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Paging Jussie Smollett!

Of all of the recent hate crime hoaxes, this one has to be one of the silliest. From The Root:

After receiving several racist packages in recent weeks, Terry Williams experienced the unthinkable: his San Francisco home set ablaze Tuesday.

Though Williams — a professional dog walker and lifelong resident in his Alamo Square neighborhood — wasn’t home at the time of the blaze, he shares the home with his elderly parents, who were rescued by firefighters. The fire follows the discovery of two packages on April 26 and May 5 that contained racist epithets, according to The San Francisco Standard.

“It was a plastic bag that had ‘Gangster,’ ‘thug’ and other negative words about Black [sic] people on it,’” Williams told Per KGO-TV, an ABC San Francisco affiliate. He also told the network that the bag had a photo of him in it with racist slurs written on it as well as a doll with a noose around its neck.

This happened in right wing racist stronghold…..San Francisco?


If you pulled the string on the doll did it shout “This is MAGA country!”?

Listen, I take a back-seat to no one when it comes to disdain for blacks and it would never in a million years occur to me to send a doll with a noose to some random negro, especially a “professional dog walker”. How does one afford to live in San Francisco as a professional dog walker? Oh, you live with your parents. San Francisco is the most leftist large city in America where the cult of negrophilia is alive and well. So either one of the handful of non-leftist people in San Francisco picked this dude out at random for “racial intimidation” and arson or he sent the packages and lit the fire himself. Actually since this is San Francisco and this breadcrumb is apparently a single guy living with his elderly parents and walking dogs for a living, the odds of him being a faggot are pretty high so perhaps this is some lunatic scorned butt buddy.

What it almost certainly was not is a racist right-wing White guy terrorizing an innocent black family. That won’t stop the media from treating it exactly as if it were and doing no actual investigation into the “crime”.

Just another farcical day in Clown World.


    • Bobsuruncle

      Dude, my sister lives in a NE city and her dog walker makes over $100k a year, cash business dont you know. throw in a few freebie gov gibbs after showing no income and yep, I can believe it.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Yeah, I can already hear it being said: when a black “doctuh” inevitably kills a patient due to gross incompetence, their momma will be in tv indignantly stating “mah baby dindunuffin’ cuz they dononuffin’. Itznot dey fault some cracka is ded, dey did da best dey cood! Fugginracism and sheeeeeit.”

  1. Harbinger

    There are probably at least 20 Ring doorbell cams in that tightly packed row of townhomes that would have captured images of anyone dropping off racist love tokens in front of the lawn jockey’s parent’s place. How come none have been forwarded to media/police? I think we all know why.

    Is it racist hoax season already? Jeez, I’ve still got my Free Palestine decorations up.

  2. ghostsniper

    If, some how, you didn’t hate them before, they are doing everything they can to make sure you hate them now.

    The day is approaching when patriots will assemble and a reckoning will start.

    Your uniform is your skin.

    • Leo

      Ev’ey time I had to “discuss” anything wif a grrroyd “colleague”, his or her level of comprehension was always palpably limited. If there was ever a question of that colleague having not performed a task or done it poorly, when I would counsel said indivijul, he would get this look in his eyes, which was a door to the cortex which controls “making shitty excuses”, and he’d look at me with great sincerity and come up with a completely disconnected, illogical, and complete bullshit “explanation” of which a four-year-old would do a better damage control job.

      When we had one as the HNIC, he wanted us to follow a particular format in a written project- he found it on line, printed it, copied it, and gave us a hard copy so we could start from square one instead of sending us the original text which would could have edited in a few minutes.

      They’d lie about stuff for no reason (maybe it was practice) and if it was something within their scope of ability, it would always take longer by a power of ten, if a written product, it would have to be closely edited, and the concept of addressing a particular problem somehow was translated into getting the boss off his or her back – actually addressing a particular problem was completely secondary.

      It’s no mystery to me why their attempts at race-hoaxing are so ridiculous. There’s a processing ability missing… it just ain’t there.

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