued doing it until one of the major papers took up the story–I want to say around 2009 or 2010–and he finally stopped. Too late for the truck driver, though.

    • John

      “He also had to know from the police report that, for whatever reason, his late wife swerved into the path of the truck.”

      You know the reason — if you were married to that thing, what would you do?

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