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One More For Mother’s Day!

Just a quick one….

A woman is in jail after her mother saw her on the news and found out she was wanted in connection to the murder of a man near Cherokee Park, according to the Memphis Police Department (MPD).

MPD said 26-year-old Kenyetta Hayes shot a man and stole $60 from him on Monday, May 6. His body was later found on Filmore Avenue in Cherokee Park. Surveillance video showed a woman leaving that scene shortly after the man was thought to have been killed.

When that video ran on the news later that night, Hayes’ mother recognized her daughter and took her into the homicide office.

“I don’t condone violence. I don’t. If you do something, you will pay for it,” Hayes mother, Shante Jones, told FOX13.

Killed a man for $60. Good for her mom to turn her in I guess. Happy Mother’s Day to Shante!


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    That hairstyle is for easy gripping?
    Sixty dollars, sheeit, EBT cards have more than that.
    The hot Latin mommies were out and Esmeralda!
    Rock hard and throbbing.

  2. Squib

    If she smiled, she’d still be ugly. I’m sorry, but looking like her would cause anyone to commit murder. Now I know ugly describes a lot of people- both men and women. But she is a special kind of ugly. And when you that ugly, it’s not your fault. But you could do the rest of us a favor and stay home? And not kill us regular folks.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    Hank Jr sang a song about this 40 years ago. And her we are today with the same problems. Worse even, because now it’s more or less condoned by the regime. Send us thine asteroid O Lord

  4. Anonymous

    Is it just my impression, or do the females seem to exhibit a much higher killed-to-wounded ratio in that demographic when things get shooty? Yes, there are far more male shooters, but it just seems to me that we hear about more confirmed kills on fewer rounds from the females, generally.

  5. Bobsuruncle

    How do I know she is black without knowing? She Spent the money on a 6 piece chicken and biscuit meal, good thing they dont sell malt liquor at Popeyes.

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