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Never Change Lolbertarians

Once upon a time libertarianism was the home of serious men like Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Agree with them or not, they were serious guys. There are still a few somewhat serious, libertarian-lite guys around like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie but they run as Republicans as did Ron Paul for most of his political career.

That started to change back at least to 2012 when Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, was the Libertarian Party nominee. Johnson is a goofball and pot-head who seemed a little stoned most of the time, but I still voted for him in 2012 because I could not pull the lever for Mitt Romney, and I voted for him again in 2016 assuming Trump was going to get crushed. In 2020 I cast my vote for Trump even knowing he was going to “lose” as an eff you to all of the worst people in America and also because the Libertarian Party nominated a dingbat chick named Jo Jorgensen and a Jewish wannabe comedian named Spike Cohen as her running mate. The pulled in 1.2% of the votes in 2020. Jorgensen has disappeared but Spike Cohen is pretty active on social media.

Then 2024 happened. The most exciting thing for the Libertarian Convention was that Trump showed up for some reason, some people booed him and then he mocked them mercilessly for their irrelevance. Vintage Trump. He is like Caitlin Clark who single-handed reminder people that the WNBA exists by finally getting non-weirdos to notice the Libertarian Party convention. After Trump left the LP went ahead and nominated their candidate…..


His name is Chase Oliver and if you didn’t catch the super subtle clues, he is a raging faggot and looks like he couldn’t open a jar of pickles by himself (or maybe he could if you get my drift). Not The Bee screenshotted some of his choice Tweets like his masking rules and being upset that boys can’t dominate girl’s sports. Of course he is also an open borders advocate:

The very best way to guarantee that the bulk of libertarian ideas never become reality is to flood the country with mestizos who love socialism. Fucking moron. According to wikipedia:

Oliver is single and openly gay. He resides in the suburbs of Atlanta. He said he has a “deep faith in the gospel.”

Ah. A single, openly gay dude is almost certainly getting his ass pounded by a different fag nightly but somehow he has a “deep faith in the gospel”. Right…..

This probably really helps Trump, I doubt many non-fruitcakes will show up to vote for this guy and while some kooks claim Trump was “begging for votes”, perhaps his appearance at the LP convention will encourage some serious minded libertarians to vote for him. Libertarians have been spoilers in a lot of races but with this ass bandit being the nominee whatever credibility libertarianism once had is now history.

American politics gets faker and in this case literally gayer by the minute.


  1. saoirse

    The “Why I’m No Longer A Libertarian” video on JewTube by Pete Quinones is as good an indictment of those frauds as there is. Tim Kelly has had him on his podcast a few times. Both are lightweights but still worth a listen.

    “but somehow he has a “deep faith in the gospel”. Right…..”
    Right! Just like most of those priests and pastors that rape kids, commit adultery and flaunt their hypocrisy, power and wealth! The fag’s in good company.

  2. Warren Shafer

    We largely have so-called Liberty, but lacking morals. As Edmund Burke said, ” what is Liberty without Virtue. The most possible of all evil. Madness without restraint”.

      • Mike_C

        It’s not that they don’t understand human nature, they deny its existence. We are each and every one of us rational beings whose every action is based on dispassionate cost/benefit analyses [1].

        [1] cool, dispassionate rationality is rare enough when dealing with James or Johann or Katherine or Ingmar. Or Hideki or Mei-Ling for that matter. But with Tyquan or Makmood? Good luck.

        I’ve rarely met a stupid (as in low IQ) Libertarian, but my god, most of them have deeply strange ideas about what motivates actual human beings, and (therefore) how the world works. Ideas that are quite unmoored from reality. (They also turn out to be easy to bait into frothing responses on blogs….)

  3. Anonymous

    Lolbert sounds like a Scott Adams character – the openly gay office coworker who Wally could bury with sarcasm masquerading as ‘acceptance’. Let’s get on it there, Scott. What (else) have you got to lose?

  4. Big Ruckus D

    It has been my general observation over a lifetime of experience that any “tarianism” is stupid bullshit. To wit: vegetarians, unitarians, and now lolbertarians. None are serious people, they are just weird fuckups looking for a place to belong because normal people don’t want to associate with them. Thus, they all end up herded into these groups of strange misfits.

  5. LGC

    You can’t make this $hit up.

    Seriously, how can you even tell the difference between satire and reality anymore?

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    This just in from the big UNI:
    That’s a nice party you have there and Tulsi is yummy or is she still CPUSA?
    Man will never be free until humanity versus the banksters.
    Or in other words, never.
    But don’t let it sad trombone ya.

  7. ozark homesteader

    Ron Paul begat that faggot about as much as Gen. George A. Patton begat that faggot Milley. Libertarianism is currently one of the greatest example of the communist strategy to infiltrate one’s opposition.

  8. Jeffrey Zoar

    I cannot think of one single (presidential) race in which the libertarians have been the spoilers. They have been irrelevant, every time. Even the green party has managed to spoil at least one that I can think of.

    The short clip I saw of Trump at their convention I thought he came off pretty well. One thing I gotta hand to the orange man, he never apologizes.

    • Arthur Sido

      You could argue that they drew enough votes in some key battleground states to make a difference but Trump was mostly his own spoiler by turning away from his actual voting constituency to pander to blacks by pardoning drug dealers.

  9. anonymous

    Most of the libertarian heavy-weights were Jewish subversives. This includes Von Mises, who fled from the Germans, it includes Ayn Rand, as well as Rothbard. Others, like Walter Block and Butler Shaffer are the type of libertarian who act as civilizational termites while working for state and federally funded universities.

    Libertarians, on the whole (including Ron Paul – who I’ve supported) are very good at pointing out what the bad guys are doing, but very short on real solutions. The Enlightenment values that they push, along with the non-aggression principle, are so lightweight that they are a perfect vehicle for the Jewish control of banking, industry, media, etc. And now the bad guys are at the heights of the libertarian party. C’mon! Faggotry and immigration are among the top problems in the US today, and the expansion of those cancers are at the top of their platform!

    People who tend libertarian will allow their children to be indoctrinated in perversion, their jobs to be sent overseas, their society to be over run by migrants, their government to be corrupted, and their posterity to be debased, all because of “freedom.”

    Fuck that. Non-aggression has no hold on corruption in high places. Power is the name of the game. Don’t tell me about free speech, or any other thing. The people who hold power will do what they think best. That power must stay in White, Christian hands – preferably Catholic. Anything else is just a movement toward enslavement – either by foreigners or by one’s own inability to discipline oneself against pornography, substance abuse, idleness, greed, and other dissolutions.

    Libertarianism is short-sighted selfishness. “You’re not the Boss of Me!” and “I’ve got mine – Fuck You!” That is truly the essence of their philosophy. As a former libertarian, I am ashamed it took me so long to figure that out.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is never really intended to be a governing philosophy as an actual libertarian government run country like America would turn into a Mad Max movie in about 24 hours.

  10. SmileyFtW

    Check out the interview Tim Poole has with PDJT. Well worth the time spent watching it. Over at the conservative treehouse is the video prompted to the beginning of the PDJT segment.

  11. Steve

    @Anonymous, “That power must stay in White, Christian hands – preferably Catholic.”

    Great idea. The Catholic Church has such a great track record with respect to faggotry and immigration.

    Not that the Methodists or Lutherans are an improvement, just saying that churches need to clean up their act before I’m going to take anyone seriously that argues they should be running things.

      • Leo

        There’s always The Church of Bob’s Garage (est. 1978), which anyone can do, who brought us the calculations for blasting and incinerating Palestinians so the Lord kicks in th’ Rapture sooner.

  12. Heath J

    What we wanted: Our version of Milei. What we got: Some marxist faggot.

    The jokes write themselves, there’s a reason I bailed after 2012.

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